Saturday, April 22, 2017

A species at war with itself (#3004)

     If there is one thing only that I have learned in life it is that I will never stop fighting for what is right for all of us instead of just for some of us. The reason for my relentless effort with all my soul is that I have seen first hand how it is possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Even when it is most probable that defeat is at hand if I never give up, I have noticed I come out ahead of defeat more often than not. Our will to succeed when backed by the most honorable and noble aspects of human nature are the most powerful force in the Universe when it comes to our species. We are an amazing species but at the same time we are a nefarious one as well. Not in equivalency but often enough to make our lives miserable.
     So we are a species at war with ourselves and the battle is ongoing and extremely harmful. The republican party has taken on the mantle of anti-human to the extent that they are willing to segregate the rest of us and make us less than they themselves. That too many do not see this yet is part of why we cannot have a clear battle over our destiny. But with a never ending fortitude based upon the best of who we are we can prevail as well as enlighten. But when the we are losing the battle much like what happened on November 8, 2016, we must take care to deny the controversial victors any defeat they may see in our eyes. Instead when they look in our eyes they will see the power of our will to put them back down into the irrelevancy they so deserve.
     I fought to survive in this world all of my life and if there is any chance I can help to change it's reality then I will never stop trying. I owe that to those who come behind me to make my world stronger and better so that they can do the same for their next generations of human souls. We are all one species and if we cannot nor will not accept that then those who cannot nor will not must be put to a change or an end if that is what is comes to. I will not accept the worst of who we are yet I will not accept defeat as a solution either so I am left with only one option. To fight all of my life for those right and good best natures of ours. Fighting for honor and noble intent is a glorious life anyway. It is just too bad that we have to do it to keep the worst of who we are from denying the best of who we are. A species at war with itself is not natural, it is contrary to what an enlightened species holds dear.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Will our species crush our own intelligence? (#3003)

     We have seen behind the curtain but will we pull the curtain back into place. Apparently we human beings are not big on courage. We tend to be more reserved and look for comfort when it suits our own perspectives. In other words, we are less brave than more. Which is why since the late 1300's, the beginning of the enlightenment, we are hitting a wall now in the early 2000's.More than 600 years of progress toward modernization and an evolution of thinking creatively and innovatively is now in danger of ceasing as a rule. The general sense that we are not ready for more enlightenment is upon us. Given that we elect to public office here in America the republican sorts who would take us back to times where advantage and privilege dominated is my evidence.
     As well the current republican president is cutting funding for science based policies that have fueled our advancing enlightenment to this point. An abrupt end to the idea that there is no boundary we cannot overcome is now our demoralizing goal. Attempting to end the manifest destiny our species has been moving toward since the early scientists of the enlightenment. To conquer the unknown with our minds and our will. This happened before if you recall when the early Mesopotamian civilizations and early Greeks were starting their path toward enlightenment. An end came to them and the for many centuries afterward our species were cast into the Dark ages. So for us to be heading backward now is not new but is very unsettling given that we had come right to the threshold of mighty achievements before republicans gained control of our nation.
     It will be seen how this all plays out but the die is cast and the battle is upon to us reconcile our place in history. Will this be the end for intelligence or will intelligence help us save us from our worst selves? The worst part is that when enlightenment lost out in our past there were no nuclear weapons that could end our species for good. We are vulnerable to that now and as intelligent forces fight to keep enlightenment alive, will we be annihilated by the fear of the ignorant? Instead of improving our society so that there is less stress in being alive we are instead ready to destroy it so that we can become less than critical thinkers. We Americans who believe in the enlightenment of all will fight hard to keep our intellectual capabilities at our forefront but we are surely aware how tenuous that effort is under the current angry ignorant obstruction of the republican party.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The fear that drives the ignorance and cowardice of America (#3002)

     Unlike the individual citizen states people of the first democracies, we Americans are not worthy of being in their company. Not only did they realize that their own objective knowledge and understanding were important but just as important were their commitment to the whole of society. A dual responsibility to not only themselves but to the greater good. Which required sacrifices among the individual in order to make the whole stronger and more vital. We don't have that here in America. Instead we have too many who see their individual strengths and power as more important than the whole of society. In fact they disdain the idea of a society that would work to strengthen the whole.
     How far we have fallen from the initial intent of our founding to understand that all people are created equal. The concept of which is being played out in our society as the republican party quashes the idea of it's inception. Our founders created a democracy that would be the envy of the world and stretched the imagination of so many who ultimately sought, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within a structure that evolved to grant that ability equally to all. We are now at a moment in time where the idea of capturing the hope and wishes of all born to this planet are instead being crushed. Nothing has ever come easy to modernizing and improving our society in all facets of it but we had not before in our history ever stopped working to make this world better for our children from what was given to us.
     All of that changed however on November 8th, 2016. We went from a progressing society to a stagnant one overnight. Now since that infamous date we are actually regressing. From making our world better for the victims we are now rewarding the robbers. It is as if Alice's Wonderland is now the rule and reality is the exception. Our devious mad hatter trump is trying to redefine what democracy is through an alternative explanation. The concept of up is down is his philosophy and those who do not agree with him are losers and haters who lie because they tell the truth. How have we Americans become the stooges instead of individual statesmen? It is because we fear as a rule and embrace ignorance as comforting. We did not earn our democracy we were given it and obviously we are incapable of the honor of not only protecting it but improving it as well.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hollow words and cowardly acts (#3001)

     All things trump. He hasn't killed us all yet so just maybe we can find a way to survive the morally compromised man child for another 3 months and then maybe even longer after that. I am not optimistic here but I am highly cynical of him and therefore might be biased toward total destruction as our future. I am kind of chuckling to myself since I am supposedly the Man of Hope but sorry, when it comes to trump and republicans in general, my hope dissipates into defeat. I am in absolute shame for what our nation has become. I had always thought that the better angels of our natures would always prevail and that if we had a spell with wrong and harmful thoughts it would have been broken by our will to uphold noble and honorable ideals despite our momentary failings.
     Yet when the opportunity for us to seize the brightest future for ourselves, our children and the rest of the world presented itself, we fell flat on our faces with a whimper. It was one of the most soul crushing moments in the history of our nation. How we could allow the worst of our natures to defeat the best of our natures is never going to be explained to me in any way that justifies the occurrence. I can draw this conclusion though and it is not pretty. We as a nation have failed in our duty to make the world better. We have instead set out on a course that actually makes our world worse. Furthermore we are now in a period of time where our future as a species is less tenable than ever before.
     If we survive this current real life nightmare we will hopefully safeguard against anything like this ever happening again. But the cost to us as a nation is a self inflicted wound of which is paramount. We have set back our goals of being a leader in intelligence and imagination an incalculable amount. We have abdicated the title of leader of the free world for no other reason that the greed, power and dishonesty of a handful of wealthy Americans who never learned to live the ideals of democracy. I never thought I would see this day and it's awkward shameful existence but I cannot hide nor deny that we as a nation have failed ourselves and the world on whole. Shame on us and shame on those republicans who lead us here!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another milestone posting (#3000)

     And yet the same old topic of how republicans want to destroy the working middle poor class is presented. I have a duty to myself to write about those things that are heavy on my mind for the most part and this time we are living in is a perfect real life example of how our democracy being dismantled so that the distorted evangelical types and the wealthy can control what is left of our great society. We owe this to ourselves because we were not vigilant enough to understand the boiling frog analogy. Let me explain it again about the frog. When a frog sits in cool water he is fine and has no urgency to leave. But if you slowly boil the water the frog doesn't notice that the water is incrementally getting warmer until it is boiling and by then it is too late for the frog to do anything about it.
     Metaphorically, that is what is happening to our American society. We have had our democratic rights slowly chipped away while we sat and did nothing and now we are ripe for being used by those Americans, like the republican party and their donors, who don't hold to democratic ideals, Not only don't they hold to democratic ideals as such but they don't hold to ethics and morals like any normal American citizen would. But our society has continued to let them have their way by not informing ourselves as to the true meaning of their agenda. We just go about our business trusting that all Americans have the best interest of our society at heart regardless of the policies that prove otherwise. We are the frog sitting content in what we initially knew was cool water and have not paid attention to the fact that it is now boiling.
    So although I celebrate my 3000th posting today I am not happy or in a celebratory mood. I am still writing about how the republican party is destroying our nation, our democracy and our constitution while little to no attention is given to those facts. I am but one man who has been determined to write about the injustice and may I even say, the treason of it all and yet here we keep going down the ruinous path with little care. As I am getting older and it is getting harder for me to fight on behalf of all of us I am still of some utility and it is here with my little insignificant blog. I will not stop until I am stopped or I expire so that the forces that are tearing down our nation will have an to answer to the truths that are not going quietly into the night!

