Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My spiritual connection with the Universe (#2944)

     I have been having a discussion with a man who is trying to convince me that the idea of a god is not outside the realm of reality by insinuating that the choices we make concerning the concept of a god makes it rational that a god does influence our reality. Well, just because I "believe" something does not make it real despite any action I take in reality. Facts, science and logic are the determiners of what is real in reality. You cannot take what you imagine and say it is real. Do you see the distinction? I tried to explain to him that hoping for something to be real is not the same as something that is real. I know life is tough and many need a pacifier of sorts to help them along through it and if the idea of a god is what works for some then that is their choice but it doesn't make the choice a real thing.
     It is an imagined thing and between you and me I think it is wrong. I don't need a pacifier to get through life. I know life is hard and can be very cruel at times but I don't need some illusion to comfort me so that I can "feel" better. It is what it is and that is real. If I can change some of the harsh and brutal natures of life then I will by trying something real, not shy away into to some imagined safe harbor. It is often the case that made to believe myths, mores and superstitions are defended as learning tools for a more balanced life. Well I disagree with that as well. There is a time for good things to happen but we don't need to wrap them in a fantasy that requires a modicum of belief to be part of. We are an amazing species who have amazing possibilities, we don't need to fake ourselves into a better world.
     Now when it comes to my own sense of spirituality there is a way for me to describe it that is logical and factual. I come from the Universe, made from some of it's parts. So my spirituality is that I am connected to this existence through the verifiable fact that I am made form it's parts. Now the Universe itself is not alive like we humans are. So I see myself as connected to the Universe in the manner of being one of it's many living breathing members. This is my spirituality, a part of the whole and not only that a thinking, feeling movable part that has dominion over my entity until that time comes when I revert back into the many single parts that came from this existence.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Resistance (#2943)

     The days go by and we get one more day behind us the worst elected person ever to the presidency of our nation here in America. I am still in shock over the election results and will always doubt the actual legitimacy of the vote we had here. It is unfathomable to my mind that trump could have won fair and square. I have to accept the outcome because I currently have no proof, just intuition and anecdotal evidence. However today is presidents day and as such I am confronted with what to do. This much I know, I cannot in good faith give him any respect or courtesy. He is dead to me as I am to him.
     So what I will continue to do is focus all my energy on promoting what is good about our society and alternatively exposing what the trumps are doing to destroy what is good about our society. He has tried to strong arm our citizenry with threats and intimidation for us to fall in line behind his power grabbing vision and we have not allowed it. We have resisted his bullying with intelligence and defiance. It is what you do with bullies, you force them to back up their bullying. We are not afraid of what he threatens us with, since most of us are fighters who would not knuckle under to a tyrant. So as our resistance goes on and more and more join us due to being forced to face the reality of the mistake of dubious election of trump, our overwhelming force will make him realize that he was "elected" to be our servant, not our master.
     This will only happen if we resist him and his ongoing threats. We must crush his will to lord over us. It is what he wants since his behavior is less than normal and leans heavily toward narcissism. So no flag out today to honor our previous presidents, who although not all great and good at least cared enough for our democracy not to actively attempt to destroy it. Resist in all things for the next, at most, four years and by then we will have united enough of us to remove this trump and his acolytes and all their baggage from our public sphere.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The republican voter and the Stockholm syndrome (#2942)

     It is becoming clear to me that the republican voter is trapped in some kind of twisted relationship with the republican party. A Stockholm syndrome of sorts. The typical republican voter will vote for the republican party candidate without much objective thought to a more attractive alternative. Being satisfied with what little they get from their republican representatives as being a greater reward than anything the democratic or any other party has to offer them. How is this possible you may ask? Well I have been working on this most of my life and it is still less than perfectly clear as to why.
     However I can somewhat conclude that it is a combination of things. Cultural and fear. The democratic party has been maligned as being for the fringe and the outcasts from normal society. The staid republican has been inculcated to believe that anything beyond a white, religious, heterosexual mindset is perverted and weak. They see themselves as the guardians of an illusion where we are all basically need to be the same without exception, excluding the others of course. When we who are not who they are try to explain that an objective free will society is the one we live in they get riled up and spout their philosophy with a vile that underpins their own regression. It is what happens to folks who are forced through the fear of rejection to only think and live inside the box of an illogically perceived way of living. It is not that they are outwardly jealous of those of us who choose how we live our lives but there is some repressed vindictiveness that they are hard pressed to explain, given their own personal unspoken internal struggles.
     So republican voters come to embrace their lot in life and their duty to uphold it as a group that is not much exposed to different and varied experiences. They are controlled by it and have found a niche that satisfies their need for a "safe harbor". They don't have the luxury of being thoughtful and objective about reality. They are not encouraged nor are they rewarded for using logic and scientific methods over their normal convention of myths, mores and yes, even superstitions. Rocking the boat is frowned upon and cause for being outcast from what they know. They truly are victims of their own geographical and cultural identity and how we can ever change that dynamic is still an ongoing consideration in my own mind.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bullying has consequences (#2941)

     I am normally a well adjusted individual more than willing to spread happiness and peace to all. It is who I am inside, but do not mistake my nature. I am more than willing to mix it up with anyone who would take advantage of my or others' good hearts. Take for instance the current bully in the White House. He seems to think that he can harm with impunity. Well that is not the case with me. One critical lesson I learned as a young man fighting to keep his dignity and respect is that when the fighting time comes around I have to be willing to trade blows in the struggle to be the victor. There is no shame in beating the bully if the bully is forcing the event.
     Now we have many in our philosophical way of thinking who find that no amount of "getting down into the gutter" with bullies is acceptable. Now in a perfect world I would agree since peace is a mighty principle. Yet, in reality, when that very peace is torn and spit upon by a bully whose intention is to destroy our peace then defending that peace becomes our greatest duty. No amount of wishful thinking or cowering to compromise our rights is ever going to be worth subjecting ourselves to allowing a bully to win without a hard fight. A fight can come in many forms, either by standing firm in our honor and principles willing to go toe to toe or even by letting the bully know that fighting in the gutter is not his exclusive domain.
     Whatever it takes to protect that which is more dear to our hearts is what is needed. We all have our processes for protecting our rights but by my estimation, never allowing an inch is much better than trying to get that inch back. Whatever I have to do to let the bully know he is not allowed in my life is where I begin and if putting some fear into him is my first volley at him then that is how I figure to begin. I have no illusion about death or surviving. Time will tell what happens to all of us but while I am alive I damn well sure will fight against all bullies no matter who they are or what power they think they have. What they will never have is dominion over me in life!

Friday, February 17, 2017

The resistance to trumps continues... (#2940)

     Today is a short developed national strike day so the overall effect may not be as effective as a well planned out strategy that had some time to it to organize a stronger effect, nevertheless, it will make a strong point. No work or shopping unless vital and an overall disdain for trump and his republican acolytes. It will be interesting to monitor just how we resistors are able to convince our otherwise less enthusiastic citizenry to join us. But critically speaking it was our less enthusiastically citizenry that didn't bother to vote against trump and republicans that got us into this mess in the first place. But now we have an opportunity to show the world that most of us see trump and his republican party on whole as illegitimate and dangerous.
     I will keep my television on a channel that has a no political commentary, but instead entertainment or sports, weather and such. I will give trumps nothing. I am in a battle to save my life and as such I will not stop denying them any legitimacy nor respect. I am not being overly conspiratorial here. They want to take our social services form us and as an older American I rely on my social security and healthcare in order to stay alive. The argument for resistance must be made to all who still observe objective logic. Our liberal progressivism is what will see us through because we have logic, common sense and science on our side, not the craven illusion of a master who wants to control us.
     Our democracy is being ruptured and is leaking like a sieve. This is due to trumps who see themselves as not representatives but as ordained masters of us Americans. They ride high on their false religious dogma of scaring folks while telling us what they want us to have, instead of representing what we want them to do. You do get the distinction right? If you don't then hurry and catch up. We need all who can still think for themselves to resist the power struggle currently happening between the trumps of the world and the rest of us working middle poor class.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

republicans are ripping families apart (#2939)

     Instead of finding solutions to problems that everyone can accept, republicans just tear things apart and destroy what they don't like. It isn't really up for debate in our representative democracy anymore. The republican party has manipulated it's way into power by turning we working middle poor class against one another. Shame on us for allowing it but no doubt republicans deserve much of the credit for it as they truly do lie, cheat and steal with efficient frequency in confusing our electorate to support them. It does go to show though that us Americans are not as smart as we think we are. We have too much self esteem for our ability to figure things out on the run instead of studying the particulars and coming to a reasonable conclusion.
     Our fast food, fast money making schemes and overall unwillingness to work hard the right way is our downfall. We don't buckle down with our schooling and learning in our formative years as we should which leaves many young and older adults looking only for shortcuts through life. We have allowed the republicans to manipulate us and that is where our shame begins. Yet though we are easy prey too often, others have no qualms in taking advantage of our ineptitude. Which makes for a very confusing societal norm. Survival of the fittest in all it's ignominy. We citizens are at blame for being vulnerable and the unscrupulous are to blame for not helping to change the dynamic, but instead manipulating it.
     It is hard to feel sorry for us Americans when we screw each other over in a never ending loop. The world outside us must be just astonished at how a nation so diverse and vital could allow itself to be shackled and whipped. But here we are and the result of it has come to fruition through republican politics. There will be no hiding the republican agenda now that they have removed us scapegoats from power. They, republicans, will show themselves as the cruel masters they long to be and the pain and suffering they cause will hit everyone on every level especially the families of the "others".

