Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Phony person, phony installed president (#3399)

     As each day goes by we see that trump is not much of a human being. He has instead become a scavenger that has but one mission in life, to take take take. How the American electorate, that which bothered to vote could have been taken in by the conman is extraordinary. I never thought I would live in a time where modernity and the idea of logic and science would be under attack. It is unfathomable to me that there are citizens in America that could be hoodwinked into believing not only lies but fairy tales. It is unfortunate that this has come about but what has been ridiculous must now come to a stop.
     When 46.9% of our electorate didn't bother to vote this last election it is conceivable that a cad like trump could be elected with the help of foreign and domestic carpetbaggers. Since that conceivability has come to fruition through the electoral college we now know that our American democracy, once considered strong and untouchable, is fallible. But we must not let this time of trump and complicit republicans go without challenge. We must reverse the ulterior motive of duplicity and not only return our nation to the people of America but we must also end the possibility of this ever happening again.
     How we survive this time will tell us much about who we Americans are. Will we bow down to the liars, cheaters and thieves or will we stand up and fight for our rights as a democratic nation. Come November 6th 2018 we will begin to see what result will occur. The republican party is in an all out mode to change the narrative of a coming blue wave against their tyranny but we democrats have the upper hand to stop them if we choose to fight. I hope we do and are not left to waste away into an authoritarian government but it is yet to be determined. Phony person, phony installed president. Is this what we have become?

Monday, May 21, 2018

We fierce Democrats! (#3398)

     The myth that we democrats are soft or non confrontational is just that, a myth! While republicans try to label us as weak and bleeding heart types, we know that we are strong and fight hard for the values of honor and respect. We are not rogues like republicans, we are civilized and modern with intelligence and foresight for our future. It is the republican party that exhibits the traits of cowardice and selfishness. They rip apart the things that unite us as an agenda because they believe that the survival of the fittest is a priority instead of community. For those of us who played sports or still do we know that teamwork is the key to winning and individual play without the team is a detriment. So it is the same with society, when we all pull together for each other our abilities and effectiveness increase substantially over us all trying to go it alone.
     The hoodwink republicans effectively employ is to take from us and then blame certain parts of our democratic party for it. It has worked as many continue to vote against their own interest because they are led to believe the false narrative that republicans have invented. What good the republican party had done in the past has been played out to it's end game as now the republican party has no recent history of good to fall back on. As time goes by more and more of our electorate is wising up to the tactics of republicans and the insane amount of wealth they have thrown at the lie. Yet there is still the lingering effect of their strategy in play and we as democrats must never let them profit from it.
     So now that there are 169 days left until the midterm elections the republicans will be spending their huge amount of wealth to mask their agenda of destroying our working middle poor class while continuing to increase the wealth of the wealthy and grow the massive income inequality gap to a size seen only in proportion to what it was like back before the great depression. So it is incumbent upon us who know better as to what greedy selfish tricks republicans are about to point them out with a clarity that leaves no doubt as to the veracity of our claim. We fierce democrats will show the world come November 6th that the republican party is the weak selfish coward and we will do it with a mighty roar!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Getting our vote out (#3397)

     Never before in the history of our nation has it been so crucial for you to vote. Every registered voter has to make the effort to vote in the upcoming election on November 6th. Because republicans vote enmass so that they can get their candidates elected even though they are a minority party. They benefit greatly from the 46.9% of our electorate who didn't vote in the presidential election of 2016. So if republicans are continued to be allowed to deny eligible voters their constitutional right to vote and can keep many of the rest of us apathetic to politics then they will be able to keep their power.
     If however we fight republicans at every turn on voter suppression tactics and infuse those 46.9% of eligible voters who didn't vote last election with undeniable logic to oust republicans and install instead democrats we may well reverse the inhumane and criminal acts perpetrated on us by republicans. But it will take a steely eyed resolve on our part and a message of a better brighter future for all of us to motivate all of us to vote come November 6th. We must treat the next 170 days like our lives depend on it because with continued republican rule it surely does given their disdain and ambivalence toward the working middle poor class.
     All effort to register new voters and help old voters to actually vote must be accomplished. But just as important is our message of inclusion for all and a factual rundown of the republican agenda of tearing down of policies designed to help equality of opportunity for we the many in the working middle poor class. Let us liberal\progressives, independents and intelligent moderate republicans come together and vote the corrupted republican party out of power by voting for democrats everywhere in order to restore a modernized sanity to the guidance of our American present and future.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The republican disease of hatred and ignorance (#3396)