Monday, April 17, 2017

We lost our way (#2999)

     The only generation I can speak to with any authority is my own. those of us who protested against the Vietnam war, whether were were part of it or not. We knew it was wrong what we were doing there and in hindsight we find that republicans elongated the conflict so as to get themselves elected ala dick nixon. But we knew it was wrong and we stood up and declared it with a ferocity! Well that conflict ended finally in 1975 it was because we turned the tide of opinion from it being an acceptable consequence of some less than logical domino effect. Well it seems that after that my generation became less than engaged in changing the world and more engaged in profiting from it. We sold our anger at injustice for the shinny objects of unfettered capitalism.
     I sit here and wonder what the hell happened to this great movement we had in the 1960's that forever changed the dynamic of American society. It's promise of change from the bottom up slipped through our fingers and the magic we brought about dissipated with our lack of focus. Today I see the same ones who would have back then protested to high heaven for the rights they are now allowing to be taken away with nothing more than a shrug. What happened to us? Did we decide that making money and getting power was more important than all of us? Did we decide that if we weren't greedy and selfish like others we would be left behind with nothing more than our principles? Something caused us to fade into oblivion and it is to our eternal shame.
     Well I for one am no lackey who has sold his vision for our great nation for a handful of whatever! I haven't lost my motivation to stand tall against not only treason and tyranny but against those who would take our rights from some and give them to others. This is our democracy and if we do not find our will to look deep within ourselves and find our real value then we are about to lose it without much of a fight at all. For every soul who has ever fought in any war due to patriotism and honor I have this to say about that. You didn't sacrifice for nothing because there are still some of us who remember who we are and what we need to do to honor your and our right to a great democracy that not only has at it's heart all of us but to be an example to the rest of the world to follow!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cowards like trump will only kill us and or embarrass us (#2998)

     When our national leader is no leader at all we must accept that we are in the hands of someone who would rather run from a legitimate fight than actually engage in one. He, trump, has shown little of noble principle worth fighting for anyway so none of what I am saying here is a stretch to imagine. With all the "talk" trump is displaying we can be assured that someone will take his challenges to heart and make trump choose his next act. If trump decides he can hide behind our military then surely he will do that in order to save face. But the consequences of that will likely lead to the death of our military personnel and other collateral damage. Like all bullies who are fearful of courage, he will choose whatever action protects him first and the rest of us based upon our utility to him.
     More likely he will be forced to back down on the world stage with everyone watching with some lame excuse that he made whomever forced his hand to accommodate some unseen demand he says was met. But the world is watching and so are we and he will not be able to hide behind the courts or public opinion of his "alternative" facts. Let me be perfectly clear, trump has shown his cowardice with his multiple questionable military deferments in his youth to avoid Vietnam, He has gone out of his way to disparage those who have defended our nation on many occasions. It is as if he sees himself as better or above the duty of every American to defend our nation from the nefarious perils of the world. He is a chicken hawk who hides from a fight but will commit you and I to fight on his behalf.
     The worst of our fears is realized with trump as president. He is a coward who is an arrogant asshole! He will put many of us in harms way and cause a great amount of suffering and death if he is allowed to serve as commander and chief for his full term. I have no doubt that in time we will find that trump secured the presidency with the foreign help of our greatest adversary, selling out America for his own personal gain. We will also surely find out that the republican party has sold it's soul to trump in order to hold onto it's majority power. Both have little to no ethics or honor when it comes to putting America first. We have seen it numerous times when given the opportunity to help all Americans trump and republicans choose only to help the wealthy and themselves. I hope we all survive this chaotic time engineered by those who are cowards and thieves.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Once you get past fearing death you can live life in courage (#2997)

     Fear, the most persuasive feeling and mindset known to humanity arguably outside of love. I have experienced it's influence on me numerous times in my life and the actions and behaviors I displayed because of it is a life long shame on me. Now, for the most part, I am stronger than fear and swat it away with some effort, yet other times, especially when I was in my drinking and recreational drugging days I found I had little strength to summon my courage to defeat fear. Well I have put aside the drinking and recreational drugging and consigned it to my past and the effect it had on stifling my courage has equally dissipated. So the only thing left for me to banish most all of fear from my life was to become more educated.
     As I grew in knowledge my acceptance of things like superstition, mores, traditions and myths as well equally dissipated. I became the master of my own life based upon logic, critical thinking with an appropriate amount of common sense and intuition in the mix. Fear is now something like my childhood, consigned to memories of how I evolved. I still fear when danger is imminent like we all should but not the kind of fear that forces me into freezing and inaction or the kind of fear that allows me to be bullied into accepting something I know in my mind and heart isn't right. I live my life on my terms and if there is an example I strive to emulate just think of how an ideal strong intelligent ethical person might think and react.
     My courage now leads me through whatever is in my present and future. I live like I am worthy of being alive every second of every day. In fact I even think of myself as a humble person who only wants to do unto others as I would hope others do unto me. My courage is not arrogant, it is peaceful and happy. Life is hard enough without me being part of the hard so I choose to be alive in the good things of life and not part of what is wrong with life. That is the freedom I have since I put fear down where it belongs and live how I know is best about me. I have the courage to stand tall against the face of wrong and harm. I care only to defend what is right and good and that is my religion if one was to subscribe one to me. We all have our life journey's to live so what will your life journey tell us about you?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Double check your sources (#2996)

     I just called out a supposed democrat for posting a link that is run by republicans slamming the democratic party. Not only run by republicans but by the son in law of trump! Yet this supposed democrat didn't seem to bother to check his own link before spreading it's lies as fact. I told him on the post what the link was and told him to get off my Facebook page. We will see what his response is. If he chooses to apologize and delete the crap he has spread then fine he can stay but if he does nothing or argues one fucking word back at me I will delete him myself. I have zero tolerance for those who especially call themselves democrats who make no effort to fact check their posts. I am not perfect and at times have been so rushed that I have made some mistakes in posting articles but I always apologize and delete the material when wrong.
     I am not perfect and no one else is either which is why I give all a chance to correct mistakes when able. But those who wish to keep their ego's intact at the expense of truth will find nothing to do with me any longer. It is hard enough out there with fake news and propaganda from the republicans that we should not allow ourselves to be too lazy in keeping truth at the forefront. This is how republicans operate. They have no citizenry majority so they divide and conquer us to keep their public offices. We may well have some troubling problems within our big democratic tent but in comparison to what republicans do to us when they have power those problems we have are more insignificant than major. So bashing ourselves with republican propaganda is not only of disservice it works to destroy what difficult task we have in weathering the current anti working middle poor class republican administration.
     With the Internet still an open highway for most of us we have to utilize it to make sure that what we post on our pages and in our blogs is not only factual but aimed at exposing the republican party for the ulterior motive it tries to hide even from it's own supporters. Let us stay vigilant and resistant as much as possible while spreading truths and facts as our evidence for liberal and progressive policies being in our nation's best interest, not republican attack pieces that are aimed at dividing us while tempting us with false facts and opinions calculated to divide us.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The republican war against the working middle poor class is happening! (#2995)

     I know for most of you trump voters this is a price you are willing to pay even when some of you finally realize this is what is happening. Most have no idea that trump is a liar who only riled up his supporters through hyperbole and rhetoric he had no intention of following. He wanted to win so badly that he either helped or turned a blind eye toward the Russians as they lied to American citizens about his opponent. Now that his unlikely nefarious strategy worked against a duped American electorate he and his nasty brutish republican controlled Congress can now really start to make attacks against the working middle poor class with little impunity.
      Although he and his acolytes have faced an effective backlash for their initial round of policy destroying legislation, they will adapt to thwart even our protestations and resistance. As more and more of our rights are whittled away we will find that even if we protest we will suffer a pain for it. Recently trump has said that he will withhold subsidies to the states for Obamacare unless democrats help him destroy Obamacare. He couldn't get his own party to dismantle our successful health care system with a majority to do it so now he wants those of us who helped create Obamacare to do his dirty work,
     So if I am understanding this correctly, trump wants us to help him destroy Obamacare/medicare/medicaid, the working middle poor class program that is saving countless lives, or he will destroy it himself if he can. I can only sit back and scratch my head and wonder what the hell is wrong with this sad excuse for a human being. We will not take part and collude with him to take health care away from anyone and if he wants to somehow destroy health care for millions then he can do it by himself and shoulder the blame. I will not hesitate to say that we have a really inhumane slow witted person as our current president and the sooner we can kick his ass completely out of the White House door and begin to add more democrats to Congress the better we will all be in what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How low can America go? (#2994)