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Foundations built upon lies are unsustainble (#2938)

     When I was 8 years old I began a series of lies that kept me out of trouble and gained me some advantages. It was so sweet how I was able to manipulate those around me simply by telling lies instead of the truth. I could shape any situation or circumstance to my favor simply by making up a story that had some truth to it but was mostly fabricated on the spot. I was so thrilled at my ability to weave in and around most anything in order to gain something. I was invincible for about 2 weeks. Because at that young age I had not yet understood the law of inevitability. Because I had told so many lies off the cuff so to speak that I had no way to remember nor make comprehensive any later answer about my actions. I could not foresee what my lies set into motion nor control their outcomes as they affected other people.
     Thankfully my lies at that age were innocuous enough that no real harm or damage had been done except the few around me who were irritated by my lies and angry at me for telling the lies. I learned early on that lies have a life of their own not to be controlled after they are let loose into reality. I could not sustain them and then spent many days apologizing, eating crow and being shamed for how I tried to deceive. From those days on I find it difficult to lie regardless of the penalty. Now I have lied since then and lived with my guilt but the times I did were real moments of weakness that in hindsight were perfect examples of my own inability to have a structure to follow, instead of just relying on my own willpower. However, even though those few times are far behind me and although I had tripped a time or two since I was young, I have not forgotten the lesson I learned as a child.
     The thing about lies is that since they are not truths, they tend to fade from my memory unlike truths. I can remember truths easily but lies are very hard to remember. So given that, no matter what the advantage gained through lying it is not worth the guilt nor the lowering of my self esteem. So in order to not be tempted by lying, I find that doing good and the right thing keeps me from the lying dynamic. So in order not to lie, I do good. It seems like I learned my lesson well and for the most part have done well to make truth telling a conscious and subconscious reality in my life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So much corruption and ineptitude (#2937)

     Half of the problems in the trump administration are just plain laziness to do the job right and the other half is intentional manipulations and lies. It is so prevalent that one can hardly delineate between the two without a thorough investigation. We won't get that since trump is trying to close the office of ethical accountability and congress is unavailable to do the people's investigtive work since they are the ones who helped install trump into power in the first place. They are all culpable for their own petty reasons but nonetheless their pettiness is far from harmless when the American working middle poor class is so devastated by their intentions.
     Outside their intentions we see the inability of republicans and trump in particular to do their jobs with efficient completeness. They would rather shrink into their cocoons of safety from the general public so that they can hide their actions of crushing democracy in order to maintain their control of government. Why is this so important? Because whoever controls government also controls the wherewithal of blood and treasure. They can start wars and move money where they want it without the consent of we the people. There is more than that though, republicans like controlling how people live. It is an ego thing with them, not a service thing we liberal/progressives aspire toward.
     It has been less than a month since republicans have gained controlled our legislature and executive branch but already many scandals of honored traditional protocol and law breaking are emerging. None bigger that the controversial way trump and many republicans were elected. It seems that we can never let our guards down with republicans because servicing the public is not their motivation. Instead manipulating the public and taking from us is their goal. I am still hopeful a crisis can be avoided but anything less that tar and feathers for all republicans caught dishonoring the public trust will not be acceptable.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The struggle over ideology (#2936)

     This is the make or break time for our democracy. Will we be heavily influenced by a form of fascist capitalism or will we move back to the democratic ideals of a healthy mix of capitalism and socialism? This is the battle that is set up to begin on all fronts. republicans control the executive and congressional branches which gives them an advantage toward their ideal of unrestrained capitalism. Yet they don't control the courts despite their illusory stubborn insistence that trump does overrule the courts. As we have seen already, with his immigration order, trump is not going to get a free ride with his brutish greedy agenda.
     The courts will be where most of the most important battles will be fought but not the only arena. We still have the right to protest and redress our grievances, although protesting is being attacked by republicans who want to stifle it, and redress of our grievances is given little respect. We must stop being co-conspirators in our own demise by accepting the irrational as rational. We must not allow anyone, elected or not, to change the dynamic that democracy secures. Anyone who would, aka...trump, should be whipped, tarred and feathered and sent out of town on a pole. Yes, there are consequences for destroying our democracy while trying to instill himself as a tyrant king.
     I for one am ready to charge into the forefront of battle and as such am willing to lose everything to preserve what was and still could be the greatest democracy in the history of mankind. There are noble and just causes to be willing to sacrifice for and like Nathan Hale, wish I had more than one life to give to protect our nation from trump and his republican acolytes. We are in an ideological battle like never before since our last one during the civil war. This is no less dangerous to our melting pot society and if we don't come out the victor in this then world war 2 would have actually not been won by democracy but instead lost to fascism. Whatever it takes for all of us to now commit to our political process must be addressed and quickly!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Who is watching our backs? (#2935)

     I am so used to how President Obama was always ready to protect us from any impending emergency, both foreign and domestic, while working to decrease existing harms. Yet now with trump, I have no such secure feeling that he will even attempt to be our protector. In fact, I have come to accept that he will not do anything to stop many of us from harm. Even further, he will be pushing to make that harm come about. So the only backs that are being watched are the wealthy donors who pay to play in the republican party.
     We are on our own in a vulnerable position. Not only are there foreign and domestic forces that would harm all of us out of some deranged sense of chaotic ignorance but now our political apparatus is leveraged to ignore most of it. Out of some duty for helping republicans get elected extreme right wing domestic groups are free to conspire to attack those they deem not American. They are also free to subvert equality and justice from their normal civilized practice. Our country is going to be going through some drastic changes where our democracy will be diminished in the name of fear and withdrawal. We are no longer a safe harbor for the oppressed and persecuted, we are the oppressed and persecuted.
     I don't know how we will survive the next 4 years or more but if we don't it won't be a surprise to me anyway. In fact I already consider myself dead regardless if it hasn't happened yet. I have no false illusion that we will be saved by some miracle of fate or justice. In being so clear as to my own demise by trump and his acolytes, I am now free to do whatever I feel is right and good without worrying about a penalty since I know nothing can harm the already dead. Funny how I have to think of myself as dead to get any peace under trump and his conspirators.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Resist resist resist (#2934)

     The rest of our lives, should we survive the republican plan to end most of us, is to resist any and all of their agenda to further enslave the working middle poor class. Yes, we are enslaved as it is by the wealthy corporations and their bought republican party. We have no growth in a minimum wage nationally. We have diminishing food stamp allowances. Welfare is almost non-existent. Social Security, like Medicare, an insurance program we pay into, is being made to be tougher to qualify for. Medicare/Medicaid are being eliminated bit by bit from helping the most vulnerable in our society. Instead the savings from the social programs designed to keep most people out of destitute poverty and higher taxes on the working middle poor class is being handed over to the wealthy as a bonus for them supporting republican politics; https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/23/trump-tax-plan-cuts-wealthy-low-income-inequality.
     Our rights that have been adjudicated and settled law over many many decades are now under assault. Especially for women and people of color. Women face the meanest nastiest challenge to their right to control their own bodies. trump and his acolytes want to legislate what women can or cannot do when faced with circumstances forced upon them, like having to bring a child to life that was conceived through rape or incest; http://www.vox.com/identities/2017/1/27/14412660/mike-pence-record-abortion-reproductive-rights-march-for-life. As to people of color being discriminated against, republicans do that through voter restrictive laws and immigration reform and travel bans. The large majority of those effected by voter restrictive laws and immigration issues involve people of color.
     While white male homegrown terrorists are excluded from the new rush to protect us from overseas terror attempts, even though they constitute the greatest threat to our safety; http://www.newsweek.com/2016/02/12/right-wing-extremists-militants-bigger-threat-america-isis-jihadists-422743.html. trump, our new president only seems to worry about protecting Christianity as the only valid religion and his own business interests and that of his children. Never before has our civilized American society been so dangerously close to being torn apart from within and it is precisely for that reason we must never legitimize trump and always resist at every moment of the day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

