Sunday, October 15, 2017

I want to pay taxes that modernize our society (#3180)

     I have am not wealthy nor even middle class economically, yet my taxes take a chunk out of me that has me scrambling to make sure they get paid. I have to sacrifice many things in order to make sure I have enough when they are due. Yet, I am happy to do so especially here in California where they are put to some real good usage. Nationally I am unhappy about our military budget being out of control and the only way the military budget can be reduced is by us moderating our own ridiculous military spending. Now I know military spending is a post all it's own but for today generally it is an area where we can reduce it significantly in order to provide a better social life for all Americans.
     So let me set this straight, I believe in taxation with representation as long as that representation is the will of the people and not the will of greedy selfish special interests who don't give back to society but instead pillage society. Taxation is for the betterment of society not the fear mongering influence of masked fanatics. I like it when our roads and bridges are modern and our transportation systems are sleek and efficient. I like it when our social programs that are in existence because we have not yet been able to control capitalism to the point where capitalism is a fair and just system. Unlike today where it is still mostly the dog eat dog paradigm of few rules and dishonest actors.
     I want our taxes to enrich the research and development fields of scientific and logical discovery while expanding our educational system so that not one citizen has to give up their right to be educated. No doubt I want health care for all and fair and equitable distribution of wealth between labor and management/ownership. No more discrimination based upon anyone's choice, gender or race. So that whoever we are we can participate in advancing our society toward being an example for the rest of the world instead of currently being the painful laughingstock of the world. I want to pay my taxes in order that smart and creative ideals are our legacy to pass along. Remember we will not be long in our existence as individuals but as a collective group we can build systems and protocols that make the lives of our children and their children much more inclusive and opportune. I want to pay my taxes so that we can keep building a better life.

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