Monday, October 16, 2017

Rape, racism are about demented power of one over another! (#3181)

     Let this be very clear, the actions of rape and racism are about exercising power over another. Denying persons of a different skin color and/or a different gender the respect and dignity of freedom. For anyone to accept the ideology of a perverted sense of sexual domination and/or an erroneous entitlement over another human being does suggest a mentality of inadequacy. The person perpetrating demented power will display tendencies that rationalize their own vision without the confidence of logic. They will think and behave as if no other person has their obviously self proclaimed privilege in an equal amount. Theirs is the beginning and end of all rationalizations despite all evidence to the contrary.
     They are this way because they don't allow themselves to accept their own humanness. They will not admit that they are fallible in their thinking because they have no other way of obtaining their desired position. They use force without control to acquire their needs. Since they had given up the idea of using logic and common sense as their foundation. So no reasoning of argument or debate will pierce their minds or their purpose. I have seen glimpses of people like this my whole life. Some were outright takers and put down characters who alienated "others" and forced themselves upon women who were vulnerable. I knew who they were since most are long dead but their behavior is still fresh in my mind.
     Had I been older and stronger I could have confronted them but they were much more likely to snatch my life away at the hint of disapproval. Power can do that to us. It can make us quiver in the dark as we hide from their intent. I am older and stronger now and will not let any of those who exemplify that way of thinking and doing in my presence or in my sphere of living. I rebuke their lifestyle of force and belittling however the manifestation occurs. To have lived through the shame and remorse of a bygone era of rape and racism as an acceptable part culture I can say this now with emphasis. I will not accept that which I know is wrong as an excuse for anything. Power to deny will be met with power to stop the denier. Power to control will be met with the force to stop the controller. We live in America where freedom and equality are more than just slogans, they are real and it is all of our duty to keep it so.

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