The new era of no civility with the brutes and thieves (#2933)

     I have changed my language quite a bit recently, well since the mind numbing election results of late last year. I had been trying to present a civilized demeanor while rebutting republican held illogical claims and philosophies with respect and proper rules for grammar and discourse. Now I am past that. It is apparent that not getting down in the gutter with them is seen as a weakness they use to exploit the lack of valid logic they espouse. They feel that being louder and more angry is a victory in itself and overcomes the lack of valid logic. So into the breach I go and loaded with every disparaging remark I can remember from my own rough and tumble days and I battle against them on their turf with their language but with my logic.
     I have tried to be civil and it hasn't worked. For many the approach I have now taken hasn't been a problem. In fact a lot of many are in agreement because of their own anger needs an uncensored outlet. How this came to be where we all expected logic to rule the day and instead we got illogic and hatred is now revealing itself. The gloves are off and the my silver tongue is sharpened to slice and dice them until they cry out with their contemptible ridden pejoratives. It is then that I have them because as we all know when their arguments fail they go for the ad hominem, personal attack. I can then slough them off as some ignoramus who has no respect from me and then move on.
     I am so damn angry over the outcome of this last election that my anger is my motivation to crush ridiculousness every time it gets in front of me. I don't fear anything from trump and his acolytes because since he was elected he started the process to kill me and so many like me so why not go down with the greatest fight I have ever fought? I am proud of my liberal progressive philosophy and it's inherent fairness and goodness and no amount of greed and selfishness will ever turn me from being a hero to myself and those who I can directly and indirectly effect. My life is already written no matter who kills me and trump and his policies will/may end my life but they won't control it.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

America for sale, to and for the privileged and advantaged (#2932)

     It seems now that since a third rate con man is now in the oval office, the white house is open for business, for the third rate con man and his children, http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/go-buy-ivankas-stuff-kellyanne-conway-gives-presidents-daughter-free-commercial-on-fox/#.WJyKsQmradc.facebook. The idea of white privilege and advantage cannot be illustrated any better than in the link just provided. trump, through his surrogates is placing one capitalist, his daughter, above all others. Even admonishing stores that are now not selling her products, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2017/02/08/trump-lashes-out-at-nordstrom-in-a-tweet-for-dropping-his-daughters-apparel-line/?utm_term=.f94726e0f836. This is what we can expect from the trump administration.
     What is even worse, as trump is trying mightily to keep his businesses from being separated from him, he is making deals that directly benefit his own profits, Like the travel ban that does not include any country where he has business interests, but were instrumental in fostering citizens that attacked us on September 11, 2001, http://www.kiro7.com/news/local/trumps-temporary-travel-ban-doesnt-include-countries-involved-in-post-911-attacks/491780999. trump has business interests in Saudi Arabia,;(15 of the 9/11 attackers), United Arab Emirates: (2), Egypt: (1), and Lebanon; (1). The facts do not lie so there is no dispute that at a minimum there is a conflict of interests. Yet in trumpland, alternative facts,,, ie (lies) are the reality.
     The wealthy thieves in our nation that own media and fail to report facts and instead launch their own agendas as news are mostly responsible but responsibility also falls on those citizens who cannot nor will not inform themselves through objective research and debate. In other words we got what we deserved except that those who allowed this fiasco are not the majority but since we hold onto the archaic electoral college we lost despite voting in the majority against trump. Still the hellscape continues and it hasn't been 3 weeks yet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Our democracy is being hijacked (#2931)

     trump and his cohorts in Congress are stealing our democracy using our own rules to do it. They are eliminating programs that were designed to keep nefariousness to a minimum and they are doing it with a brusque cavalier arrogance. What can we do to stop the outcome of this last election? Well, we the people have consented to be governed by rules of democracy and if those rules are not being honored then that social contract we have is voided. We are no longer giving our consent to the machinations coming from trump and his sickening alliance in Congress.
     It is incumbent upon we the people to rise up and demand a stop to those who were elected to represent us when they no longer do. They have instead chosen to lead our nation further away from democratic ideals and into a dawning of a new paradigm of the wealthy controlling our rights and freedoms. The revolting aspect of their agenda is that one person one vote is no longer established. No longer are our social programs being kept as a buffer against the ravages of privileged and advantaged capitalism. No longer is equality an ideal that is promoted and perfected under American rule. We Americans are in danger of losing the greatest democracy on Earth to trump and his philosophically united republican followers.
     I no longer give my consent to be ruled by an administration that is more fascist than democratic. I will abstain from all attempts by trump and his acolytes to make it appear that his way is the American way. I will resist in every way I can in order to strike at the heart of removing him and his brutish conspirators from office and into prison. I will do nothing to promote our nation while we are under siege from within. This is the worst of times I have ever experienced in a life toughened already. We do not have to give into trump because we have the right to deny him our consent. Our consent is the last option we have to stand on before we get to the point of not returning to a democratic nation we were before the election of November 8th, 2016.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Man made religion sucks and too many are pacified by it (#2930)

     Spent the better part of an hour this morning discussing why I am an atheist and why I find religion to be unnatural and dishonest. Surely there was more to say but the point being is that man made religion, which is any religion written down by man as scripture from a Deity, is nonsense. Not that there isn't a lot of good mixed into the dogma. that is how we get and got hooked. I was once a follower of Christ, but once I read through the "good book" twice, I came to realize that the good in the book was heavily over shadowed with the bad. At the same time it gave any man an economic edge to cull money from believers.
     Take note of such preachers as Robertson, Hagee, Graham, Olsteen, Dollar and the list goes on of such men who have made their enormous wealth off the backs of believers with their magical claims of being assured of going to heaven and not hell. Now let's get into that. Because a book written by men says that there is a heaven and a hell then it must be true? Well I find it rather gifted of anyone who can take a tale of a physically impossible lore and make it an every day desire or fear. We live on a planet that has never given any physical evidence of a deity. Never! Yet the hordes of us rush headlong into the idea that there is some salvation and forgiveness in a ancient tale.
     If there ever were a religion I would find it in logic and science, which does include music by the way. My religion is the universe and it's wonders that I am not allowed to experience because too many of us are stuck here with too many who won't let the idea of a magical deity die. Well living in this fairy tale can make life easier but it doesn't make life right. We are the best species in existence when we face reality with all our minds focused on solutions to problems, not forgiveness for them. I will die soon and surely religion won't any time soon but know this, I see you religious types for your failure to be strong and courageous facing life with reality instead of magical thinking that you find comfort in.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Important day for immigration (#2929

     Today the 9th circuit court of appeals will hear the claim by trump that his immigration ban is legal and valid. It should be a stretch to make it since it is neither. Either through discrimination, equal protection, due process or separation of church and state, http://www.newsweek.com/opponents-best-legal-arguments-against-trump-immigration-ban-551934 this ban is wholly unconstitutional. Of course this is just my reading of it and surely trump and his cronies are going to use executive privilege as their remedy. What the court decides however will be subject to interpretation by the Supreme Court where no doubt this is heading regardless of the ruling from the 9th circuit.
     That we have an executive that wants to deny folks from entering our country after having been legally and substantially vetted is to me a crime or at least a violation like the federal judge in Seattle determined. That the new executive does not recognize and has actually alleviated safeguards from home grown terrorists is baffling in light of this ban. We have had more problems with extremism in our own backyard than we have had imported from overseas. Regardless, taking this reality into view with the unconstitutional discriminatory acts within the ban, the argument can be made that the logic of the ban is not based upon any factual premise.
     Our judiciary needs to be objective here and apply logic to the protections we have safeguarded in our constitution. No amount of bullying or false bravado should prevail when the core of our democracy is being challenged. The result we get today should affirm the federal court's judgement and then let the trumps move this illegal ban up to the Supreme court. At worst the ban will be split ideologically 4-4 with the Supreme's and by that the 9th Circuit's judgement will prevail. At best the Supreme's will decide on a 5-3 or better affirmation that the ban is unconstitutional and put it in it's grave.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The judiciary is our last line of defense (#2928)