     No other major political party in America is as diseased as the republican party. I call their willful ignorance and hatred for others a disease since it seems that no logic of their wrongness can infiltrate their minds. A mental disorder that has no discernible cure. I have tried to use the best of logic to explain that reality is based upon shared agreements. But not even that is disagreeable to them. They seem to want what they want without any proof of correctness regardless of the illogic. So wrong is right and white is all. It is amazing to me that any would follow illogic as a rule but if it gets them what they want they don't seem to care how they get what they want. To them the ends justify any means.
     So to ever ask me to be civil to others who think like republicans do is doing a disservice to intelligence and won't get my approval. Instead they will continue to get the logic of their position from me and not with any kindness. I am a frustrated man who is tired of watching ignorance win out over truth. I am driven by science and logic and nothing but those two will ever be lessened by myth or illogic. If I was to call what period in time we are in right now I would call it the battle for intelligence. It seems that too many who have power are using illogic to get more power and more wealth. They only care for themselves and what they can get today despite what their actions impose on our society into the present and future.
     I suppose those who are ignorant and use the illogic of the day are the ones who cannot abide working to increase their knowledge. Instead they choose to let others think for them so as not to have to tax their own minds into a working functioning source of reasoning, analyzing and concluding. For them the shortcut of using what they are led to believe is true as long as it fits their narrative is more valuable to them. But what their laziness is doing to the rest of us who are not afraid to tax our minds is bring us down with them as well as our functioning democratic government. Well I am not one to to be led by hatred and ignorance so I will fight until I have no breath left to fight with because I love the human species and I won't let the selfish and greedy steal her identity from us.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Just ignore republicans and vote blue! (#3395)

     I don't care what republicans say and believe me they will be saying a whole lot of crap before the midterm elections. All of it will be to divide and sow discontent within our democratic party. So my best advice is to just ignore all of them, even tuning out from their thousands upon thousands of airwave ads and just do one thing in 172 days, vote for every democrat on the ballot. I don't care what republicans accuse of us, they are the criminals here and to make them pay since our judicial and congressional systems seem to be insufficient is to first kick all of them out of office and then we can begin to prosecute them with the full vigor of our law enforcement agencies under democratic control.
     But we won't be able to do that until we wrest control over the levers of government from them. In the next less than 6 months they will try to hammer us on the airwaves with their false and petty accusations all the while they are still lying, cheating and stealing from us. They are unconscious about blaming us for exactly what they are doing and have already done. So we democrats, independents and fair minded republicans need to just ignore the spew of their lies and propaganda without taking heed to what they are trying to make us do. It is real simple for us, we just need to confidently go about our business with the self assurance that their attacks on us can only hurt us if we listen and believe their insanity.
     The republicans have a boatload of money they are going to spend on this coming election and they are if one thing clever about pointing their fingers away from themselves. Knowing this is to our advantage because when we choose to ignore them we are keeping our own minds clear about who are the treasonous collaborator villains in our American politics. I just keep counting down the days until I can vote for every democrat on my ballot and all of us should do the same if we are ever going to nullify trump and make his underlings pay for their dishonorable service to our American democracy!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why I care (#3394)

     The reason I am a progressive liberal is because I have a heart, mind and soul that reminds me of what indignity, disrespect, brutality and suffering feel like. I have experienced all those and more in my life as well as all others have and unfortunately will continue to experience. I am a human being with not only the ability to adapt but even more as a priority, an ability to overcome. We liberals are the fiercest human beings alive simply because we are not selfish. No one should ever doubt our resolve and our determination to go to any lengths to vanquish that which is of an intentional harm. So if you think that being liberal is being soft, you are once again wrong in how you understand life.
     There is no hero in life who didn't value others as least as much as themself. Only cowards value themselves above others when they could otherwise sacrifice at least a little. As we liberal/progressives reside in the democratic party it is quite clear that we democrats are the heroes in life far more so than the republicans. I am not saying that republicans have no heroes in their party but if you search high and low you will find few examples. We democrats want to end the paradigms that promote and inculcate the worst of what humans have become. We don't see the need for prejudice when merit is the real differentiation among us. We don't see gender as a plus or minus based solely upon gender, we see values within all humans as plus or minus based upon thoughts and actions.
     I care because I am more human than those who don't care. I am proud to be a human being with all the traits and natures that exemplify our majesty. That which is not majestic, noble nor honorable is left to those who only care for themselves, which if you look into the republican party will have no trouble finding many examples. We who care are in the democratic party and we are multitudes. Whether it is saving our planet or just saving our species, we don't want to let go of what is the best and brightest about this existence. Most generally we don't care for all the whistles buzzers and bells of life as much as we care that all of us have enough to at least escape poverty. I am not one to bask in wealth, I am one to bask in the goodness of the heartfelt.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Internet down (#3393)

     It has been years since I have had to find another way to access the Internet so as to post my daily blog. But since then I was wise enough to put my blog on my phone. So now instead of having to interrupt my routine and go out in my car with my laptop to find a public wifi location, I can now just stay home and type my thoughts on my phone and post from my desk.
     I usually use my router Internet connection but since it is not connecting I can use my phone's data plan to post my daily musings. Having that backup is now proving to be profound. I just need to limit my data usage so as not to go over my monthly limit. Tomorrow morning the technician will be here to hopefully resolve my lack of Internet connectivity so fingers crossed on that. But if not l will need to keep my activity on the Internet from my phone to a minimum.
     So this blog post will be short and to the point. I hope there is no complex problem with getting my router Internet back tomorrow morning and that no one else has the inconvenience of not being able to access our favorite and often necessary ethernet chores. I

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Republicans will keep killing us if we don't stop them! (#3392)

