Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I feel some happiness creeping back into my life (#3196)

     Taking down the trump nightmare is having a positive effect on my overall mental health. I know I am talking about an American administration that is supposed to be representing we the American people but it just isn't so. Instead it is an American administration that is representing themselves over the American people. I have a duty to resist and revolt against them as if we were in a struggle for the soul of America for surely we are. That there is now hope with legal proceedings being implemented against this administration is encouraging and strengthening my resolve to fight as hard as ever for our country. The small smile that is growing on my face is the real evidence that progress toward removing the trump stain to democracy is probably inevitable. Now I am not going to say for sure that trump will be removed but that it is a real possibility is welcoming.
     Yesterday I tried to be objective about the initial indictments being served and as has been my modus operandi of late I chose to be skeptical. Well I am well satisfied to say that my skepticism was adequately destroyed by yesterday's action. A major development toward charging high crimes and misdemeanors was initiated with more to come. The sense of relief I and a majority of Americans feel is difficult to measure but surely it is enormous. We have had to endure the worst case scenarios in our heads for months now but it seems we are to be saved from much more. That the republican party and trump specifically are inept at destroying our democracy the damage has been limited although still painful.
     If we can somehow survive the horrendous tax cut bill that republicans are working hard to give to their donors at the expense once again of the working middle poor class then we may just find ourselves awakening from the damndest nightmare I have ever experienced. While the Mueller investigation guts the trumps from within we the American electorate need to obstruct republicans in Congress from turning our democracy into a pre civil war plantation. Where the new era slaves will come from those who are in jail for not being able to support their families or businesses. This nightmare may well be ending and the little crack of happiness I see is beginning to grow into an outright ear to ear smile.

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