     The special congressional house election in Kansas yesterday in a republican dominated district was won by the republican with a margin of 6.8%. Although republicans have a 2 to 1 registration advantage only winning by 6.8% of the vote tells us that the republican brand is not healthy. Yet with the obvious harmful policies republicans propose they still win with their base. I have to ask myself how low will America go before it realizes that voting for party over country is never the correct perspective. How bad does it have to get before the stubborn republican voters realize that they are being duped? I live here in America and have always thought that we were an enlightened society but that thought is no longer.
     We are not an enlightened society we are more dense than learned. For the life of me I cannot fathom how anyone can go through life without being aware that how we treat ourselves is how we should treat others. It is a fundamental and core principle to treat others as we wish to be treated, yet even the supposed evangelical base in our country is more pharisee than christian. So on we go toward our own destruction by not facing reality with facts instead of talking point fiction. When we as a nation do hit that crossroads where death and realization fork, I wonder which road we will take? In my own mind I had never considered that we wouldn't do the tight thing but my mind's vision of an absolute is now in question.
     Each time I see another republican voted into public office I cringe and feel the sting of another of the hundreds of paper cuts we Americans continue to inflict upon ourselves. What we are doing is performing a suicide by not allowing ourselves to behave with dignity and respect. We are killing ourselves and I wonder when any therapy will be enough to save us! All I can do is fight against the death tide that is about to sweep us away and hope that enough of us stop believing in the fear and despair that republicans are trying mightily to sell us. We are not confined to being dense. We have the choice to break out from the maniacal republicans who keep winning elections in order to keep our death knell intact.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The great mobilizations against the trumps (#2993)

     There is only one option the rest of us have to thwart the society destroying will of the trumps and that is to spring out at them with protest and resistance, the louder and harder the better. 2018 is just around the corner and we the masses against the trumps have the ability to reverse republican majorities everywhere except in the US Supreme Court. Unfortunately now we are stuck with that for the foreseeable future. But Congress is ripe for throwing out republican politicians. Given the republican insistence on protecting trump at any cost we democrats should be able to mobilize our voting block into a clear distinct advantage.
     There will be no more hiding for republicans pretending to be a friend of the working middle poor class. Their policies are about destroying any and all federal and state policies that help the working middle poor class continue to recover from the great recession caused under the previous republican president. The advantage republicans had here to strengthen health care, improve social security, strengthen civil rights and reverse harm to our planet cannot be covered up when their legislation and executive orders want to make these programs and our planet disappear. The intent of the republican party will be obvious and no amount of dark shadow money from corporations and wealthy individuals will be able to mask the republican hateful agenda.
     The more the rest of us working middle poor class who demonstrate and resist these efforts to destroy working middle poor class programs the more we build up our momentum to topple the comfortable margins in Congress that republicans now manipulate. We must do all we can as well to keep our war mongering draft dodging president from starting world war 3. He doesn't care much about soldiers and veterans as we have already seen and him using our military to satisfy his ego driven agenda to kill his mounting adversaries is well within his mindset. It is also not a stretch to know that he will sacrifice our troops without much after thought if he can claim some delusional victory. I cannot believe we are at this point but the shock is wearing off and the reality is setting in that we must stay strong with our voices and our minds to defray any and all attacks from our current government against our own society and the world at large.

Monday, April 10, 2017

There is no accountability (#2992)

     How can I say that there is no accountability? Easily enough, we elected a carnival barker to lead us and he has rarely said anything factual. Yet the media continues to treat him deferentially and the investigations into his illicit practices have been effectively dismantled by him. There is still the FBI probe but it seems the longer it takes to gather it's evidence the further we get away from that evidence ever seeing the light of day. To me it seems so inevitable that the carnival barker will be the new reality and no amount of independent journalism will be able to over shadow the corporate media's ability to control the narrative that they want to dominate.
     So as we enter into a new phase of alternative reality as our priority. The logic and common sense previously held as the foundation of our society is being diminished as less than relevant. Having to accept that we will be in for an uprooting of all the values we held as American democracy, such as equality of opportunity and justice being blind and fairness the hallmark of maintaining order, will be difficult but necessary since we have no other course to follow that will unite us in opposition to it. I say that with a heavy heart since I am a battler and having to let go of the fight against the worst of our natures leading our destruction is still unfathomable to me.
     Unless and until some form of accountability is proven we are destined to only have our wills to resist as our last line of defense. How our lives will be affected is going to be harsh and when it gets harsh it will get even worse. That is the nature of not stopping the worst of who we are, we will keep finding new lows to be shoved into. The time to stop the trumps is now and if we wait any longer we won't have the necessary force to push back. The big problem is that the media as it is now is starting to normalize the trumps instead of standing up for the real truth of things and not the alternative truths trumps would have us swallow.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hate and division, the American death knell (#2991)

     From a promising future on November 7th to a disaster of a future on November 8th, we Americans are facing a calamity. Somehow with nearly 3 million less votes than the republican's opponent, the republican candidate won and now republicans control the executive, legislative and as of tomorrow, the judicial branch of our federal government. It is what nightmares are made of when considering their agenda. From the start of the republican administration and congress majority, there have been many executive orders rescinding protections for our workforce, women and our planet. Congress has passed bills to reduce health care for millions and give more tax breaks for the wealthiest among us. The idea of a nation working to improve life for all of it's citizens died on that mournful day on November 8th, 20116.
     Instead the wealthy and the hateful have gotten a boost from this current republican leadership. While the rest of us have been over looked and even demonized for our right to live our lives as individuals different from the theological vision republicans demand. Although our national constitution states in the First Amendment that we are to be free of any religion if we choose it is now not a choice when the representatives of hate that represent the republican party legislate a religion as law. The fear that must be tempering below the surface of their archaic ideology must be enormous and when you here me call them cowards it is because of this that I do.
     Now republicans have written a national budget that cuts programs that help discarded Americans come into the mainstream of life and instead allocates more money to war profiteering for saber rattling and attacking overseas. On November 8th when I knew the outcome of our election, I knew we as a nation were heading for a crossroads that could and would be our last crossroads together. The hate that drives the republican party and now America at the national level is intense and it seeks it's vengeance on a world that does not conform to their vision for the future. A mighty struggle is already underway here to cut off the legs of this current presidential administration based upon law but will it deliver it's success in time to stop the madness that is currently hurling us into a global conflict the likes of which out planet has never witnessed?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The arrogance of not admitting ignorance (#2990)

     I have definitely noticed that arrogance and ignorance are, for the most part, tied at the hip. I can use examples of people I know who despite all evidence and personal harm to themselves will not admit there is another way of looking at things so much that they become violent to protect their misguided understandings. Now I am no expert in anything as I see it but I can follow logic and the conclusions that come from logic. There is the difference between those like me and those who will not try to see another point of view with an explanation. Of course I am talking about those who choose to be republicans without justifying their choice with logic or at least an explanation.
     Although it seems to me that by not offering an explanation they are hiding their true intent. Being some nefarious racist, misogynist or some other bias or prejudice aimed at those who are not like them. I have a few like this in my real life surroundings and the frustration of it keeps me less than myself because of it. However, I know this and therefore keep them at a distance whenever possible because there are plenty more who make me feel like who I am and what I am doing is of value. So the interplay in life of those who would be right no matter how wrong they are is exponentially balanced by those who like me seek for a better world while making it one.
     It is the only way for me to survive in a peaceful way. I have to suffer the bad in order to welcome all the good. Now don't get me wrong here, if I could eliminate the bad altogether I would in a heart beat, but that is just not my reality. So what I do is not converse on matters that inflame instead I act on life as a real life example of my vision for our world. That is the one thing I can control, what I do and how I present myself to the world. The struggle not only for me against my own demons but the struggle for making our reality a more caring and curious one goes on. Despite the arrogant ignorant, whom I admit deserve as much from life as everyone else, despite their attempts to deny it to others, I will continue to work to break down the walls of their inner fortresses to show them that being good and the best human possible 100% of the time is our futures not anything less. Life is finite and too short for any other brutish ugliness to take from it's time.