     No more pussy footing around about the effect republicanism is having on our society. Their shoot first ask questions later survival of the fittest ideology only benefits those who can't understand peace nor intelligence. An idiot brigade of assholes who would rather bury their guilt, ignorance and shame than admit it. They know to be better people but they have chosen not to be better people because they like their privileges and advantages that come with being boorish. Thus trump and his fumblings in our most honored public position. If ever the intelligent voting citizenry ever figures this out then maybe they will vote like their lives depend on it. Maybe.
     The idea that being an asshole is as American as apple pie only comes from republicans. What is American is the spirit and pride we all should have in our democracy. Like when we fought two world wars on foreign shores to protect the principles of democracy and humanity. We cannot abide wholesale slaughter of humans as it is antithetical to our moral compasses. We democrats may not be the shining example in every case but our souls are not the greedy selfish ones that inhabit republicans. We are the spirit of America in that we believe that democracy, equality of opportunity, fairness and justice apply to all of us not just to some of us.
     So if you want a future that shares the best of what we can be as a species then there is no other choice but to vote for a democrat in every election going forward. The republican party has shown us that they do not hold to science, logic toward modernization as fundamental. They are afraid to let go of their fears and instead project those fears onto the whole of society. Constantly trying to scare the rest of us to follow them down a mysterious path that has more chaos to it than order. Their dislike for an evolving future borders on the cowardly embrace of anything that keeps them from having to face the inevitability of it. Vote them out and then let's restore the sanity of logic and science back to our fundamental thinking and actions.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Just vote blue (#3391)

     The republican party has shamed itself through and through. There is no republican position that can win an election on it's own. Yet we democrats have several and more. Protecting and improving social security and medicare/medicaid. Raising taxes on the wealthy while giving the working middle poor class more tax breaks and incentives. Reversing all voting laws that restrict American citizens from voting. Raising the minimum wage to a livable wage. Taking the financing of our elections out of the hands of the private sector and putting into the public sector where any and all who have ideas based upon policies can run and win in any election.
     The many ideas we democrats have are for the public good and involve all the public, unlike with republicans who think that only the wealthy should have the advantages and privileges currently in use. The idea that somehow the republican party will turn from their existing policies to deny and obstruct the overwhelming will of the American people is classic denialism. They will never change their itinerary of dismantling democracy whenever democracy clashes with their ideology of "the wealthy deserve more than anyone else". They also embrace anything of a christian nature that aligns with their ideas of shaming the poor and keeping women barefoot and pregnant. This madness of denying equality has to end and it ends in the voting booth come November 6th.
     So just vote blue or for every democrat on the ballot. There is no need for any republican in politics anymore since they do not represent the majority will of our democracy. They instead have aligned themselves with Russia and it's authoritarianism government. That treason to America and our allies is evident in the actions from trump and republicans in Congress since trump was installed, is indefensible. The best remedy we Americans can give ourselves is to immerse ourselves in the coming blue wave and give ourselves the chance to recover from the now exposed ill of trump and republicans everywhere.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I hope we are in the eye of the hurricane (#3390)

     We democrats seem to be lulled at the moment and if it is because we are just in the eye of the storm then that is okay but if it isn't then we are losing our momentum against the republicans come November 6th. I can't tell why it is if we are losing momentum other than warm weather fatigue but if it is we need to stop it right now. The republican party has been fighting hard to get back to some form of even since they pushed their horrid right wing agenda upon us. The worst of it is done so maybe we democrats are just catching our breaths and relaxing a bit before the big fight this fall. But we cannot stop to catch our breaths. We have an advantage and we will surely lose it if we take it for granted.
     This much I have learned over my many decades of following politics, the winds can change suddenly without warning if we are not vigilant in our determination. Momentum, once lost, is difficult to recapture. Even with the women's march and the student marches we are in danger of falling back from those empowering protests to a pause that has us in some confusion. Especially since trumps and other republicans are mobilizing to neuter our support for them. We cannot let our guard down and let them accomplish once again a minority takeover over of the majority opinion. So if marching again and hitting the streets over policies that are being ignored is what it takes then that is what we must do!
     What other course of action do we have in this moment? It is our voice that is our most potent weapon and the mechanism for firing it is our feet. We must never let the trumps and republicans normalize their treasonous and democracy destroying acts because they have simply overwhelmed us with despicableness. New polling is showing a lessening of our blue wave and we cannot let that happen so we must act now and never stop acting right up until election eve if we are in any way going to reverse the current republican control. I know the weather is getting better and people are more prone to being outside doing things other than paying attention to politics but those of us who never sleep on the politics of the day are sounding the alarm that our current complacency may be the undoing of our democracy.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12th, 2018 and trump hasn't killed us all yet (#3389)

