Wednesday, October 4, 2017

For the most part Obama was proactive and trump is reactive (#3169)

     In other words, Obama created solutions to problems as best he could while trump only tries to destroy things as best he can. It is like Obama is complex and can anticipate future outcomes whereas trump has only his simple hatred for the working middle poor class to motivate him to make life harder for us. The difference between the two is immense. It astonishes me that there were enough people who could be fooled into voting for the republican carnival barker trump over the democratic party candidate that best suits their classical needs. I am still dumbfounded as to how it did occur but we are seeing evidence of it with the Facebook ad buys by the Russians to demean democrats and the Mueller investigation which is showing signs of collusion between the Russians and the trump campaign to smear Hillary Clinton.
     So not only was trump able to steal this last election but he is the worst sort of person to be our leader as well. We are stuck with him until it can be proven that his acts are verifiable in court or if he decides that the evidence against him is too overwhelming and he retires on his own. Yet in the meantime we are left with trump and his mission to destroy the good work that President Obama worked hard to achieve for the American working middle poor class. What is even more revealing is that trump is showing his ineptitude fully by not even being able to control his Congressional majority and do his worst against us. Instead he has failed at killing Obamacare for now and looks like he will fail at giving the wealthiest a huge tax break.
     So even in his simplicity trump is finding complexity and he is not able to adapt to it since it is foreign to him. He only knows the way of the bully and thus far he has alienated enough of his majority in Congress to get nothing done. I dare say he will only be a one term president through his electoral theft as most of the sides in politics are loosely forming an anti trump coalition. What will come of the anti trump movement is yet to be seen but for the most part it wont include trump winning a second term if he survives his own scandals to make it through his first term. I do appreciate even more what President obama did for us in light of what trump is doing against us and as the saying goes, screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me! There will be no screwing the American working middle poor class twice for trump!

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