     This is a battle folks. Not only in the field of ideology but in real world consequences. The republicans and trump want nothing less than a survival of the fittest society with the wealthy immune to the rules that the working middle poor class will be forced to follow. We are seeing it already with the protections we had in place under President Obama from the wealthy exploiting our meager opportunities to making laws that stifle our rights, that we expect given the nature of our national constitution. Equality, fairness and justice are being diminished for we working middle poor while the wealthy are given free passes.
     A pay to play scenario for them but who cares since they can afford it. For those of us who cannot it is the punishment of poverty as our destiny. But one thing can still defray the effects of the republican and trump agenda, that being our judiciary. One of the three branches of government is still not controlled wholeheartedly by the trumps of the world. We have honest patriots serving as judges and many of them are not settled on giving the republicans and trump anything they demand. Case in point with the federal judge who stopped what too many of us perceive as the over reach by trump to stop immigration selectively based upon biased reasoning, http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/federal-judge-in-seattle-halts-trumps-immigration-order/.
     The Supreme Court is another hope for we democracy fighters. The current court is somewhat evenly split ideologically between conservatives and liberals. Not always but enough of the time to generally say so. Without a new justice being seated with a conservative bend, we have what is most likely a stalemate as to how the court will mostly rule. Meaning the Federal Appeals Court decisions will likely remain as the final decision in a lot of cases. One other note, Justice Roberts and Kennedy, conservatives, have been allies with the liberals far more than any liberal has sided with a conservative so there is a decent chance that constitutional questions of high importance may well break with the liberal view if a majority decision does come about.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

trump has to go (#2927)

     It isn't just me. there are more than 60 million of we voters who cannot stand another minute of his irrational, working middle poor class destroying agenda. Not only that but the new burdens he is putting on our citizens of every economic class through immigration disruptions is unacceptable. We have more problems with home grown terrorists then we have with foreign ones yet he focuses on the foreign ones and lessens restrictions on the homegrown ones. It is as if he is setting us up for another Oklahoma City bombing without any forethought.
     He is also tearing down our social programs that were enacted for our citizenry to pay into our working lives so that we may have a modicum of economic security in our old age. Instead he wants us to invest in Wall Street as our old age retirement where the rules for playing fast and loose with clients savings are being brought back. He wants to disenfranchise 10's of millions of citizens of the opportunity to have health care. He does not deem health care a right of citizenship like most every other civilized nation on the planet.
     His main goal is to instill racist polices that overcome equality and fairness in our social fabric, while instigating and fomenting confrontations with our allies and enemies. Except of course putin's Russia whom he has relied upon for his electoral victory and personal wealth accumulations. Never in the history of our nation has such a dastardly con man been elected to be president. He received almost 3 million votes less than Clinton but because of the quirk in electoral college paradigm, he got to claim victory. He is a charlatan that was able to use the republican machine of deception and lies to claim the White House and for all of that he is now acting like a tyrant bent on glorifying his persona over doing the hard work of improving what is left of our democracy. trump must go!

Friday, February 3, 2017

When the governed have no say (#2926)

     The problem here is that almost half the eligible voting electorate chooses not to vote in elections. For those folks they are automatically eliminated from having a voice in how we are governed. Not entirely since they can protest various policies but by then they have already allowed whatever policies facing them to have occurred. For the other half of the voting electorate, there is a split between those who voted for the victor and those who voted against the victor. So approximately one fourth of our eligible voters actually are giving consent to whom is governing us. Yet still, the policies that come from the victor are not required to be what their voters thought what they were voting for.
     So in this last election an electoral college majority elected the victor despite him having less overall votes than his challenger by nearly 3 million votes. He is one of those who says one thing to get elected and then does many things differently once elected. This is why we need to do a better job of vetting candidates on whether they are decent, honest human beings. We didn't do that well enough since we did elect a man who is more con than presidential. Talk is even being bandied about in his first two weeks in office of having a military coup remove him. This is what happens when the victor tries to be an authoritarian figure instead of a peace maker and govern by the will of the consented.
     It is obvious to most all that the victor in our last election is an anomaly in what was expected by too may who voted for him. He is a person who has shown that his allegiance to democratic principles of American history have no value when weighed against his own personal interests and political philosophy. What happens in our very near future is impossible to predict but one thing for sure is that by not engaging those who consented to his leadership, and we who voted against him, he will feel the wrath from us in the form of resistance. Even those who didn't bother to vote are outraged and possibly now sparked to become more engaged in our high priority political process.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

republicans in congress are allowing the destruction of our democracy (#2925)

     Not one sitting republican office holder is doing anything to stop the destruction of our democracy. They are all falling in line with the trump administration with only an occasional whimper here and there. It is as if party politics is a higher priority than patriotism to democracy. It has been that way for several decades with republicans and yet the American voters are somehow reluctant to recognize it as a fault. It is incredible that too many voters seem unaffected by the tearing down of our democracy. I am amazed at the disinterest by many more who do not even bother to vote or who could care less as long as their investments in the economy remain relatively stable.
     This type of condescension and greed is too prevalent in our society so it makes us ripe for the con men of our time to work their deceptions. Which is the basis for the republican party. Con men who say one thing in order to do another. Those of us who do care, although gut punched form the last election, are still fighting to expose the agenda of republican politics. We are not long dissuaded from our goal of crushing those who would lie, cheat and steal our democracy out from under us. But in the meantime the elected republicans already in office have cowered to the cowardly bully and in their silence, expose their guilt.
     The only way our American society will regain it's pride is to end the republican party in every election going forward. There will be plenty of evidence based upon facts and truths for our voters to decide who is best at promoting democracy. There should be no doubt that republicans are tearing down our democracy, marginalizing the working middle poor class, which is the vast majority of our American population. The question now is as republicans in office continue to do nothing to stop the carnage coming at us hard and fast, will the American electorate kick their asses out of office?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The road back to sanity (#2924)

     With every special election coming up to fill some vacant seats in Congress we democrats must unite so that we can start picking up every available seat possible. Some we will have a hard time doing because of gerrymandered districts that leave us with few democratic voters in them but try we must since there does seem to be a buyers remorse out there with trump and his reversals on promises. This is how we get back our mojo after being gut punched on November 8th. So whatever we must do, either donating directly to the candidates running, phone banking or on the ground canvassing, we must keep fighting to get our nation back from the lying, cheating, stealing, crazy republicans.
     I accept that our nation is going backwards given the majorities republicans have maneuvered for themselves through deception and voter suppression. But that does not mean that we cannot mount another challenge to them in the near future as they continue to expose themselves for the worthless greedy bastards that they are. The more they legislate and sign presidential executive orders we get a clear message just how much they want to destroy democratic ideals along with the working middle poor class. Our strength going forward is in using the despicable actions republicans are now employing. From cuts to our health and retirements while giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, we have much to show in comparing our message and their actions.
     As these special elections come around and the off year voting in many states, we have great opportunities to send strong messaging to republicans currently controlling our government that there is a price to pay for not representing the interests of the working middle poor class. It doesn't matter how much the Koch's and other wealthy republican donors spend to lie to us at each election now, because we can see through their lies by what their actual policies are doing. I hope and honestly expect we democrats to put up quite a showing going forward in the round of elections coming up.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The hypocrisy of the republican party (#2923)

     Where to start. Let's start with trump's wives. 2 of the 3 of them were immigrants. I will just leave that alone and let it stand out as it's own example. But I will say this, if you are white and a good looking woman you can relax as to being included in the immigration ban no matter where you are form with republicans. Next is the overwhelming Christian vote he got during this last election. Now no one would ever have accused Mr. pussy grabber of being a disciple of Christ yet his lying, thieving and cheating were not enough to dissuade Christian voters from calling him their man. So not only is the republican party full hypocrites it is now established that the Christian community is as well.
     Now for the republican party in general. We have the speaker of the house, lying ryan trying desperately to destroy not only medicare/medicaid, but social security as well. Which begs the question why? ryan himself used benefits from social security to advance his education so apparently what was good for him is not good for the rest of us. Hypocrite much?" The worst example of their hypocrisy was when they cut funding for the embassies overseas which then left stations like Benghazi more vulnerable to attack, and then when attack came they blamed democrats because it was convenient just like today's republicans, deniers of their own blame.
     The key here is that republicans like to break what democrats build and then claim that the good that was built by democrats was faulty. It never ends with them. They claim to be for the working middle poor class while campaigning and then destroy that which the working middle poor class needs once in power. I have been sick of them most of my life and have tried to show their hypocrisy at every turn but it seems that we Americans are not smart enough to see through their lies. One final note is the recent immigration ban where the four countries that had citizens directly involved with taking down our twin towers not on the immigration ban, the fact that those four countries have trump hotels should explain why.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Today marks 8 years for this daily blog (#2922)