     I really didn't think we would all make it out of the first 3 months alive. I figured that about half of us would be dead or dying by then. To install such an inhumane being as the leader of the free world contradicts everything logical about a modern society. We may still all go the way of the dead but for now we may just survive a holocaust. With the midterms coming up in 178 days we are going to be able to stop the majority republican congress from being such tools of trump. Not only that but we will have the power from the blue wave to properly investigate how our government was overthrown from within and without. The day of reckoning for trump having screwed up and not killed us all will be his undoing.
     Because those of us he has not killed will fight like hell to elect democrats from all across the spectrum in order to unseat the headless zombie republicans. No more will trump be able to snap his fingers and make his pet republicans jump because there won't be enough of them left to matter. The momentum is still building for our blue wave and despite any little giveaways to us from now on to the election the bigger picture of the trump treason and the republican culpability will not be forgotten. What trump and republicans are trying to do is instead of putting their boots to our neck they are now wearing only socks. As if their brutality can be softened through texture so as to make us feel better about them.
     Every day I post about something that republicans are screwing up or about what we democrats are fighting for and that will stay the same even past the coming midterm election. Because have no doubt, trump is spoiling to make us pay in order that he look good. If still trying to kill us works for his image then it will happen no matter how much everyone else denies it. Let there be no doubt, we are in for the fight of our lives and if we don't succeed trump may well strip America of her democracy and install himself as the savior of mankind. No more turning our heads from the fight and you must ask yourself now when will you stand up and find your courage to fight for our democracy so many other generations died and suffered to protect?

Friday, May 11, 2018

I early voted in the California primary yesterday (#3388)

     If you are not as excited as I am then you are missing out. The midterm election season has begun and we get to put our candidates up against theirs. We democrats are not on the wrong side of treason nor history so as long as we stay engaged we will blue wave the republicans right out of congressional leadership as well as many state house positions. This election reminds me of the Canadian election of 2015 when the Liberal party led by Justin Trudeau swept to power on a wave similar to what we democrats may have this year. It has the same fool to it as the ruling conservatives in Canada had made a muck of their country.
    Same here in America where the trumps and republicans are not only making a muck of things but they have a dark side to them that has all the earmarks of treason. We Americans are not ones to take the worst of our natures and give them a second chance when their first chance showed just how corruptible they were. The republicans who supported the trumps and are helping to destroy our working middle poor class will pay the political price for doing so because we the working middle poor class have had enough of the lies and falsehoods coming from republicans. Our nation is better than what republicans and trump are doing and we will not tolerate it any longer.
     So when I cast my ballot yesterday I felt the exhilaration of the coming change to nominate candidates who are going to win and win big over the pitiful republicans who are running not on policies for helping America but instead on policies that will further put America in a hole. It is as if republicans don't know how to stop digging the massive hole they have already dug. We Americans are not prone to having our pride hurt like this and the wrath that we Americans have toward the republican party will not be assuaged by trinkets and or thoughts and prayers. We are going to take back our government and in doing so we will assign the republican party back to the irrelevance they necessarily deserve.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Will justice reach the powerful and wealthy? (#3387)

     Unfortunate as it is there are two justice systems here in America. One is for the privileged and the other is for everyone else. Which gives us an insight into why we can't seem to change what is wrong with our American society. As long as the privileged keep getting away with despicable and unethical behavior they will not stop trying to make it their normal. As for the rest of us we are left with the cruel and harsh end of the justice stick where there is little maneuvering for circumstance. As punishments go we the unprivileged are constantly being reminded that a harsh punishment is the only cure for behavioral change, while the privileged are being told that mistakes happen and they shouldn't be held against them.
     As we wait for the Mueller probe into law breaking and other collusion type activities we see the evidence of law breaking and collusion but little to no action on the indictment front to charge and try. It is as if the elements of a crime committed are of such a high standard of proof that no proof can actually reach that level. Again, the justice for the privileged is not the same as the justice of the unprivileged as we see every day in courtrooms all across our nation. When I first heard of the Mueller investigation it gave me hope that some action on the justice front might actually lead straight to the culprits behind the criminal activity. That was encouraging and hopeful but as time continues to move forward and the evidence is very clear why no action on criminal charges?
     I fear that the same old two tiered justice system will prevail and although the guilt of many is pretty clear none will actually have to pay a punishment. I hope I am wrong but with power and wealth working against the institution of justice I am clearly not sure who will prevail. If I hear one more time that our justice system is the best in the world I will likely cringe and walk away. We are fooling ourselves here in America pretending to be one thing while we are surely quite another. Our democracy has been our rallying point since our national inception but what is our democracy and how can it be that our justice system within it continues be one for the privileged and one for the unprivileged?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

No war for trump! (#3386)

     Try as trump may to get us into an unnecessary war trump won't be able to given the closeness of the midterm elections. Too many republicans know that starting a war for political gain will be a real negative for their chances of holding onto what little hope they have for their current offices. Some republicans will embrace the idea of starting a war just to help them increase their chances of holding office but there are not enough of them to help trump along with his strategic killings. There is no hope of trump finding a legitimate reason for war so his attempts to create a narrative that justifies his murderous intent is nil.
     However, he will give it a shot as we are seeing with his apparent backing out of the treaty with Iran. With North Korea now out of the picture as an adversary Iran is the last real hope for trump to take our minds of his treasonous acts here at home. We will not take our minds off of the treachery trump and the republican party has perpetrated on us the American people because we will not let trump have his way to create a diversion. The international community does not support trump and his call to arms, nor do most of we here in America. The idea that trump can manufacture out of thin air evidence that no one else is seeing is ludicrous given the simple nature of things that trump struggles to comprehend. Not even his pal putin can help him now.
     The bombshell new evidence coming out concerning the lawyer trump used to launder his sins is enough for now to keep the pressure on trump domestically that his little attention span will not allow him to multitask a war while fending off his criminal/immoral behavior. We the American people are not ready to die for trump so that he can escape justice. He is fooling himself once again if he thinks that his word alone is enough to gather the momentum necessary for a world type war. That trump is being boxed in will make him more desperate but we know that and his flailings will not deter from the fact that trump and his ilk are the real problem in the world and not his desperate imaginings about the rest of us.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Too many choose to stay in the "cave" (#3385)