Friday, April 7, 2017

A cold hard slap! (#2989)

     Politics, that thing that people avoid learning about because it is so complicated. Well we are finding out that if we fail to pay attention to politics we may well end up with our lives torn apart. This last election has been an eye opener for a couple of polar opposite reasons. First and foremost is the national election where the "tear down the government" republicans were given full charge of our government. We are finding out that with them in charge it is a mess and not just an ordinary mess but an intentionally vindictive one. For all those who kept out of politics, almost half our eligible voters didn't even vote, they are the ones who are getting the cold hard slap of reality. They figured all of politics were the same regardless of party or candidate. Well slap slap, not true!
     The republican party and all it's candidates are not anything like democrats. They are instead, generally like the worst of our natures while democrats are more like the best of our natures. Now there are exceptions but very few at this juncture of our nations evolution. The republican party is showing for all to see now that they are in control that destroying democratic principles for the sake of capitalistic ones is a priority, especially when the wealthy are the beneficiary. As we are seeing played out in our national media, not even getting elected fairly is chanced as they appear to have used underhanded and illegal methods to attain their victory on November 8th, 2016. So if you were sleep walking through life and just woke up to see your national government run by a bunch of arrogant republican carpetbaggers then that is on you for not paying attention to politics.
     The other totally opposite eye opening reason I alluded to earlier in this post is the effect the election had on the great mighty state of California. Instead of sleep walking through life we here in California mustered up enough votes to elect a super majority of democrats to public office on November 8th, 2016. So instead of living in the destructive world of a republican manipulation, we have a democratic vision for our state. We are using government to fix our problems and enhance solutions where possible. We are not a country but we are a powerful state with the resources and vision to not only improve our way of life but to educate our state citizenry properly as to the function of politics and the need to be involved.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The evil that republican men do (#2988)

     I single out the men who are republicans from the women who are republicans because it is the men who lead their women around. Now that being said the women are also culpable since they choose to follow the republican men. I know things are more complicated than that but regardless, the fact is established as fact. The republican men are the ones though who are forging the path forward through their leadership roles that have been attained through our democratic process by hook and crook. The American citizenry is far more compassionate and curious than these current republican "neanderthal" men are capable of showing. They have taken civilization and turned it back into something worse than our old wild west. They take little care to promote democratic principles except to destroy them with vile rhetoric, majority rule law and executive order now that republicans control our legislative and executive processes.
     The republican men have the freedom now to let loose their worst natures with impunity. They are forcing their lusts and greedy selfish behaviors on the rest of us with an arrogance of a wild beast. For myself I have tamed what wild beast that had existed in me before I understood that civilization must have it's conformity to function. However, if need be I can summon the beast within me back to not only enrage, but to rage at the republican men who at heart are all cowards! Yes, their bravado is nothing but false courage protected by their money and ironically, what is left of our civilized codes of conduct. The worst natures of humanity are now on display here in America and it is just starting unless we can reverse the outcome of the 2016 election.
     How much more will the citizenry of America take of these brutish maniacal cowards? They need to be put out and in confines that reflect their nasty behaviors. I am living through this time and unless I end soon I should see how all this plays out. In my mind the revenge, yes revenge, against these cowardly republican men will be savored by me. They have unleashed the beast that is inside me only reserved for those whose actions have displayed the worst of human nature. I am not the only one who is outraged at republican men and to a slightly lesser degree republican women and the zero sum game they are playing that is heavily favored on their side for now but the worm will turn and the cost these despicable human beings are going to pay will directly reflect the benefit they have stolen from our American dream.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I don't suffer fools easily (#2987)

     I am at a point in my life where foolishness on the part of just about anyone annoys the hell out of me. I get that life should be fun and most anything that brings a smile is not bad, however when the life and death of people is the folly then that is crossing the line between civil and demented. I will take no time at all to dismiss anyone who has the ridiculousness of cavalier behavior that laughs in the face of pain and suffering. I find much of this with republicans and they are dismissed without a thought. Even some democrats are immune to what is proper and sensitive in nature and they are dismissed as well. How hard can it be to care more than cause pain? Are we such an insecure society that we will immediately cast our honored principles away in order to satisfy some sense of acceptance and belonging? If so then our foundation is crap and we need to reevaluate just who the fuck we are!
     I don't suffer fools easily is an old saying that still has some unequivocal provenance in conveying my utter disdain for those who jest or dismiss seriousness with a joke. There is a time and place for everything and when the joking time comes then fine as long as the joke is not a demeaning one with intent to harm. But when it is time for seriousness then the seriousness is paramount, not anything less. We have as a species a need to understand that we are still in a volatile era where the balance of our future lies in conflict with the best and worst our species has to offer. The time for putting in the hard work to correct behaviors and attitudes is now and no amount of taking it lightly helps! The nitpicking as well is uncalled for. Losing sight of the big picture for some very minor inconsequential details is wrong. It is important to get all the details correct but not at the expense of losing sight of the objective.
     If all of life is going to be a more fun experience then we have to get our work done first. That work is setting up our society in a way that reflects democratic principles such as equality of opportunity, universal fairness and universal justice. Making sure our society values all life, both from the cradle to the grave with respect and care. The rest will sort itself out with serious representatives who know the value of service to all over the selfishness of some. We can do this but we must separate out the fools and those who only find folly in a time when folly is just an after thought.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When equality and justice are class driven (#2986)

     So what kind of political system is it when the wealthy or powerful have a different set of laws governing them then the rest of us citizens? What do you call that? Governance through privilege and advantage? We are less a democracy today then we are some form of corporatocracy and twisted aristocracy/theology combined. Somehow we have let the powers that want to be in charge, to take charge by not paying attention or being fooled by their incessant divisive rhetoric. We are now there as the current political climate clearly illustrates. The slap down we the working middle poor class are getting through decree, presidential executive orders, and through congressional legislation all coming from the republican party. They are in control now and their long sought after destruction of democratic principles is being realized.
     What bothers me today is the fact of the wealthy and powerful being given passes on breaking laws as if the laws the rest of us have to answer to do not apply to them. They are demigods in their minds so their trampling of our constitution is nothing to them if it gets in the way of them attaining even more power and/or wealth. This is just such a sad time to be living in right now. The masses, we, seem to be helpless to stop the greedy insanity that is gripping our leaders and many of us who vote for them. It is obvious to me that living in a free democratic society we need to have impenetrable laws that keep the wealthy from gaining power over our government as a rule to stop any of this current type of political and social manipulation.
     If ever we liberals gain back control of our government, and that is a big if, then the first act must to be to make public financing of our elections our first order of legislation. When we get money out of our politics is when we can run candidates for office that have to appeal to voters for their votes instead of the wealthy who decide who can run and what message that candidate has. No more of the large money donors dictating to potential candidates what policy positions to take. Candidates for public office will have to appeal to the voters with policies that actually help the masses, we working middle poor class, for their votes, not to the privileged and advantaged for theirs.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The survival aspect of our natures (#2985)

     Never before in my life, except back in the 60's when we thought we were going to have nuclear war with Russia, have I felt so convinced that our national experiment called America was in such jeopardy. The incredulous result from our last national election and the republican party's unparalleled drive to destroy our working middle poor class from mobilizing up to better conditions is on. The republican party's insatiable appetite for war with anyone who does not think like them is also on. The odds of any of us Americans making it out of the republican advantage to thrash out at those of us Americans and fellow Earthlings who disagree with them are getting worse by the day. I never would have thought that our society was as ill as it is but I am now convinced that the generational efforts of conservative republicans to turn back the tide of enlightenment has finally come to fruition.
     We have mean nasty, brutish souls running our democracy with the help of the worst of our society when it comes to honor and noble intent toward democracy. There seems to be little we can do with the confines of democratic principles since the perfect storm of ill has come about. What we do next will not so much depend hon how our laws and processes are normally followed but by outside the box ideas that must be used to remedy the affliction republicans are prepared to have us all suffer. It is actually unthinkable that a large part of our society has deemed that their good fortune of being born into a nation that has struggled mightily to attain a certain magnificence isn't worthy now of all that effort. These republicans are willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to make America the most despised example of greed and hate.
     Our nation has spent the last two centuries fighting against the ravages of those who would deny the rights of humans. Yet we are now not that nation any more, Instead we have aligned with those lesser nations who would destroy diversity and equality of opportunity. As I sit in the midst of this and watch most of the media being used as a tool for this filthy agenda I am determined more than ever to raise my voice and call it what it is and not because I am perfect but because I am right. I know what honor is and if anything is worthy of survival it is the best of who we are and not the worst. As you know I say our true natures are care and wonder with a mix of survival. Well, the survival aspect of our natures is being tested, what say you?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Democrat's social contract and equality of opportunity vs. Republican's survival of the fittest and trickle down economics (#2984)