     I love milestones, yet they are also sad in a way. For two reasons this time. First is because it means I am getting closer to my end and second, because it is after the end of his 2 terms for our last president, Barack Obama. The first one where time has passed and time is closer to it's end is just a momentary reflection whereas the end of President Obama's time has a much deeper sorrowful impact on me. Yes, that's right, I miss President Obama, whom we won't get back, more than I miss the time, I won't get back. It is because our president had brought about civility, decency and an intellectual prowess that exemplified what is best about the human species.
     Sadly, and in a very real depressing way, our current administration led by trump, is about as uncivil, indecent and ignorant as any we have ever had that I know of in the history of our nations past. What we the American working middle class will experience going forward is akin to we having a sleek modern vehicle under President Obama to we now having a old rusty bicycle that has no brakes nor bearings. The times going forward are going to be our latest self induced nightmare that proves to the world that American exceptionalism was a ghost that never existed. We are the living proof that without proper and free education, we will only get worse in our ability to decide our own future.
     Which works out well for republicans as they can now say that we need them to decide for us because we are like children who need to be led for our own benefit. Ironically, republicans are the ones who have allowed our society to collapse in it's overall intelligence factor. So the republicans cause the problem and then come back at us with their solution of them dominating us. It is quite easy to see if we knew how to look at things with objectivity, instead of through our prejudices. So many things to say but I limit my daily blog posts to around 250 words a day. I don't want to fatigue my few readers with rambling observations.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

No respecting the illegitimacy (#2921)

     No, there will be no giving of chances. Once one has declared themselves as dirty low down despicable human being, there is no mercy. Mercy may only come about where there is evidence of remorse, otherwise there is only one course of action to follow and that is the utter defeat of those who would be a scourge to civilized society. Not all are meant to be enlightened enough to understand basic human respect. There are those who are born without empathy toward our or any other species. There are those who choose to ignore their empathy toward our and any other species. Those are the ones who have no business being leaders in society.
     Unless a whole group of like minded semi-sociopaths create a path for public office for one of their own, a path that is strewn with the remnants of democracy, then at least there will be no legitimacy. So forward we go into a very uncertain near future that I hope will not destroy our future altogether. I will not stand by and shrug my shoulders and accept what is happening. There is no legitimacy in this current presidential administration. It is a coup of sorts perpetrated upon us by a republican party and their wealthy donors who perpetrated vote suppression tactics, and see America as theirs and not as ours. I am personally sickened by what has been allowed to happen. We have men in high office who cannot see the destruction they are doing to the idea of democracy.
     These men, republicans, are not of a diverse and varied background to understand the brilliance of the melting pot concept. Nor are they filled with a gravitas that is built upon wisdom. We are beset by men who think they know more than they ever will and there is no easy way to keep these men from maintaining public power and then using public power as a cudgel to divide and conquer the majority of us citizens. The stench of their agenda is now in the air for all to inhale. There are no more backroom ulterior motives being bandied about. They are front and center in our lives now and how we respond will dictate whether we ever do get back to being a democracy.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The thorn in my side, impatience (#2920)

     The theme throughout my life spanning the totality of it so far as to a bane, is impatience. If there is one person who can thwart myself it is me. I can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory without batting an eye with the best of them. Only to find out I could have been more patient and seen the error of my way, not as an immediate afterthought, but before I put act to action. It is like, metaphorically, taking a step out before looking expecting the ground to be there but in that instant of actually moving without being able to reverse, I realize the misstep. If I had been just a moment longer and looked down to make sure I wasn't at some precarious edge I could well have not stepped. It has been almost always a choice of mine that I seem to have to rush for a reason I am unable to explain.
     Although maybe it is a metabolism thing where the need to finish or move on is an addictive property that my ego demands. Whatever the reason, I have not learned to overcome this shortfall in my behavior, yet. Although writing about it now will undoubtedly help me find a solution. So much of it is my nature and how I seem to think that I know what is next that I must do and waiting to do it seems irresponsible. Yet I keep proving myself wrong by the too many outcomes that were not what I wanted, waiting for me after my action. Much of how my life has come about to being is a direct result of me jumping the gun and losing something for no other reason than me being impatient.
     Now not all my destiny has been caused by me being impatient but enough of it has so that I have taken note and yet still remain frustrated at it's continuance. However, all that said, if that is the worst of a thorn stuck in my side, well that is not that bad and is something I can change simply by pausing and examining more closely one last time before deciding what action to do. A fixable error in my behavior. I will work on that more now that I have spent the time opening up about it somewhere other than in my head. What I have let slip away though is still a remorse that will remain and that surely keeps me from ever growing an inflated ego.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Existence of self may be progressive (#2919)

     According to quantum theory, it may be well that our consciousness' exist beyond the earthly demise of death. Now it is all just theory but in the core of my being I have always felt that there is more to me than just existing in this dimensional plane. It isn't anything I can prove much like religious folk, it is just a theory based upon some inner compass. This is where the religious and myself, who is not given to religion, somewhat intersect. The idea of an after life has been a clarion call attracting the religious to their beliefs since the dawning of human understanding.
     Which is reasonable to conclude that religion, at the time and to some extent still now, answers that deep seated intuition that we are not just here in this existence as a one time deal. However, where religion and I then leave that intersection is the relative knowledge that life can go on after death without the narrative of a God system. We are a species that has evolved to a critical step in our evolution. We can now delve into the mysteries of our dimension and that which envelopes it with amazing insight through innovative processes. Those being, logic and science. In times past religion was the peace that helped us to realize that our lives had more to them than was known through the concept of heaven, however, logic and science now actually give us the tools to prove how the extension of life beyond this dimension may occur.
     From an idea, to a sequence of being. There is symmetry to we humans moving our faith from blind acceptance to breaking down the equation that helps us to see the actual process. We humans are curious despite many of our cautions. We will get beyond the limitations out there that hold us back from progressing into the natural order of our evolution. It is intuitive to every one of us whether we admit to it or not that this life should have more to it than it has shown so far and that showing is now coming upon us. We cannot be afraid to adapt to it, rather we should embrace it with the the knowledge that our inner core already has.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

We must not be afraid to protest (#2918)

     If it is wrong then make it right or at least don't ignore it or go along with the wrong. I must say this I guess, we are all not owed a life here in existence. None of us is without a duty to bring honor or justice to whatever it is that is going on around us. So protesting is just a natural order of things when protesting is needed. Courage is the act of standing for whatever is right. Our military does it when they go into battle. They know the risks to their individual lives but they take the risks because a greater risk to many more must be stopped. There is no escaping our duty whether we try to or not.
     So it boils down to what kind of person are you? That is the person you must decide is worth fighting to keep alive. For myself, I have forgone selfishness and greed in order to maintain an inner peace for myself. Value is weighed in all kinds of different ways but for me value is integrity, respect and above all else good behavior. I have my few commercial items that maintain me within the global family but none of that "pig iron" is more important than any one human being. Although some human beings I have no hope for them becoming decent since they have sold their honor and integrity as a choice.
     Those are the ones we must protest against. The ones who have no compassion nor empathy for anyone other than themselves. When they have power, like what is currently happening, we must all find our courage and make a stand for what is best about our species because this struggle that is beginning as a protest is for the very life of our existence. Make no mistake here, if we don't somehow stop the cruel and brutish nature of our current political leadership, we will find that most all of us won't wake up some morning to the fresh smell of our nation burning to the ground.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Darkest before the dawn? (#2917)

     Unfortunately we are just now heading into the darkness so there will be a time of pain and suffering coming that we have not had to deal with even greater that the last great recession of 8 years past. We will see the chipping away of health care, social security, unemployment, food stamps, women's rights, racial integration, voting rights, access to the Internet... the list goes on and on and when republicans are through they will have done it to all of us, not just we liberal progressives, but conservatives and independents as well.
     The darkness will be horrible and many will perish prematurely from the brutal nature of the republican agenda. The contrast will be the abundance awarded to the wealthy and corporate entities. This will become clear to most all Americans when we realize the loss in our pockets and in our rights within what is left of our democracy. the truth of things will no longer be able to be confused or obfuscated. It is then that we will be primed to change from what our reality is now and to come, to the proper awareness that republicans are just greedy and self serving, not true melting pot Americans.
     In that moment of time we will then be able to unite like never before and undo the past, our present, and begin a new paradigm of American leadership, https://shift.newco.co/https-medium-com-peteleyden-why-trumps-inauguration-is-not-the-beginning-of-an-era-but-the-end-72a86833f0a3. Apparently it is so that we must suffer worse and more brutishly before we can say enough is enough. It is sad that we couldn't just rationally understand this in the logical world without having to live it in the physical world but such is the limited progress of American humanity. The enlightenment of ideas, creativity and modernity is here and will not be denied but how long we Americans allow the denial to persist is the shame we will pass on to our future generations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Where is the supreme court? (#2916)