     The premise examined by Socrates/Plato in the allegory of the cave is that too many of us accept what is in front of us as enough while not examining what else there might be. A sort of comforting and safe understanding despite the illusion of it all. Too many of us are not inquisitive enough to have all the senses we humans are gifted with to push beyond our knowns into the unknown. Instead they suppress these gifts in order to remain in their safe caves. We have a mind that stores information comprehensively in both short and long term memory banks. We have the ability to reason, analyze and conclude each within our mental progressions. We can smell, hear, see, touch and taste differences in all the ranges of our living spectrums.
     Yet, even though they are also physically gifted to evolve and perfect their physical nature it is only done so when it helps to confirm the preconceived notion of their illusions. Not as a tool to expand their horizons but as an anchor to keep themselves from exposing their fear of knowledge. A cowering from the reality of adaptation and bold courage is preferred to leaving behind the binkies of antiquity. So as our species struggles with our identity we fall further behind in the struggle to modernize not only our thinking but our actions as well. While we continue to hide from the majesty of our ability the rest of our environment moves forward without us. As I like to say, we humans are amazing, yet truthfully, only in potential, not in actual reality.
     Our fear holds us back from elevating our higher understandings into plans that test our courage and our inquisitiveness. Too many of us think that just being alive is enough. While the rest of us see life as the beginning of who we are and want to know and act on more than being safe from our own amazing identity. How do we teach ourselves that our curiosity and compassion are our greatest strengths and nothing less than both of them is where we each need to begin living. Anything else is hiding in the shadows of life and will only bring about an illusion that needs coddling from a species that is still struggling to find it's maturity.

Monday, May 7, 2018

8 point lead in the congressional generic ballot for democrats (#3384)

     It is only early May but an 8 point lead for democrats is indicative of the national mood against republicans, https://www.vox.com/2018/5/3/17315970/generic-ballot-2018-midterms-democrats-republicans-monmouth-poll. I think 8 is still small but again it is only early May so we democrats have time to make that number grow especially since we are clearing the primaries getting ready for the candidates from both parties to present their policies. Well, at least we democrats are ready but as far as republicans go who knows what they will do since they are not for any policies attractive to the working middle poor class. Especially women since many national marches have shown that women have had enough of the republican party.
     Even if 8 points ends up being the margin after the election in November it will be a wave election. Not what we are hoping for but still enough to flip the House and Senate. Yet we democrats need to be greedy in building our blue wave. We must take down all the republican leaders in the House and do more than just squeak by in the Senate. This will be a generational election for us democrats if we can harness the anger that our nation has with republicans who are trying their hardest to destroy any vestige we have a prosperous middle class. The middle class has been a stepping stone for the poor to get to the middle and then up to the upper class. But if we allow republicans to continue to destroy our middle class then the poor will never have the chance to be financially successful.
     It is shameful and anti democratic what republicans are doing and never in any universe should they be rewarded for doing it. We must defeat them with a margin that spells out a mandate that even the slow witted trump can't deny. We will need to have the kind of numbers that give us the power to push past trump and enact policies despite trump and his false ego. A 10 point margin in the voting come November would all but certify that we democrats will crush the republicans and surely would give us comfortable margins in both houses of congress. It is what we need to survive and reverse the last two years of trump if Mueller doesn't get to trump before then. Not only that but the 2020 census needs us democrats to be in control of the apportioning of the congressional boundary lines if we are ever going to end the draconian gerrymandering effect.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

We must protect our democracy! (#3383)

     Any vote given to a republican anywhere is a vote to dismantle our democracy. The republican party sold out the American people in order to establish their own brand of government. It isn't democracy as much as it is authoritarianism. How could we let our voices be diminished by giving those who would not listen to us our confidence? Why would we let someone tell us what we want or need without asking us? Are we such baby children that we cannot decide what we need or want? Are we really just the sheep republicans think we are? I know one thing for sure, I am not!
     I never vote for republicans because over my political life I have seen the devastation they bring to so many that it hurts my soul to even remember. Yet I will never forget and until republicans are driven out of public office that pain will always be front and center with me. I am not a child who needs some ego driven carpetbagger to tell me how to live. I live by honorable principles, not nefarious ulterior motives. All I see around me are republicans who want to take take and take while giving nothing in return. They are selfish and wouldn't know the benevolent meaning or the soul satisfying feeling one gets from giving to those who have not. We live one time in our bodies and if we are going to live we need to live like there is a purposeful noble reason, not with hatred, greed or condescension.
     So in order to protect our democracy we must elect those who would give equal rights to all so that none are left without as a foundation. What we do with our beginning is up to us to make or break. But never should anyone not have the same right and opportunity to make the most out of their lives. This is our American democratic credo. Give all to democracy so democracy can give all back. Our community, and it is our community, is either going to be a shining example of how civilized people live or it will be one of brutal force where some benefit from society and many do not. The choice is so very clear and if you vote for republicans again you are the worst of what we humans can be!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Democracy births capitalism, not the other way around (#3382)