     An inclusive society vs. or an exclusive society, this is the choice we are facing when we vote for whom we want to represent us. This is real time folks. I wish I were only theorizing but no, it is actually happening. You have seen it with the democrats protesting nationwide with their demands for the rights we have fought and won over the many many decades while republicans have shown us that their jack booted protests they are full of hate and anger at those who are not white with condescension. Again, this is really happening right now and for anyone who thinks for one second that this is hyperbole then that is another reason we are in this dilemma, ignorance.
     We democrats see our future as an enlightened one full of modern techniques. Giving us the creativity and innovation to lift ourselves from the grips of the Earth's gravity to allow us to explore the great yet little known and vastly unknown. We are the force of manifest destiny and as we are also curious by nature, we are fulfilling the nature of our human being. That cannot be said for republicans, who are content to live as in our misunderstood past with the symbols that represents. They choose to ignore the drive of manifest destiny when it comes to their curiosity, instead they are more prone to culling out humanity to fit a mold they have devised in their own minds. A collective fever of of an ideal that does not exist exclusively in nature by itself.
     While democrats wish to give all humans the rights of humanity, republicans do not as a rule. As republicans have shown, they prefer a life and death struggle to prove one deserves to be alive despite the fact that we were all born innocent and without our own consent as humans. We democrats believe we are all born with the rights of life. In economics, republicans believe that the wealthy should be our standard for an ideal master, while we democrats believe that is wrong and that each individual should be given the same opportunity to succeed in business and in life. We democrats believe that as we all participate in a fair and just society that merit and an internal force of will shall separate those of us who are more driven to succeed than from those of us, who republicans believe, will use privilege and advantage as their method of determining success. Which political party has your best you at heart?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The miserableness of the republican party (#2983)

     I have said here in this blog many times that republicans are not happy people nor are they particularly caring people. As long as they get theirs they seem to satisfy their own existence. It is a sad commentary on their lives since they can only see what is directly in front of them and not what is out beyond their horizon. The survival of the fittest mentality is their motto and although they rarely admit it they do hold hard to it's principles. Why else would they feel redeemed when programs for the poor, elderly, women and veterans are cut from our national budget while the lavish lifestyle of the republican president doesn't bother them. Why else would an increase in military spending leave them silent at the expense of peaceful negotiating.
     I go further in my assessment of them by calling out their hatred for others who are not like them. I watch as they demean immigrants and refugees for no other reason than to satisfy their own inability to comprehend that we are all in this together. It isn't just hatred either that drives them to their bad behavior toward others, it is a lack of understanding more associated with ignorance and a misplaced arrogance. Somehow the white American working middle poor class has found itself feeling at home condescending to those who are not white. They, republicans, have embraced a racial movement not unlike the nazi's of last century's Germany that our grandparents actually fought and defeated in World War 2. How ironic that instead of being a nation of noble beings we would rather be traitorous scoundrels beholden to the wealthy instead of our own government.
    That the republican party has now chosen to align itself with a foreign power as a means to manipulate our democracy there is little reason left for them to hide in the shadows of deceit. Their ulterior motive is now exposed and we are at a crossroads in our nation as to what we will do next. The best of who we are is still within us and many of us, the large majority of Americans, are still patriots to democracy. We have a duty to the rule of law that we created some 240 years ago. A constitutional crisis is upon us and how we maneuver the levers of control over the next year will determine whether our little project of American democracy survives the onslaught perpetrated by the worst of what republican politics has become.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The inundation of false information (#2982)

     We are at a point in time where our social, political and business media is being swept up in a current of deliberately falsified news reporting. It kind of works like this; cooperating false news outlets coordinate with someone intentionally reporting a false news item and repeat it on their false news sites back and forth therefore providing more than one resource for a false news item without providing an initial investigation into whether the false news item has any veracity. In other words, they start a rumor and then spread it as if it were truth. Eventually it reaches most everyone who casually listens or watches news as a grounded fact instead of it's original beginning as a false news item.
     The reasoning is obvious why this is now being done. Take for instance our latest national election in 2016. The democrat was targeted by these right wing groups with so many false news stories that were spread out far and wide as fact. Many were dispelled for being fake but some were not caught in time to stop them from being believed. This effected our election and is one of the primary reasons we now have republicans in control of our national government here in America. This strategy of lying to the American public has proved fruitful for those who could never have gotten elected just based upon the facts of their unpopular and divisive positions and policies.
     So how do we combat this flow of false news? We question all news we read and hear. It is expected that we should fact check and find verifiable sources that corroborate the initial reporting. It is done easily enough as there are plenty of mainstream news organizations that require it's reporting to hold up to scrutiny as true by it's reporters. There is honor and nobility in telling the truth and our news outlets that do should receive our attentions, not the ones who from the outset seek to deceive as their intentional goal. Regardless of the political view point we hold, knowing the facts as opposed to the fake news is crucial in the building of or changing our understandings of reality and our future,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How ignorance destroys civilization (#2981)

     In America, we are living in the time when ignorance is showing itself as our national intelligence factor. To get to this point we had to be gullible enough to elect a corrupt carnival barker as our president while keeping the most corrupt and illogical people in majority positions in Congress. So the perfect storm of a an immoral, and quite possibly treasonous con man and like minded followers control our government for at least the next 2 years and more likely 4 at minimum. Plenty enough time to unravel the levers of our government and the policies we enacted to soberly deal with the gives and takes of our evolving society. Ignorance is our new master and our new master has no qualms in destroying everything around it.
     That gut punched feeling too many of us had right after knowing that the election was not some nightmare but real is just the beginning of our real life torture. We Americans will now become trapped in a suspended type animation of cruel intentions bolstered by a military force capable of destroying all in it's path regardless of ally or not. As everyday we wake to see what next shoe on the throat of democracy has come down, we step closer and closer to the paradigm where our democracy is being rewritten to take our natures and our rights back to when we had little control over either. The vacuousness in the souls of those who now lead our nation is commensurate with their inability to understand the simplest forms of logic and human care.
     Where just months ago we had a president who was thoughtful and considerate we now have neither. The transition from the past to the present has been one of incredulity on my part. How is it possible that one of the worlds most enlightened leaders is followed in electoral succession by a man who cannot nor will not even attempt to know what we all need him to know? Instead he has an agenda of tearing down not building up, except when it comes to an already gigantic military operation. My sense is that while we Americans are reduced to becoming cannon fodder, the new leader of our nation will take us into global conflict as his desire to be the next leader of not only America but the entire world. This is the ignorance that will take America and our democratic vision down.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Those who crave wealth are those who create poverty (#2980)

     The insatiable appetite for wealth is like all the other addictions in the world. they may satisfy one's own sense of pleasure as a benefit, but the cost to not only the mental health of the recipient is reduced but the effect on society on whole is devastating. What do I mean by saying accumulating wealth is devastating to society? In a capitalistic dominated world where all are striving for the most, many will fail and many never get a chance to compete. Those who fail and those who are not even in the race for wealth suffer because they are left on the fringes of what is left of finite resources. This is not a reality where all can be billionaires. Only some can and the rest are left to carve out an existence that is far from being desirable or comfortable.
     In other words poverty levels of existence are now the new normal for our American society, That is the problem with a society that has few social programs and is out of balance with it's capitalistic counterpart. A healthy mix of capitalism and socialism makes for a thriving middle class. We are losing our middle class at such rates that soon we will only have a shadow of the one we had 4 decades ago, As each generation of immense wealth increases an exponentially larger amount of poverty level life afflicts Americans. So this desire to be wealthy has turned out to be a nightmare for those who are not.
     It doesn't have to be that way. We can have those who strive for wealth continue their quest while keeping the rest of America out of poverty. The tax code is the main way this can be accomplished but if we have those most like republicans and their donors who would do anything to keep their wealth from being taxed, we have what we are currently experiencing. The greed of more more more is not only an unhealthy mental condition but it harms so many more who are struggling to survive. This trend will continue with the republican leadership controlling economic policies and I fear that our poverty laden nation will be even more so by the time we can change the public leadership back toward more fair and just economic policies.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The difference (#2979)