     The leadership of the court is with the chief justice, John Roberts, and he has been noticeably absent from the public in defining what is law and what is not. While the new administration comes in and is wholesale abolishing ideas and concepts we have established through the democratic process the Robert's court has been silent. It seems that his republican credentials keeps him from being objective, which the court is supposed to be. It is why I keep saying that our democracy is coming to end. The republican party is on a mission to destroy the best of who we are as Americans, practitioners of liberty, justice and equality and there is no one to stop them.
     Because party affiliation is more important to office holders and court appointees than their sacred oath to defend our democratic nation from subversive ulterior motives. Which leads me to conclude that our way of life is about to be torn down from within. Many of us will be left with choices that are demoralizing and disheartening. We did this to ourselves because we believed the lies of the corporate owned media. Because we failed to even show up and vote. Because we are too lazy as a nation to care about the respect and dignity of each other. Because we put the market place first above human dignity.
     There are so many excuses for why we are where we are today, yet we were the ones who were in charge of our destiny. But we abdicated that to others who are not following the path of our best interests, they are following the path of their own best interests. I really don't think we will survive this coming four years and there is no guarantee that the already rigged system to favor republicans won't become even more rigged before 2020. We may well be witnessing the unraveling of our American experiment and not a peep from the leader of our constitution's supposed greatest defender.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I will never consent to the theft of our democracy! (#2915)

     For those of you who are all to willing to make friends with the republican party despite their cavalier efforts to overthrow democratic principles I say shame on you for not standing up and fighting for all of us. Why do some of you think it is okay to let the rapers and pillagers off without fighting back to protect that which is ours, not theirs? Why? Out of some sense of polite and proper civilized acceptance? I for one will never allow the thieves and liars an inch of respect or cooperation. One of us won't survive but not both! This is the time for saving our nation as a democracy and for you who think we should let the will of the republican party have it's way, disgusts me to no end!
     Republicans literally stole this last election and you want to validate them as if they were honorable and noble. They gerrymandered districts so that republicans were assured of victories in the House of Representatives and in the districts they packed all the democrats they made it difficult to register for the vote and to actually vote. Where republicans had control over states they purged voter rolls to benefit republican politicians while subverting individual rights of democratic voting citizens. While the republicans enjoyed the majority on our supreme court they passed laws that benefited wealthy republican donors so that the media could be controlled by republican narratives filled with confusion and lies.
     Those of you who want to now lay to rest the results of this last election without any emotion aimed at how the results were arrived at are cowards of the worst sort. You roll over and let republicans bully you because your fear is too great. Well, your fear is your downfall and if you want what is left of your life you had better find a way to overcome your fear and being known as cowards and stand to fight. America the brave is not so brave after all is it?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yesterday was a magnificent day of national protests (#2914)

     We all should be aware by now that trump is more of a dictatorial mindset than a democratic one. So naturally many of we Americans decided to have protests all over the country aimed at denouncing the disparage to women in our democracy by republicans. To say that it was a rousing success would be to understate it. First and foremost the attendance at these protests were the largest gathering of angry protesters our nation has ever seen, http://www.politicususa.com/2017/01/21/womens-march-biggest-protest-history-estimated-2-4-million-march.html. But even more important is the salve it provided to a majority of our nations voters who were devastated by the election results 2 months ago.
     The degree of goodwill that emanated from these marches was palpable. I felt my hope return that we can salvage the living democracy our nation was founded upon. Despite the denial that republican leadership, especially trump, exhibited in the wake of the rallies, we are being energized by the will to squash the cruel agenda the republican party has planned for our working middle poor class. We will not sit idly by and let them take our dignity and respect. Yesterday's marches was a magnificent shot across the bow of the invaders to democracy wearing republican clothes. There will be no hiding their agenda when so many of us are up in arms ready to fight them.
     The deceptive subtly republicans employed in conning too many of us before the voting will not sail now. We are on to them and their attempts to bully us is now laughable. They are supposed to be our elected representatives yet instead they act like they own us. The worst of the disease of insatiable power has afflicted them and we now have the cure for it. We will stand up and not let them lie, cheat and steal our democracy so that they can rape and pillage our society. Yesterday was a magnificent day and a day no one should forget in the ongoing battle against republicans to destroy our democracy!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The trumpocalypse begins (#2913)

     Trumpocalypse, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=trumpocalypse. There is so much damage trump can do to our democracy and it will be devastating. From losses in our social safety net, many of our liberties, to losses in economic recovery to losses of life and treasure abroad. Our nation's very existence is tenuously in the balance. Sure we have nuclear weapons en mass, but that foretells another loss of our democracy, but that includes annihilation. I am not sure what we can do legally and politically but the republican party has established this nightmare scenario and it will be on them with the help of every democrat to find a way to stop the idiot who now controls the very lives of over 300 million American citizens.
     What massive protests we will have today in Washington D.C., and all across our country, will help serve as a template for our immediate future. We have a president now who won't be swayed by majority public opinion in that he is much like the republican party who have an agenda and despite the cruel and inhumane nature of it. It will be forced upon us regardless of our adamant objection toward it. How have we come so far that our representative government has now become a demanding one? Our democracy is being unraveled by the republican party that wants the power of ruling without the respect of consent.
     Surely they used the system to get elected but only first by gerrymandering, lying and voter suppression. They were skillful in their abilities not to shake the foundation of our society but subtly through our own prejudices and fears. We are in for a soul crushing next four years unless we find the strength to mount such an opposition that the republicans are forced to retreat from their onslaught to make us an oligarchy instead of a our proud tradition of being a democracy. This is no conspiracy theory and if you cannot be convinced that it is happening then you are the enabling primary reason that in four years we will no longer be anything of value for anyone else in the world to aspire to except other dictatorial regimes, that utterly ironically, we as Americans have been fighting against our entire existence.

Friday, January 20, 2017

No remorse, no forgiveness (#2912)

     Let's just set aside the no forgiveness part for a bit and focus on the no remorse part. Having acted badly in my own life I finally had to come to the crossroad where I either changed to a new behavior or old behavior would have ended me. It was at that point where I had lost hope and the will to modify my old behavior in ways that would have helped me stay alive. So it was either all change or let the ride continue down the slope of my ending. There was no reward for my bad behavior and for that I am grateful. If there had been a reward for my bad behavior I wouldn't be here today. So accepting my change and becoming a better human, and the humility that came with it, served as my foundation to try to ameliorate what damage I had already caused.
     The same parallel can be drawn now with our new president. However the difference here is that his bad behavior has rewarded him. In my case I knew I was not going to make it if I didn't change and life would be much harder and more punishing to me for keeping my old behavior. Yet, we Americans have chosen to reward awfully bad behavior with the most noble of jobs in America. Not only will I not accept the outcome as a "good thing" but it is actually an enabling outcome for him. He will take this reward as a sign that his bad behavior is not a bad thing and himself not in any way needing to be remorseful. You do get that right? So now the no forgiveness part.
     For the life of his occupancy in our nations most trusted and honored job, trump will get nothing from me. Absolutely nothing. His bad behavior is not to be rewarded in any way since not only does he not improve his own life and those around him but for the rest of us in this nation we will feel the absurdity and suffering from his leading us as not a leader but as a nasty brutish man who has no moral compass to fall back on. This will be the toughest part of my life and for many the harshest part they ever imagined. I feel sorry for us that overall we were shallow enough as humans to reward criminal behavior with prestige. Well I for one won't forgive him!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The last full day of President Obama (#2911)

     The day has come when you Barack Obama will serve one more wake-up and then be a private citizen again. This is a bit of a special day for me in that nearly 8 years ago, on January 31, 2009, I made my first daily blog post. As a disclaimer, there were 3 days where I didn't make a post but on the next ensuing day of each of those I posted 2, 1 as a makeup and the other as the daily post. but through it all President Obama you were our President. So today is the last full day that I have to post a subject while you, President Obama, are still in office.
     First I want to thank you President Obama for being a pillar of honesty and decency. I cannot say that I agreed with all of your policy positions but I can say that I did agree with most of your policies and above all I fully admire your character to live as an example of grace, strength and dignity. You have showed all of us how to raise children, how to work everyday, and how to care for those who need caring for the most. Your honor to the office of President of the United States is fulfilled with pride and accomplishment. While your own personal educational accomplishments are outstanding and give us the hope that brilliant minds can also be flexible, benevolent and filled with common sense.
     The future comes tomorrow for we Americans and it will not be like the hope for a future we had back on January 20, 2009. Yet we have fresh in our memories what the future should be like and with that knowledge fight back against the forces that would tarnish and taint the gift we have been given over the last 8 years. Well done Barack, you and your family have served our nation as role models that will be lasting and fondly remembered. It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to you as our President but the honor of having been an American citizen under your leadership is one of the proudest times of my life.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enlightenment and modernity are our future (#2910)

