Friday, October 20, 2017

We must crush republicans in the midterms! (#3185)

     There is only one way back from the brink we are currently at and that is to stop the republican nightmare beginning in a less than twenty days in Virginia and then in a little more than a year at the midterm elections. There has to be only a single focus for all intelligent Independents and Democrats, vote for Democrats everywhere in every public position. The time has come to stop this self imposed demoralizing death scape in it's tracks. We are fortunate to still be alive as I see it because the psychopath trump could have already put us into a position of choosing between death and subservience to him. As well he could have easily by now started the last human war this planet would ever have known.
     So in less that 20 days in the great Commonwealth of Virginia we begin to reverse the abomination of republican politics. If not there will be no hope for us as a modern society. We will fall back into the despair of authoritative rule much like the dark ages before enlightenment. The crusades that existed then against the heretics of the rulers will be like child's play compared to what will happen to us when the psychopaths of today ply their advanced torturous pleasures upon us. Democracy as we know it will come to an end and those who wield power will maintain their new authoritarianism with a life long grip. This may sound a bit melodramatic but I assure you that the endgame of this is exactly the goal of the current republican party.
     There will only be privilege and advantage for one class of person and that is the obedient wealthy. The rest of us will be serfs who serve at the pleasure of our owners. Yes, owners since we will no longer be able to express our individuality through free will. Instead we will be marked to adhere to controls set forth by the most zealous of the republican hierarchy. There will be no middle class only the top and bottom of the poor class. This is the republican agenda and if we don't stop it it will come if you have the vision to extrapolate it out to it's endgame. In less than 20 days we can begin to end the nightmare in Virginia and then grow from that overwhelming victory right into the midterms where we can see the end of republican politics as an agenda to make us all subservient to them.

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