     The 8 years spent by republicans accusing President Obama of all kinds of deceitful and criminal activity amounted to nothing but falsehoods. Yet republicans knew that and decided as a strategy to go full speed ahead with never ending investigations as opposed to working on legislating on behalf of the American people. Now that the shoe is literally on the other foot and trump is being accused by democrats of being deceitful, criminal and treasonous, there is actual substance to the accusations. Yet like when President Obama was being accused, republicans control the investigatory power over the government. Yet this time instead of them charging full steam into their investigations, they are showing just how partisan they are by not caring too much about the accusations against trump.
     They are exposing themselves as co-conspirators in their attempts to shield trump from charges. Instead of defending the principles of our democracy like rule of law, justice and fairness, they are protecting their political advantage to the point of hiding treasonous activity that should be grounds for the death penalty. I live in a nation now that is so corrupted by the republican party and it's wealthy carpetbagging donors that I am ashamed and angry that we have come to this. I for one will not be associated with such ulterior motives of greed and power over patriotism. We see now that republicans will go to any length to secure their political advantage and that should be a wake up call to all who see America first.
     The difference again is that President Obama was not guilty of any of the allegations made against him and trump is most likely (Occams Razor) guilty of much but until we can get the investigations we need from objective politicians we may never know. But as republicans continue to thwart investigations and still don't legislate, the only option left to them is hide. Well we will ferret them out like the rats they are and when their trump ship starts to sink they surely will be scurrying overboard. It is then that we will get them to turn on their cohorts because on thing the criminal mind understands is that ratting out on their accomplices is their best path forward if they want what is left of a life to live.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Don't let republicans win (#2978)

     The supreme court seat that republicans stopped from being filled during President Obama's term cannot be allowed to be filled without the filibuster rule being applied. We democrats must not allow republicans to scare us into relaxing the filibuster rule through fear of political reprisal. We must stand on principle and force republicans to change the rules if they want their nominee to pass. We democrats cannot be complicit in this at all. If we are going to be the party that stands for what is right and good about America we cannot compromise when it may cause us harm. There are many senate democrats who are coming up for election in 2018 who are in red leaning or red states and they fear that if they don't work with republicans to confirm the republican nominee they will lose what hope they have of winning in that 2018 election.
     The problem here is that the anger that will be coming at them from their own base will offset what they think they will gain by helping republicans. It is not worth the gamble and it is not right or good. So do what is right and good and stand against the republican manipulation of this supreme court seat. If and when republicans decide they have to blow up the filibuster rule then make them do it and then they carry the blame solely for how the nominee got his seat on the court. We democrats should not be tied to it at all. This nominee will be a disaster for equality and fairness and if we are associated with him we will negate the blame that republicans should properly shoulder if they seat him.
     I am through with this kind of back room compromising where we democrats sell the soul of our nation for an opportunity to keep some seats. We have to fight for what is right and then use that as our campaign to win seats not just hold onto them. Enough! Let's show the world where the disease is in our government and keep our hands out of it so that there is no one left to blame but the actual republican culprits. Filibuster the nomination and if republicans decide they will blow up the filibuster rule then let that be the path forward, not us colluding with them for some possible prize!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Engaging in politics (#2977)

     There is an old axiom about politics, "The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.-Plato." So as we ignore the concepts of politics, we end up with a trump and his under the rock associates. This is the penalty for not engaging in politics. I know that we are a busy society with what capitalism requires of us so taking time to understand the nuances of politics is difficult to impossible. So there are some basic principles that can be followed that allow for us to much more easily align ourselves with a political party of our own intuitive force. We have republicans who have an agenda similar to the wild west days when the survival of the fittest was the paradigm and regardless of the rules to attain. We have the democrats who believe that a society that takes care of all of it's citizens fairly is the most enviable.
     So you can choose to be a republican and stiffen your heart to the pain and suffering caused by unfair but strongman tactics or you can choose to be a democrat and aim you life's work toward making our society much more in tune with equality of opportunity and modernized enlightenment. There are other distinctions to consider as well. As the survival of the fittest crowd is a shoot first ask questions later if at all, they also have some disturbing positions on race, gender, and religion. Not inclusive mind you but exclusive and alarming. Democrats on the other hand still hold to the melting pot ideal of America. We accept immigration as our proud heritage since most of us, if we are not of any of the Indian tribes that were here before colonization, are the descendants of immigrants.
     Being able to identify with a political party helps us to decide how to vote when the voting time comes. This way we can get the general information we need to make an informed decision. But we all must participate in voting regardless of the requirements that are needed to register. Even in this politics is evident. The republican party over the years has made it harder for all eligible citizens to vote. If this does not anger you toward their efforts then you may be a republican and should vote for them. If it does make you angry then voting democrat is the best way to protect democracy, yourself and your children's right to vote. Nearly 47% of our eligible voters did not vote last time and now we have trump and his troupe of nasty brutish associates because of it.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Breaking even (#2976)

     Well trump hasn't started a nuclear war yet so so far we are breaking even. Yesterday he had to pull his trumpcare bill that would have repealed Obamacare and given us a health system that cost more and covered less so we are still breaking even there. He tried to justify racism by installing two versions of an unconstitutional travel ban and both have been stopped so far so we are breaking even there. It has only been 2 months since he took office and has a majority in both the House and Senate to pass his anti-democratic policies and so far he has not made any significant progress so mostly we are breaking even there. Yet he has taken us backwards. His executive orders regarding immigration have been draconian in effect and that is to our shame as a nation of immigrants.
     But for the most part we the people who overwhelming didn't vote for him are giving him enough push back to make him pause in his ego driven hollow tyrannical march. There at least 20 months to go until our next national election where we have a chance to change the balance of power in the Senate and hopefully the House in order to put the brakes on any further rush to implement trump and republicans working middle poor class destroying agenda. If we have learned anything from these last 2 months it is that our disgust and anger can be funneled into effective protesting campaigns the like of which our nation has not seen since the Vietnam war days of the 1960's.
     So our goal for now is to smother all the republican attempts to reverse our modernization and progress toward enlightenment. We are an extraordinary society when we are equipped with the knowledge of the truth of things and the will to stop the oppression that is engulfing us. I am not one to stand on the sidelines while our current disgrace of a political administration in the presidency and congress has it's way to deny equality and fairness. We are a proud democracy here in America and whether the media chooses to report it we will find a way to express it and if obstructing every step the republicans and trump take then that is our agenda. We fight for our dignity and respect over the next 20 months and if you don't see that then get your head out of your ass and look around at what trump and his acolytes are willing to do to make us suffer!

Friday, March 24, 2017

A day of reckoning! (#2975)

     For various reasons an attack today on the health care of America will be voted on by representatives more in tune with their donors than their constituents. Of course this is not a Democratic bill this is a republican bill. The Democratic bill that became law 7 years and one day ago is the one republicans want to replace with one that has less coverage and costs more. Typical conservative republican policy where the wealthy get much more than they need and the working middle poor class gets even less than they minimally require. The same dynamic plays out in not only health care but in our economy as well. The plan to destroy unions and keep wages low are the republican plans and in keeping with their agenda to give to the wealthy and suppress the working middle poor class even more.
     Yet the republicans keep getting elected. How is that possible when the working middle poor class is so much an overwhelming majority here in America? We have found out over the last several decades that it is a combination of things. Making voting rights harder to acquire for traditional democratic voters, Gerrymandering of districts to keep republicans in power with fewer votes. Changing how we teach our children from learning how to think critically for themselves and instead teaching them to follow a standard line. Disinformation in the media because we here in America have very few truth laws that would require penalties for falsehoods being propagated. Dividing our electorate through religion, sex and race, by using prejudice and rhetorical anti-American biases, are useful to the republican agenda because as we all know a house divided against itself is not an effective house.
     So today we are going to see a new page turned. By all accounts the vote for a worse health care bull, pardon me, bill than the one we already have will take place in the House of Representatives. The projections are this bill will fail and for one of the few times we see a republican party at odds with itself. I can only surmise that all the dirty rotten tactics of the republican party to stay in power have finally broken what decency was left within the republican party and the death throe of it is creating chaos and upheaval. At one time before republican let their ideology of power, hate and division guide their way, they were human beings and maybe, just maybe they can find their way back to being just human beings again. I highly doubt it but we hope that this kind of chaos will be the normal going forward when our society is under attack from the worst of the republican party,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The income inequality gap is about to jump even further apart (#2974)