     What I like to refer to simply as the "space era". We are ready to lift off our planet more frequently with technology that is incredible and sophisticated. I do believe that this is why republicans are so hell bent to stop us. They are too lazy to learn what it takes to live in a modern society that doesn't have the advantages and privileges their prejudices have become accustomed. They would rather fall back into some bastardized form of religion in order to keep the status quo. But their intransigence notwithstanding, we are going into our space era future despite them.
     Oh they will have their last throes of tantrums in the form of trying to destroy what is left of our great nation but not even their destructive ways will save them from the inevitable force of intelligence. I know I have often been gloomy since our last election but it seems that the American electorate that did not vote to destroy our way of life and even some who did are now focusing on making our voices heard in no subtle way, which has given me a rise in hopeful spirit. The great American electorate, voters and non voters alike, are beginning to awaken to the drama we are about to enter.
     The idea that we would not have some of the modern technologies at our fingertips is startling. As republicans wish to change the rules of our society from freedom to subjugation, all are now realizing the sudden and misguided republican agenda and the vast majority are not approving. The ease of our lives is dependent upon government representatives that work as the voice of it's citizens and not as the masters of them. Yet that is our immediate future with republican control. I have always had faith in our society to do the right thing and although we took several steps back this last election we are now fully becoming aware of it and making plans to stop and move forward again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

With trump coming in it is back to the underground "black" market (#2909)

     What republicans refuse to understand is that Americans cannot survive on minimum wages. There has to be more to pay for the necessities in life. So many if not most will surely revert to making money under the table to avoid having to give toward taxes. They have little to no choice when the incoming administration is all about cutting wages and reducing taxes on the wealthy. The idea that the wealthy need a bigger tax cut while the working poor are getting less is unbelievable to me and has always been so. But that is the republican ideology. Make work hard to find for most and pay them little to do it when they find it.
     Republicans say that cutting taxes on the wealthy will create jobs but for 35 years we have seen no evidence of it. Instead we see evidence of less jobs available because the wealthy with their tax cuts don't need to create and expand industry, manufacturing and retail when they are making more money by paying less in taxes. Republicans do not get it or if they do get it they are lying about it. My best guess it is both, with them knowing and lying as the greater probability. Either way whether they know or don't, they are wrong and we American majority working middle poor class will be the ones punished for it.
     So the "black" market will revive and an underground economy will expand so that although the federal republican administration will do it's harm, the black market will help to offset it. All the while the federal and state governments will receive less in revenue creating shortfalls in funds needed for necessary public programs. That seems to be the logical progression of the strategy of republicans, which will entail the killing off of the weakest among us as the price. Such a harsh and brutish fate we face and it is because the ignorant majority among us refuses to believe that being good and having public programs that benefit all of society is better than a survival of the fittest paradigm. We are a sad lot here in America!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Prayer is no excuse to justify inaction (#2908)

     Let me first tell you that I am not a believer in any religion. None! So it is with that mindset that I write this. I see so many folks saying that they will pray for some situation or some person and then act as if they had done something of a tangible value. Like take credit when the circumstance or situation is resolved in some positive way or even take credit for a disappointment by saying that they prayed and should get some credit for it despite the negative outcome. Prayer to me is a cop out for the most part. I am no perfect soul so I can't say prayer works or doesn't work but I can comment on the people who use prayer as a way to do nothing.
     Inaction is not served by making excuses or offering nothing of tangible value. Like seeing a homeless person without some obviously necessary thing while you have many such things but pass them by. Justifying your inaction with a prayer for them. It is nonsense to me that if a real need is there and you have enough to help and you don't, then your hypocritical prayers are only a salve on your own selfishness. I have seen so much despair and suffering in my lifetime that the idea of some deity listening and answering prayers is in the realm of fairy tales. The only way I know how to help those who are in despair and suffering is to actually help them in tangible ways like giving of myself or sharing what little abundance I have.
     Funny isn't it that a guy like me, who doesn't buy into any religion, practices goodwill and benevolence far more that those who claim to be religious. The stench of it makes me wonder just what kind of person goes to church every week yet treats others with contempt and condescension? Although offering a prayer is sufficient in their minds but not anything else of real value. I have no problem with those who have a spiritual sense to them but if they are not living with that sense as their main guide to life then their religion is just as hollow as their prayers.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Everyone of us is who we are deep down inside (#2907)

     I was making this point yesterday for the reason why we care that all have something instead of just some. The old saying of "A conservative says, "if it hasn't happened to me, I don't care." A liberal says "this should never happen to anyone, and that's why I care." sort of explains it but not to the heart of it. Where the heart of it is in that we are instinctual beings. I claim that we have two dominant traits, compassion and curiosity. In these two instinctual traits lie all the goodness and ability that we possess. This is who we are, simply put, caring and curious. All things come from these or the lack of them. When we have no compassion is when we are brutish, mean and nasty. When we have no curiosity we are dull and taken with the ruthless game of advantage and privilege in it's place.
     So when we look deep inside ourselves we know who we are. We remember the goodness that was so kind and welcoming. We remember the care that others gave us when we couldn't care for ourselves, and we remember the opportunity to learn from others so that we could understand more about the world we live on and the space surrounding our world. That is who we are, not the chaser of who can be the best or worst toward success. Success is an illusion that although has some advantages and privileges, but remember, those advantages and privileges must be bought and sold with a caveat, not freely given.
     Life is a funny little thing and understanding how to live with who we are is of greater priority then to exist in society doing what others do regardless of the honor and nobility of our species. We are not the part of some machine that grinds despite our first objections, and then resignation. We are a microcosm of our own lives and those of us who would rather live our lives with care and wonder are the shining example of a better age. I know who I am deep down inside and never for a second or more of my life will I ever betray the life I am so honored to live.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taxation without representation (#2906)

     The incoming excuse for a president suggested that states that voted for him would receive special attention from him in the form of jobs, security and services, https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2017/live-updates/trump-white-house/confirmation-hearings-trump-speaks-and-vote-a-rama-analysis-and-updates/trump-suggests-states-that-voted-for-him-will-get-special-attention/?utm_term=.9a7fc7853f84. We all pay into the federal tax system and those of us here in California, which rank 46th overall out of 50 states in federal dependency, with 1 being the most dependent, https://wallethub.com/edu/states-most-least-dependent-on-the-federal-government/2700/#methodology, and are a deep blue state that did not vote for Trump are asking ourselves since we are already a donor state in the terms of paying more in federal taxes per dollar than we receive back in benefits and are now going to be targeted even further for not voting for Trump?
     The worm is about to turn and we Americans who are being disadvantaged because of our vote is enough to take notice that our representation is not equal nor cared about. Taxation without representation comes to mind and in that sense we are heading right back to why we even had a revolution to begin with. Although Great Britain was our instigator it now seems that the republican party and it's leaders have taken Great Britain's role. The cause is irrelevant when the effect is the same. I know I will not tolerate being treated any less like any one else in America.
     So here we are at a crossroads with a heavy decision to make. Will we allow a far less than majority voted for president and his gerrymandered and vote suppressing political party treat us as objects instead of humans? I say no we won't and the actions going forward should be to gird ourselves for a confrontation that we must never stand down from. If we do not protect our line in the sand then no one else will and we will surely become fodder for the cowards that think they are alpha.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The unraveling of America (#2905)

     When the worst of us is in charge of all of us nothing much good can be expected. Therefore it is with some resignation that I have to conclude that we are all going to feel some awful consequences. Some much more than others since it will be the working middle poor class that is hit hardest. The compassion in our society is drying up and instead in it's place is an arrogance that flaunts it's wealth while dismissing it's effect on everyone else. The next 4 years are going to be the unraveling of what was left good about our society. What honor and trust that was there will be eroded by the narcissism of privilege and advantage.
     When I first understood that on election night the republicans were going to win, I was already in "I am out of here mode". I still want to go somewhere where a society is about all the people and not just about the wealthy but I know I must stay here and be a voice of opposition and recorder of the coming awfulness so that if America does survive the next 4 years we may be ready to finally end the republican party like we should have last year. It will be to our eternal disgrace that we didn't and the proof of that is about to show itself. We did this to ourselves by not working harder to make everyone understand just how terrible republican politics would be to our society.
     There were many forces aligned against us and for now they are the victors but if our democracy survives we will have an opportunity to reverse what is about to happen and then begin again to rebuild a society that can warrant freedom, liberty, community, justice and equality of opportunity as true motto's of our land. However, I am not hopeful our society will survive to keep democracy in it's mind and heart. The forces that would destroy democracy are in control and they plan to wield a heavy ax on the neck of our future and they will surely slip the knife between the ribs of our dreams.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alcohol, the great confuser! (#2904)

