Sunday, November 5, 2017

People who sell out humanity are a scourge (#3201)

     The consequences of greed and power are the lessening of the human experience for all others. We see this play our with republican politics enormously but we democrats have a few bad apples ourselves. Yet the few bad apples we have are in no way the rule it is the exception whereas with republicans it is a hard and fast rule. So any kind of equating of both parties being the same is like saying one penny and a 100 dollar bill are money. Sure they are money but one is in absolute excess of the other. So comparing a penny to a 100 dollar bill and saying they are the same is a con job! Regardless though anyone who puts themselves in a public position above the duty they have to all the rest of us who are represented by them is an act of treason to their public oath.
     The same goes for those who are culpable in the Russian hacking and election interference from 2016. They went outside the bounds of American politics by becoming accomplices with an antagonistic foreign power just so that they could gain power, influence and wealth. These are also guilty of treason and if the word treason is going to mean anything to us as against all that we hold dear then the punishment for treason has to remain most severe. Our society and the society of our children depend upon us holding the line when it comes to attacks against our democracy. The republican party has crossed that line and soon enough we will know how many of them were culprits in the scheme.
     I always knew republicans were for the wealthy in our society but never would I have guessed that they would commit treason to prove it. The shame I feel for those who represent us in the public sphere and for those who voted for them and then still back them despite admitting that treason is not an offence they would call dishonorable, is immeasurable. The worst of it is that if democrats had committed treason they would have been screaming for the hangman and the guillotine yet since it was republicans it's okay because to them the ends justify the means. The stark reality that this displays is that republicans cannot win with their ideology of survival of the fittest and the best only for the wealthy so they have come to embrace a strategy were they sell their souls, a legacy of American patriotism, to become a prostitute for the worst that humanity can do it itself. The trade off is ignorant and disgraceful while the damage to the rest of us has yet to be fully suffered!

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