     What the greedy republican party fails to understand is that capitalism does not exist without democracy. Unless of course democracy is abandoned for the authoritarian system China currently has with it's segregated capitalism. There in China the wealth gap is immense, with few enjoying the luxury while the vast many still scrambling to survive. Though this may currently be the status quo one can expect it to fail given the nature of our human species and the desire for democratic ideals. It is absurd that republicans now see the authoritarian system of capitalism that China formed as their model for us here in America. I and many others have been warning about the greedy wealthy here in America trying to turn our democracy into an authoritarian system of government.
     Which is why we see so many republican policies aimed at destroying our working middle class. They don't want a prosperous pathway for all to have as an avenue to success. The republican party and their greedy wealthy want to maintain their wealth and power while keeping others from having the same opportunities. I can say it here all day long and many would just ignore the idea as some conspiracy against the republican party but if anyone can maintain an objective viewpoint it isn't a stretch nor a conspiracy to say that republicans are dismantling democratic ideals. By restricting voting, undermining public education, obstructing equal rights for women, doing away with health and welfare policies, weakening union participation, denying science and logic as the formulas for our perspectives and much more.
     Notwithstanding the authoritarian Chinese experiment which can only end in chaos and upheaval, democracy is the only value system of government that can and will survive because it allows for all to participate while judging on creativity, innovation and merit. At least that is democracy in it's best form, unlike the diluted form we now have because republicans are in the process of taking our democracy away form us. Again, a vote for a republican is a vote to end democracy in America. It cannot happen overnight of course but in increments, like the last several decades have shown. Finally remember this fact. Capitalism is a subset of democracy, not the other way around since capitalism has no time for anything other than maximum profit, which is largely generated through very low wages to no wage at all ie., slave labor.

Friday, May 4, 2018

No regrets (#3381)

     I choose some time ago to eliminate those from my life who have chosen to be bigoted, misogynistic and hateful to others. The list is long and personal for me. Many family and friends have gone by the wayside because they "chose" trump like thinking over the principles of democracy. For me it was trying to figure out how to make a difference in my sphere of influence when logic and common decency failed to persuade them that equality is not just a word it is action. So what I came up with is that there really is only two things I can control. That being my time and presence. So I chose to not have them in my life. Family, friends and acquaintances were summarily "unfriended".
     This made going to family gatherings impossible since I am mostly the only one who has taken this tactic to heart. It took awhile for me to adjust to saying no to invites but after so many nos I was not with any regularity asked again. So my taking my time and presence from them seems to have been nothing to do about much since I am obviously not missed much. Which tells me another thing. I am as a family member or friend not as a priority with them as their own sense of selfishness, which is to me their  hatred, misogyny and bigotry. So I am not missing much by having them out of my life because I really didn't matter that much. So in standing by my principles of equality, fairness and justice I have not only fortified my own sense of purpose and internal harmony, I have exposed those who I had little idea were of a nature not natural to a healthy and humble mindset.
     So do I miss those who made up so much of my early life? Yes I do but not as much as I thought I would since I am a man who puts honorable acts and thoughts above the boorish and selfish. So I have no regrets foregoing my past in order to create a present and future that represents the best of what we humans can be despite any loyalty others think I should have to family and friends. There is little no compromise here and for that it is what it must be. As fortune would have it some key people in my life who are family and friends are of a like mind with me albeit they are not as harsh in their relationships as I am. That is their choice and I respect that. However for me it as simple as if you are not going to stand as an example of what we humans are best at and could be then I have no time for you. None!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Stay strong Democrats! (#3380)

     If we want to preserve and improve health care we democrats need to stay strong. If we want to preserve and improve social security we democrats need to stay strong. If we want to preserve and restore our voting rights we democrats need to stay strong. The list goes on and on and while we democrats are currently favored to win the midterms we need to be stronger than the current predictions. Winning the midterms does not guarantee that we will retake the majorities in either the House or the Senate. We need the momentum of the blue wave to not only maintain its force going toward November but for it to keep increasing in size and strength.
     There is no room for any complacency nor a normalization of what republicans have already inflicted on us. The burning anger from their "coup" with cooperation from a hostile power is never to be acceptable. There must be a price that is paid and if it isn't going to be criminal then it must be political. The republican party should never benefit from their despicable strategy of treason! Yes, treason. They sold our democracy to a foreign power and now are in the process of destroying our working middle poor class. They have shown that their loyalty is not to The United States of America, but instead to the greed and avarice of power. The republican party has sold what little was left of its honor and principles for the lust of a selfish gratification.
     So stay strong we democrats as we enter into the summer campaign season where the candidates will be known and the policies will be argued by democrats and lied about by republicans. Because lying is all republicans have since they don't want a better America for all. I know everyday the abuse and disgust we have to endure from the trumps and republicans in general makes us sick and tired of it all but that is what we are fighting to stop and if we don't get past our own dismay we won't be able to beat back the worst natures of humanity instilled in the republican party. No battle is easy and neither is ours but rest assured that when we all fight hard and with endurance it will be easier and in the long run much more satisfying when the republican party is made to pay for it's atrocities!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