     It seems that alcohol's greatest achievement is to keep us from focusing on what we need to do as a society. Not only does it take us from our sharp mental state but it allows us to live as if we are not really here. Another thing it does is make us feel less than worthy when we do over indulge and many times leads us to a life that is shameful and demeaning. In the bigger picture, alcohol is keeping us from our rights. It is an appeaser of anger in that it transfers our attentions from what is really important, such as our political and economical life to a mindset "oh well". For many it is the escape from the immediate hell of reality that is only getting worse.
     It really is a gateway drug in that it diverts our attention toward it and it's supplications, such as sports, instead of our politics, where our democracy is being ripped apart by the wealthiest and greediest republican political party ever seen in 240 years our nation. While many are getting a buzz and rooting hard for sports teams, brutish politicians from the republican party are dismantling any and all social programs as quickly as they can. So while our attentions are on sporting events they are swiftly taking from us and giving to the wealthiest. It is happening as I write this and will continue to happen because we are too busy drinking the next can of beer or the next shot of whiskey.
     When history writes of this era, if there is a human future, it will show that we masses were sedated with strong drink while the foxes tore asunder the hen house. We humans are literally on the brink of extinction and we are too busy buying another round of alcohol to notice. We Americans deserve this since we lost track of our courage and succumbed to being inebriated cowards who are being led to the slaughter by ignorant feverish fools who can only see the profit of wealth as their end game. The end game will come for them but it won't be more wealth, it will be the end of the American experiment!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Republicans suppress voter turnout and will never get my support (#2903)

     This is not some baseless claim. It has happened and continues to happen where republicans control the political power in too many states. The aim is clear. https://thinkprogress.org/study-finds-republican-voter-suppression-is-even-more-effective-than-you-think-3b2562ae2f52#.xjop9y2ys. They know their policies are not suited for the American working middle poor class, which is the majority of voting Americans, so they work to make voting hard for we folks. Now some republican voters are caught in their traps but mostly it is democratic voters who are denied their franchise of voting. Through strict identification laws that make it difficult for minorities, the elderly, students and the poor to acquire the "valid" identification republican lawmakers have made necessary to prove that the one voting is the one who's name is on the voting rolls. there have only been a handful of voter fraud cases brought up over the last several decades, http://mediamatters.org/blog/2014/08/07/31-in-a-billion-election-expRerts-report-shatter/200359.
     Republicans do not hide that they are trying to obstruct voting for those they deem not American. They argue that there are too many who could be gaming the voting system. How ironic, since it is republicans who are gaming the voting system by deny upwards of millions of citizens of their right to vote, http://www.rightwingwatch.org/report/the-right-to-vote-under-attack-the-campaign-to-keep-millions-of-americans-from-the-ballot-box/. What we are facing here is the republican party doing all it can to deny democracy to American citizens. So when their candidates are elected they are elected by a system they have rigged. I will not tolerate such acts of treachery and for those who say we should get behind the winning candidates I say to them that they are cowards for letting the cheaters prosper.
     Republicans cheat, lie about it, and steal our right to a free and open election. They are cowards who are trying to deny our liberty to vote in our democracy. What will we do about this? Shall we fight against them and make them pay a price worthy of their treachery? Or will we cower in the dark afraid that they may harm us even more. Ashamed is what we should be for allowing them to do this and the only way to stop the shame is to stop the republican party.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The necessity of holding to our valued principles (#2902)

     There is a greater ideal at stake here. Much larger than my emotional needs and economic progress. Who I am inside of me is what I strive to be at all times and although I am human and prone to weaknesses and temptations, I must not lose sight of what makes me tick. There is no momentary advantage or desire that is greater than me sticking with my principles. That is why I will never normalize that which is less than honorable. I will not bow to the lesser of better and best. It is how I am made. I do not accept that which others acquiesce to. I do not accept that which harms or punishes for the sake of punishing or some other nefarious selfishness. I will not tolerate ignorance nor it's defenders.
      "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country".-Nathan Hale, says it best when faced with the ultimate sacrifice. These are not just words for me, they have life in them. I will not allow myself to stand by and let the lesser destroy that which is good. I hope to be able to have the same courage as Nathan if ever I am faced with his choice. But I know I won't follow his lead if I don't cherish the same valued principles that he did. If I am not a hero inside my soul I won't be a hero outside my flesh. The foundation I have within me can never be given away or taken unless I allow it. So when the troubling times come I must be prepared to stand tall and fight hard with all I have so that who I am is justified in being.
     I don't know what happens after death and I don't know what happens before life. I don't even know a scintilla of the knowledge that is available here while my life is in existence. Yet I do know one thing for absolute certainty. I am who I am and if I am going to be who I am then I must live as who I am. I can only do that by not wavering or compromising on my valued principles. Honor, justice, ethics... are but a few, but all things that do no harm and actually increase the better and best of who we are. I will live life on my terms regardless of how others would shackle and control me.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Little donnie cries foul because he's an ass! (#2901)

     Isn't it an upside down world when the one who is causing all the harm is mad because no one likes him? How utterly out of touch does one have to be in order to miss the irony? We have such a mad person upset because he is making most of us struggle even harder against the forces of great wealth accumulation. Is it too much to ask that we be allowed our anguish when we are being harmed? Are we so insignificant that we are not allowed to protest our objections to being crushed by those who wish to take our democracy from us? Are we considered not as human beings with tremendous potential and instead as burdens for the power hungry patriarchal who would dismiss us without a by your leave? Apparently so and while we are being condescended to we are to accept it with a hallelujah!
     I am still dumbstruck by the outcome of our last election and for the life of all that is logical cannot yet come to grips with the thinking that allowed it. My mind will not let me consider such harsh and brutish scenarios as I am an enlightened man who believes that science and the sheer force of will can overcome any problem that confronts us. Yet here we are in this vacuum of an existence that has a man/child now as our leader and his angry, other hating political party in power. The sense of privilege and advantage that I disdain is now the normal, not the exception. The arrogance required to dismiss the will of a majority of American voters is enormous and quite beyond my own understanding as to it's depth.
     So when little donnie cries foul because we are not worshiping his brutality toward us I can only think to say to hell with him and all that he surrounds himself with. I broker no peace with those who only wish that we have less opportunity while thanking him for it. His admonishment of us who dare to call him out for his injustice will be amply rebutted by we the many as long as he continues to think that his narcissistic illusions will be obeyed. His tantrums will no doubt be the legacy of his presidency and our response to them must be legendary.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The resistance is mounting (#2900)

     When Trump becomes president will be the first day of our actual resistance for the next 4 years. January 20th will mark the date and all effort to stymie and ignore the man/child in the White House will begin. There is little we can do as progressive liberals to thwart what is coming but for sure we must resist with all our might. Nothing should come easy to these democracy crushing cowards who now fill the highest seats in public office here in America. All of us will be adversely affected, except the wealthy, by the incoming cabal of racists, misogynists, traitorous and condescending would be demigods and their agenda to make America into a world not unlike the Germany of World War II.
     We have no other choice. We are at the mercy of a man/child who acts and behaves like a grammar school bully. It is beyond hope that after his 70 years on the planet of being who he is that he will somehow miraculously change and become a reasonable statesman. So we must face the fact that those in his party who want more control over our economy and social lives to profit the wealthy and reckless will succeed. We are about to find out what it is like to have little to no hope for a better future even if we are willing to sell our souls to the worst of who we could be. I am not one who will succumb to my animal self that I have tamed and changed into a civilized intelligent person, but surely others will because they are weaker and more prone to fear than many of us.
     Regardless of those who do join up with Trump because they are weak and afraid, the rest of us must never legitimize him, his party nor his policies. The very balance of us even having an election in four years is now in jeopardy and if we don't stay strong against him we will soon find that republicans will maneuver our democracy from free and open to pay for and closed. Don't doubt me as conservative majority supreme court decisions like Citizen's United and McCutcheon are just the beginning to making our elections a pay for play. Do not sit this out liberal progressives, your actual necks may be on the line.