Saturday, October 14, 2017

We liberals see a bright future whereas republicans can only see a brutal now (#3179)

     It is as if republicans don't dream at night or have any imagination. I know as a liberal/progressive I see the world through the lens of what the future could be and work to make it so. I don't want to live in the present as my only option. The present is not bad for sure but it doesn't hold out hope for all. It is still in the midst of being of antiquated thinking. We have too many souls who are content to keep things in the status quo and for me that is unacceptable. The status quo leaves too many more other souls without the same hopes and possibilities. I don't need to accept that great and grand possibilities are impossible. I look at the current present and see all the evidence I need.
     Generally, where once we lived in caves and fought for our individual survival, we now mostly live in homes and use economic forces to allow us to survive. From the ancient past to our current one we have evolved and that evolution is ongoing. We have not arrived at any form of Nirvana yet so onward and in this case upward we go into the stars. Not only are our cultures assimilating but we are becoming a more comprehensive species in knowledge and in the expansion of our curiosity. We are an amazing species whose data inputs with long and short memory abilities make us a most unusual biological data processor with sensory capabilities. We can individually and collectively analyze, reason and conclude on a panoramic scope of paradigms. Our future is boundless and we are the masters of it.
     We are just beginning the great adventure of the human experiment and nothing will stop our advancement through both time and space but ourselves. So when I hear republicans talk about going back to whatever ideal they rationalize in their minds it makes me cringe at the thought that they would rather settle for a dubious bygone era that could not have rationally existed instead of embracing what could be right out in front of their noses. If it be fear that they shrink into to avoid the future then they need a lesson in courage. If it be ignorance of what the future can be then they need a lesson in imagination. Either way, going backwards into an illusion with republicans may seem a safe harbor but it is just not so. Going forward with all of us is the safest harbor of all because we are all going toward something better that aligns with our evolving advanced natures together.

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