Friday, March 28, 2014

When cowards call bravery cowardice (#1883)

I have had it up to here with the cowards that dwell among us. Especially those cowards who have profited off of others in nefarious ways and think that their unearned wealth now gives them a voice in how all our lives should be run. I can identify a coward very easily, they say things that harm without any conviction to the harm they cause. They are greedy and selfish with their defining words and their actions. Sadly our nation, America, at the moment, is full of such cretins. They show no duty to the society they have manipulated and they curse those of us who see duty to our nation as a vulnerability to be taken advantage of. They would no further help in a disaster any one but themselves since they only see our society as there for the reaping, not the sowing. I have an anger within me at those who are this way, cowardly egoists with the principles of a psychopath. I could care less about the risk of calling them out since it would be so easy for them to hire someone else to make my life miserable or make my life disappear. I don't care either way since living in a world run by cowards is not worthy of my existence! In the meantime I will continue to call the slimy slugs the cowards that they are and with relentless fortitude I will do it from the rooftops if that is all I have left. Nothing in life is worth living under the thumb of someone who is callous and uncaring enough to disparage bravery when bravery is one of the greatest human sacrifices we can make to each other. I honor bravery in whatever shape or form it takes and it humbles me to see it displayed. I cherish this aspect of our humanity and those who dishonor it will surely answer to me if I ever get a chance to answer.

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