     With republicans prepared to vote in the House of Representatives today on a new less comprehensive bill to replace the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama, that will make the income gap between the wealthy and working middle poor class increase dramatically. How that increase will happen is mostly from cutting medicaid benefits to the states and giving the wealthy a large unnecessary tax break because of those cuts to medicaid and loosening of required coverage. So taking from a program that serves the poor and giving that to the wealthy is the major goal of this new health care bill republicans are about to make into law,
     With all the campaigning last year from trump that he would bring all into health care coverage, 14 million people will lose coverage next year because of the changes made by this new republican plan, which I will call trumpcare, Another duplicitous promise from our liar in chief that has been exposed. With insurance companies now calling the shots again, premiums will rise in the next several years before what is hoped to be a leveling off period. I am so used to republicans telling us that things will be bad for awhile and then get better later that when I hear them say it I know it will never happen. They always find a way to screw the working middle poor class and this is just another way for them to do it.
     At the end of the day we will have less coverage while paying more and the wealthy will get another tax break they don't need. I have yet to be alive when republicans actually worked a major policy that gave the majority of Americans a better life. They had a chance this time to push the improvements instituted in Obamacare toward a Universal health coverage system like most all the rest of the civilized world now enjoys but they didn't which tells us once again that republicans will use anything, yes, even our health to make a buck for the large corporations that are now considered by them as people, who are more needing of their care than the actual rest of us "real" people,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's all about outer space man! (#2973)

     The next great frontier for us Americans is at our threshold. Just look up. Yeah, that place above us that never seems to end. We have done all we can to cover every square mile of our planet and with so many of us there is a real need to satisfy billions of curiosities that cannot happen within the confines of our own atmosphere. So onward and upward we should be going. This is no revelation of any magnitude. Many have been saying this since we first shot one of ourselves into space back in May of 1961. We landed a man on the moon only a little over 8 years later in July of 1969. But since then we have done little to move ourselves out into the great unknown. Politics, mainly those of republicans who don't want what is best for all of us, only for the wealthy do they work hard, have stifled our push to get up into the sky where our next great chapters of life will be written.
     There are many reasons you find me railing against any and all republicans beyond just their disinclination to explore our stars. They want to hurt so many of us within the working middle poor class instead of giving us opportunities to fulfill that deep abiding dream we all hope to experience, that being becoming more aware of what we don't know and knowing more about it. Our curiosities are the vehicle for us to travel in time and space with and denying that vehicle access to it's destiny is not only a waste but counter productive. Our planet is teeming with too many of us marking time while not starting. The inactivity from not doing what we should naturally be doing is causing an ill among our societies that only no good can come of it.
     When I was a young child we headed out into space, when I was just early in my teens we landed on the moon. Since then the money grubbing greedy powers here on Earth have kept us from going further and instead they choose to fight wars among ourselves to see who would get the natural resources. This turning back inward instead of staying focused on the outward has been to our species' detriment. I am now well into my 60's and can claim no further human movement that has gone beyond putting feet on the moon. It is shameful that the republican party has seen fit to destroy a couple of generations of Americans who could well have been far beyond the planet Mars. The destruction of our society by republicans and the destruction of our destinies by them is enough to make me want to scream at the Universe I and so many of us wish we were more part of!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where are the checks and balances? (#2972)

     The audacity of one political party to deny the tenets of democracy to the whole of a nation is treasonous. The republican party has taken it upon itself to act in the most despicable of ways by ignoring obvious foreign collusion in the last election solely because they benefited from the said collusion. Now that we see that they are closing ranks to protect the republican power in office we can see why the separation of powers is so vital. Because the separation of powers is what should protect us from any who would be over throwers of our form of democratic government. Yet when the over throwers are actually the ones who control the levers of power the idea that checks and balances will protect us becomes moot.
     Our system of elections has caused this to happen and since we have never faced such a political dilemma as this in the past our path forward is quite unclear. Who will reign in the over throwers who are now legally in political power? I use the term legally because as of today it is still valid regardless of the evidence that is coming out showing an illegitimate election. Will our supreme court find it within themselves to come to the defense of our constitution? Do they see themselves as the protectors of our society or just as arbiters of technicalities? Who will be our champion when we have no governmental force left that is not tainted with the partisanship of republican politics?
     I for one can only hope that the press and the citizenry of our nation will not let the carpetbaggers in power destroy the value of our evolving democracy. It is their intent to do so and all indications are that they will not be deterred until someone or thing actually deters them. What are the checks and balances indeed if not our Congress and our courts? What is left is either acquiescence to being subdued or the foment of rebellion. As of this writing I don't know what can be done except to continue to bring evidence forward to convince our populace that an inherent disease is upon us in the form of republican politics and do everything we can to rebut it. Our last line of defense went the way of the ineffective electoral college and now we are left this question, with who will save us as a last dying gasp?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Reality is finite (#2971)

     I often come back to this basic principle of life being too short for all the mess we cause ourselves. There is no rule that says that we humans must make life hard for each other. There is only the fear that if we don't we won't be able to keep our individual advantages. I have looked at society this way, we have to keep busy otherwise we have too much chaos and not enough progress. But to punish those who are not as privileged and advantaged as others is just down right mean and brutish. Again, there are no rules for how we structure our society written in stone. We have a democracy which is a good starting point but we must not only ensure it's existence but we must give all who are born an equal chance to survive and prosper within it.
     Work is what we have devised as the vehicle for economic success and overall peace. But the work must be fair and equitable. Where the work is drudgery and unforgiving we should be forced to make it not so. However we do that as a society is our obligation. Society is most effectively controlled by our government since we can compel it to reflect the best of who we are as opposed to private concerns who have less integrity as to benevolence and altruism. So we instigate social programs to alleviate the inequities that the private market of capitalism ignores. Remember, the structure of how our civilization is processed is aimed at making everyone's life easier, not just those who wield power.
     So when I see our national disgrace of a republican party trying to make life harder as a rule for everyone except the wealthy I am duty bound to fight against it. I don't fight against democracy, I fight against those who are dishonoring it. As far as the concept of work to keep us busy while we live and die on Earth I am for it. It allows us to make our own mark through merit and it helps us to innovate and create. But only if we are using work as a universal equality of opportunity paradigm. There are some problems that need to be addressed on how our society provides opportunities for work but until we get the republican party out of public office we will never get to address those problems and truly make America the land of the free for all and allow for everyone to enjoy the pursuit of happiness.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Keeping our eye on the ball (#2970)

     I don't care what trump does to try to distract us from his tax returns and his Russian connections I know I will still clamor for them even if he starts a war. I am so sick of his blatant abuse of our political system and his manipulations of our political process that no matter how hard he tries to change the subject of his impending impeachment or nullification of his election I won't be swayed. I am but one and there are millions out there just like me who are done with his antics and his continuing embarrassment of our national pride. He has taken what goodwill we as a nation have built up over many long grueling decades and shit canned it as if it were an irritant.
     Well he is the irritant and his coming trip to the shit can will be a most enjoyable moment for the psyche of our modern society. His supporters may whine and cry but that is what childish behavior looks like and most of his supporters are still far removed from mature thinking and reasoning. We will not survive the minimum of 4 years with him at the helm of our government and the sooner he is cast down the quicker we recover some dignity and respect with the other inhabitants of our planet. It isn't a matter of if he is shit canned but when. But it must come from our vigilance to force the reality of his incoherence, greed and despicable behavior onto every power base that has a say in our society.
     There will be the ones who will not agree to let him go down but we must override them with a fierce persistence that cannot be denied. We must hold our steely eyed glare to them so that his supporters know that there is no other option. This is what I call the time to stand and fight and the fighting time is now! Never before in the history of our nation have we been duped by a foreign power to help install the worst of our populace the rights and privileges of controlling the whole of our nation and that it has happened should be enough to rally all of us who have respect for our democracy and the willingness to fight of it to do just that!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

It is only mid March (#2969)