We Democrats take no election off! (#3379)

     I don't care where and for what, we democrats cannot afford to be complacent about any public election. We are at a critical point in our vision for the future and if we don't at least try to win every special election going forward we will only be harming ourselves and our vision. The republican party is hell bent to destroy our democracy and there is no time for us to be anything less than angry and determined to stop them. It all starts at the local level where we need to instill our message at the grassroots and then let it grow upward toward our highest vantage points so that we democrats dominate the political landscape not only at the federal level but just as critically at the local, regional and state level.
     the 2020 census is just around the corner and for us democrats to be in position to be the ones who allocate a fair and representative redistricting we have to have our voices at all levels. So as we move into the last stages of preparing our candidates for primaries and the eventual general election we must take all that is out there for us to take. No prisoners when it comes to our scorched earth approach to kicking republicans out of office. There will be no mercy given them when it is as critical as to who is leading our nation. No public office can be safe for them even down to the dog catcher role. The republican party has shown that they cannot be trusted to carry out the American people's business without them taking from us where they enrich themselves and their cohorts.
     So it is with a steely eyed resolve that we democrats must maintain in order to reverse the republican domination in all our politics. They are the minority here in America yet by hook and crook they have manipulated themselves into majority positions that will poison our democracy for decades to come if we do not end their brutishness. So no rest for the weary and the abused. We have to fight with all we have at every step in order to combat republicans and thrust ourselves above them as the true representatives of the American people. We have less than 6 months now to fight as hard as possible in order to win the special elections going forward and the midterms in November.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

trump represents the decay of the American soul (#3378)

     No, trump isn't the decay, he is the product of it. The form that has taken shape and now, through hook and crook, leads our nation. He is exalted by those who live their lives as if their deepest darkest thoughts were real. Instead of realizing that everyone has deep dark thoughts and that they are mostly what we are not, those who realize that their ugly thoughts aren't real are the decay. They are the vocal lot who are bolstered in their bravado to claim that what is rotten to the core about them is what we all should embrace about ourselves. They cannot accept that denying our rotten thoughts any space in our lives is real. They only know that what they think is what is real.
     So here we are in our great land of democracy watching it being dismantled by those who are too weak to fight their own dirty filthy minds. Instead of putting aside any negative horrible thought they accept it and then begin to apply it to their own behavior and personalities. They become bigots, misogynists and every other crass being that their weakness brings them. Oh sure, they go to some god and ask for forgiveness hoping that what little humanity they have left is not destroyed. But that is just a mental salve on a physical wound. It is like thoughts and prayers, well intentioned for the most part but physically moot. So instead of winning the fight against the worst of our thinking they succumb to it and allow it to fester in their souls.
     So now what to do with these corruptible weaklings who cannot control themselves enough to be good decent human beings who are no different in all ways that matters than the ones they condescend toward? Call them out for being weaklings and tell them why they are because they cannot accept that deep dark thoughts are only temptations and combatting temptations is the strong response not the weak one they are currently embracing. Getting to the actual core of our problems is the only way we can find a way out of them that works for most all of us. Some of us are psychopaths and sociopaths and no matter what we try the empathy to change is not there. But most all others are able to change if they are willing to be stronger than their pitiful weaknesses.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Keep building the blue wave! (#3377)

     There is a problem coming that isn't so much about policies. It is about complacency! As the summer comes around and more people are less inclined to stay focused on the issues of the day we will find our blue wave waning a bit. It is a crucial that we keep the pressure on despite the better weather of the coming season. Because all things aside, the weather will be what it is and so will the policies of our bitter rival the republican party. They will continue to dismantle all the good work of democrats for the last 2 centuries given any distraction on our part. They are like worms under a rock, the weather won't stop them from doing their creepy work.
     I know that it has been a long year and a half since trump was elected but we have about 190 days until the midterms and for us to lose momentum when it is absolutely necessary for us to have the largest wave election in history is unthinkable. Nothing about rest and relaxation is worth the utter failure of us to unseat the majorities in Congress this coming November 6th. Nothing! I know it will be hard but we cannot let our focus on the prize of a blue tsunami slip for an instant if we truly want to end the trump reign of disaster for the working middle poor class. I will be relentless in reminding us of all the damage republicans have inflicted and will inflict even more if we do not build our wave to its highest potential. I will rest and relax for a bit after November 6th but not until then.
     We cannot allow a normalization of republican politics to infiltrate our psyches. We all deserve better out of life than to be just an afterthought to republican officials. They may try to scare and terrorize us with their threats but we must not allow the bullies to win because we are afraid. Because if we act like we are afraid or are too busy doing other things, republicans will use it to their advantage in every way a bully could. They do not represent us the working middle poor class. They are not our champions! The democratic party is our champion and nothing in the world should prevent us from throwing out of office every republican everywhere there is an election. We will count our victories on November 7th but not to think and act like a total domination by us democrats is coming on November 6th would only undermine us and give republicans victories where they should have been kicked out on their asses!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The importance of space exploration in the time of trump (#3376)

