Monday, November 13, 2017

If you care about people's lives you will never vote republican (#3209)

     I find that if you vote for republicans your greatest argument is about being against things that would actually improve people's lives. It is as if you hold others to a higher standard than you hold yourself. Notwithstanding the hypocrisy in republican politics like right now with the Roy Moore pedophilia allegations where he, Moore, is not lambasted for his immoral illegalities, like the few democrats who have the same addictive behavior. But putting that aside, it is the overall concept of republican voters who have put a head hunters price on the head of those they deem unworthy of living in the nation of their birth. These republican voters see those who are not wealthy or of the right (white) skin color as lesser human beings than themselves.
     I see life as a gift for all of us to experience without exception. Yet the republican party holds to the survival of the fittest mode as long as they, republicans, are granted advantage and privilege. They sit back in their prejudices and biases and proclaim that the unwashed masses are the problem, not the system that makes them unwashed masses. It is a hatred that has been borne deep within their souls as a metastasizing cancer with little hope for a cure. The genesis of their hatred is individual to them despite the fact that others have the same right to hatred but instead choose to change the system that created it instead of embracing that system to feed their hatred. This is the republican way, use whatever cognitive dissonance is available to deny the facts of things so that their opinions of things can overrule.
     Destroying life in order to make it better is abhorrent and murderous. There have been figures in our human history who have tried such practices and each time their cause to rid the world of "undesirables" was based upon their own criteria, not some rational internationally agreed upon decision. The Hitlers and Pol Pots of the world are the worst of who we were and now the republican party is following in their footsteps. Republicans may not be openly calling for direct extinction practices but their policies are indirectly advancing to the same conclusion. Starving children, forcing slave wages and denying political, human and individual rights to the rest of us are all meant to make their ideal of the world more sterile and compact without respect to freedom, liberty and most of all the sanctity of life.

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