     The worst of what we expected has not happened yet. I thought trump would already have us in a shooting war larger than the more than 1000 troops soon to be in Syria, I had figured that China or it's satellite North Korea would already be waging war against us. I am happy to say that we are not there yet and I suspect that although trump is full of rhetorical bluster, in his heart he is a full blown coward. Which may be our saving grace here. I am one of those who expect the nuclear option to be part of his eventual decision to wage war but if he keeps this up maybe we will escape a nuclear holocaust.
     The fact that he is willing to destroy health care and any and all social programs has not changed. I expect he will find that we are not going to allow him to operate in a vacuum so his plans with destroying health care may not be so easy for him to accomplish. Yet in his budget,, trump would eliminate so many social programs aimed at the working middle poor class while increasing the military budget by practically the same amount that one can only conclude that he values harm and death more than he values any decent scenario of life. Of course none of this has passed into law and it might never do so, yet that is the best we can hope.
     There are still 22 months to go until the next round of congressional elections come about so in 22 months we could all be a smoldering cinder of ash or like most of us wish we were, given the harsh reality trump wants to inflict upon us. Something still must prevail to end this nightmare that has fallen on top of us by a minority vote. With all the criminal activity now being scrutinized about trump and his inner circle hopefully some judicial relief will be forthcoming but again, that is the best case scenario which so far no best case scenario has happened yet.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Forcing round pegs into square holes (#2968)

     The republicans out there who still back trump are doing some mighty fancy footwork now that their champion has been exposed for the carnival barker the rest of us knew he was. Trying hard to justify his actions and words by reinventing the English language to mean what it "alternatively" doesn't. By taking credit for things done by our previous president and giving trump the credit. So many different shape shifting explanations to justify the con man who can barely string a sentence together when without a dreaded teleprompter that he has now embraced. I often think of the biblical story of the man who changed his mind constantly like a reed blowing in different directions in the wind. This is what we have now from the barker who said specifically what he would do and now has changed just about all of that now that he is in office.
     Most all of us who voted against him, which was the majority, and may I add that again us Americans failed to exercise our right to vote when 46.9% of us did not vote, About 90 million did not vote. Anyway, most of us who voted against him knew he was a liar and a cheat but we couldn't dent the wall their ignorance built up around their brains so as to not let facts or truths deny them their now logically indefensible hero. So what is left for them is to deny logic and hold onto the idea of "alternative facts", which they don't have to admit to themselves means lies. Better for them to embrace lies as truths and keep their hero.
     Which brings us to forcing round pegs into square holes. Once one has the concept of accepting lies as truth if it fits their narrative they are free to create any reality between their ears. the problem of course is that most of us, yes, even those assholes who didn't bother to vote, still live in the real reality. So when they use their alternative facts/lies they are often not able to sway otherwise decently intelligent folks to their point of view. Which for the rest of us is somewhat gratifying that all told our nation hasn't completely lost it's collective mind!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stay strong but be the peacemaker (#2967)

     My values are not negotiable, therefore trying to get me to do something or think something that violates them will never work. Yet I can be a peacemaker in the areas of disagreement. I accept that we have differences and when applicable can still be friendly as other factors are weighed. It is incumbent upon all of us to coexist where it is necessary and being the bigger person while having some basic ground rules is always the best method for interacting. I cannot disassociate all who are not like minded. Some are fixed in my sphere and accepting that and making accommodation for it without any sacrificing of my values is required.
     I can live with that. I find the common interests we have and work within those areas. It isn't difficult to keep some things at arm's distance as long as my boundaries are respected. As an example, I have had some who still show their racism speak at me and I immediately tell them It is unacceptable and I will not hear any further if they wish to communicate with me. It is then their choice as to how to proceed and the result of their choice dictates my response. I stand firm in how I approach life and how I live it. There is no compromise in how I value principles that underpin my entity. I am who I am and that is who I will be regardless of who or what enters my life. I am stubborn that way and that stubbornness in protecting what matters to me is absolute.
     But as strong as I am in protecting my values I am also pliable in that I can accept the idea of "agree to disagree". There are times when discussing complex or simple concepts is not in the best interest of ongoing relationships. Knowing when to let the peace of not conflicting to exist is more than a survival technique, it is also a strategy of letting things ride for a higher purpose. We can't always win the obvious battles but we should never lose them either. Finding a way to make peace with our disagreements is often the better part of maintaining tranquility as long as we do not sacrifice our values.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The cowards of the republican party (#2966)

     Yes, cowards they are. They are afraid of all things that take them out of their selfish comfort zone. They do not have the desire to improve themselves beyond their own prejudices and biases. It is simple for republicans that way. There is no taxing of their minds to understand the complexities of life. As long as they are comfortable within the structures that keep their power they do not care for logic or common sense that is in constant change. We live in a society that is in motion. Motion means constantly moving from one moment to the next. It is the most fundamental logical occurrence in existence yet republicans wish to stop motion or progress or whatever you wish to call it so long as they can keep what they have as static.
     Well the world doesn't work like that. The only thing static is death. Once dead, nothing significant about who you were or what you are changes and that is a fact. So pretending to keep life static instead of embracing motion is at best stupid or at worst cowardly. I don't hold that many republicans are stupid so I go with the them being cowards. Afraid of the change that motion brings. How utterly sad that republicans have stopped living in the present and for the future and choose to live in some demented illusion of the past where their prejudices and biases can flourish. This particular era of American society will undoubtedly go down as one of the most troubling to understand. Where once America and Americans had been held in high esteem have fallen so far as to be held now in low contempt.
     There is a battle going on right this moment in time by the democratic forces who wish modernity and progress to win out and the republican forces who wish to dissolve our modernity and progress and take us back to an unenlightened time where the wealthy and privileged ruled the land and everyone else was at their beck and call. If you have yet to accept that this is happening then your internal principles are diseased and not active in your life making you susceptible to becoming a coward yourself. So make a stand on what you know is right and join us in defeating the hatred and racism of cowards and make yourself into an honorable American we should have been all along.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Again, universal single payer health care is the right policy! (#2965)

     Finally, we see the alternative to Obamacare from republicans and it is no alternative at all. Instead it is a massive giveaway to the top 2% income bracket, While also being a burden on the middle class and kicking over 52 million off health care by year 2026, If you did not know this was how this was going to play out then you truly were in the republican bubble unable to see that the republican party has not ever been a friend to the working middle poor class. They are the party of the wealthy and if you are not wealthy then you will only feel the pain of their policies.
     98% of us will never be wealthy. We will have to work hard and struggle for every bit of pay and benefit we can get to raise our families and prepare for our retirement. Let me explain retirement for a moment. It is not the luxury of great health and exuberant mindsets. On the contrary, it is last days of our lives that wore and tore us down to a shadow of who we were. In retirement we are lucky to have the strength and wherewithal to just live a minimally enjoyable life. So when republicans try to take our retirement in the form of social security and medicare from us it is like they are sticking a knife in our backs and telling us we don't deserve to live anymore. For me I see it as an indirect attempt to kill us off while increasing their own bank accounts.
     But I digress, universal single payer health insurance, or more easily understood, medicare for all, is the best policy for all of us, young and old. When we know we won't be bankrupted for having an illness or accident we can then focus more on the important things in life like raising our children and teaching them the value of democratic principles. Until we are able to get this message across to all Americans that having policies aimed at our own good will instead of only at the good will of the wealthy we will continue to have harsh and brutish lives for the sake of making the wealthy even more comfortable.

Monday, March 13, 2017

California must lead! (#2964)

     No where in our nation is there a state that has the resources, the political advantage and the chutzpah to combat the utter hatred and democracy destroying current federal administration than California. When I first found out that trump was elected and he had the senate and house majorities on his side all I could think of was to get out of here and go to a country where democracy and intelligence worked hand in hand. But after some time to reflect, I realized that I already live in a place where these attributes exist, here in California, the capitol city of Sacramento no less. Not only am I in a jurisdiction that values all souls as equal but I am in a state where intelligence is desired and innovation and creation are a foundation worthy of being expanded.
     So no more thoughts of leaving my birth country because too many and too archaic a system allowed a trump and his despicable cronies to lead our national entity. Our state entity here is tremendous. We are alternately the 6th or 7th, depending upon the time of year, largest economy in the world, We have the endless supply of natural resources; wind, water and solar to begin our transition quite effectively from the dirty energy providers. We have the technology of Silicon Valley to help us along with our modernization and progression into the future and we have Hollywood which serves to tell the truth of how our society can and will operate that is far beyond the propaganda that the bitter wealthy are using to divide us.
     Although the federal government has singled us Californians out as being renegades we seem to find that label quite refreshing given the agenda of the national government under trump and his republican party. We actually instill the values of democracy here instead of dismantling them. We welcome diversity as a positive that expands our own existing horizons. We actually care about all lives here not just those who are bigoted and wealthy. Staying and fighting for what should be best about America is where I will stay and as long as California has my back I have hers.