Sunday, October 29, 2017

If you refuse to acknowledge reality you too can be a republican! (#3194)

     Well, it is a bit more than that. You have to harden your heart or just throw it out altogether to be a more secure republican. The problem with the tough love to no love republican party is that they are the ones deciding what your troubles are and then not caring to help alleviate them. Instead they want to increase your troubles because they think that more chaos and suffering is the answer to solving chaos and suffering. Another distinction about being a republican is that logic and common sense are subservient to personal beliefs. This one is the most frustrating to me. How the magic of belief is somehow greater than the real life truths of life. Sort of like children who never grew up from their fantasies.
     The concept of using a carrot and stick to motivate both animal and human into choosing behavior roles is well established. Yet how republicans employ the concept is to forego the carrot and instead apply the stick in differing measures. Well that won't work with animals and you can visualize a republican beating an animal to death as his plan to get the animal to change. In most cases it won't work and the animal will likely die. With humans it is even worse. Humans take to be whipped, like the African Americans who were brought over as slaves, with a building animosity that we non African Americans can never truly understand. Generally though we humans hate being whipped by the stick and yet republicans seem to not care.
     We democrats also apply the carrot and the stick concept to behavior change but we, unlike republicans, know that the carrot is most always the first option and the stick most always the last option. Hence the bleeding heart liberal mantra from the brutishly cruel republican party. Given the choice and knowing that all humans deserve to have a living experience free from the savagery republicans seem to enjoy, I actually am proud of being called a bleeding heart liberal/progressive. First because it demonstrate that I have a heart and second that it bleeds for justice and equality. Something republicans would not know about since their own selfish behaviors would not allow them to consider the hardships of others outside their own prejudices.

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