     The necessity of finding another planet for our human species to exist on is now more critical than ever. It isn't that our Earth is in imminent danger of being destroyed but instead it is not being protected from man made disasters under trump. The idea that man made climate change is a hoax and that pollution should be allowed are trump policies. So instead of a process we had been on to heal our planet from the toxic effects of the industrial revolution trump and republicans are now re-embracing those toxic effects as inconsequential. The republican party has colluded with trump to allow the worst of planet killing policies to go forward like there is no tomorrow for the rest of us.
     So the idea that our planet is going to be a safe harbor for our species and all the species that we interact with is now not being secured. So instead we who have any vision for our civilized future must make new opportunities become real. Those opportunities, short of ending the trump and republican reign over our planet Earth, must come from the outside and that is outer space. As our technology and innovation continues to expand so should our search for an inhabitable planet. It seems that trump and republicans are comfortable with the idea of either a religious rapture to take them from reality thus making our planet expendable or that they are just greedy thieves who only think of themselves while they are alive and the heck with everyone who comes after they are dead.
     Either way the neglect and disdain trump and republicans have for our planet is not to be left without us having another avenue to travel. Space exploration will hopefully give us that avenue. There are many planets being discovered that seem inhabitable. So finding a way to them and colonizing them is more safe than sorry when it comes to protecting our species. It would be a shame if we didn't use the intelligence we have evolved from our comprehensive understandings to keep our species in reality and not extinct. Having a back up plan is just one of the intelligent possibilities that I would expect from us because when it is all said and done, despite trump and republicans, we humans do have much more to live for and despite any nonsense about a rapture or just greed, we have more work and discovery to take from the unknown to make known.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Threatening to start a nuclear war is not Nobel Peace prize worthy (#3375)

     Already trump is claiming to be the actuator of peace on the Korean peninsula. So much so that some flunky republican congressman is calling for trump to receive the Nobel Peace prize. It amazes me that a war monger like trump would all of a sudden think that he is a peace maker when all he did was threaten to kill half or more of the planet. That is not the actions of a peacemaker it is, on the contrary, the actions of a madman who is so much a bully that he doesn't care how many lives he puts in jeopardy in order to create the illusion that he isn't a coward. Then to have his acolytes reward his behavior with an award is mind numbing.
     I suppose he thinks that the ends justify the means and since he was part of the equation that somehow magically maneuvered North Korea into an agreement he is the one who made it all possible. That is the thinking of every narcissist who has ever been in a position to command. We will find out the reasons for the Korean agreement that are now not available for us to evaluate but for the trumps to claim some power over the situation is again in line with how republicans operate. They create a mess and then when it cleans up claim that it was their strategy all along. I would think that if I, a simple person with some education can see clearly how this is, that many others more learned than myself would be even more outraged at the avarice and pretense of the republican party. We all know they are craven and deceitful so why would we ever assume they are statesmen/women?
     All I know is that if somehow trump is given a Nobel Peace prize for stumbling us into near annihilation, I will be thankful for my old age and look forward to my eventual demise with little regret for not having to live longer in a reality that praises an idiot and destroys intelligence. The greatest thing in life that I admire is the intellectual comprehension we humans have evolved toward. But that no longer is our reality, when it is now that we believe that someone who lies, steals and cheats is the best we can show to represent ourselves in life!

Friday, April 27, 2018

We Democrats need to get behind the best chance of winning Democrat in every race (#3374)

     If there are two democrats running and one is better suited by their policies for that particular district or state then we must go with the one who has the best chance to unseat or fend off the republican. Like Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, he was a much more moderate candidate, which was what was needed to win against the republican in that particular house district. Sometimes a much more liberal candidate is needed and sometimes a much more moderate candidate is needed. Each house district is different so we must match up the correct end of our democratic spectrum for each district if we are going to give republicans the boot come November 6th.
     Some say we are not being liberal/progressive enough and others say we are not being moderate enough. We cannot at this time have it one way or the other. We must carefully determine which particular candidate matches up with the voters in that particular district and advance the candidate with the best chance at victory. There is no one size fits all, it is matching the best candidate to win in whatever the perspective of the district is that we are contesting. These decisions are not easy because some districts are difficult to judge as to what is the best fit. Yet it must be done especially in states where the top two candidates move on from the primary. Like we have here in California where we have many good candidates running as democrats but with that they will dilute the vote and allow a republican or even two to move on with minimal percentage leads.
     So some democratic candidates will have to step down from running so the democratic party may move ahead with the best chance of winning. If we have learned one thing from the last election, it is that when we democrats are divided the republicans swoop in and win. So we democrats must get on the same page and do the hard work of putting our best chance of winning candidates forward whether they are progressive or moderate. Because a loss to republicans will only further destroy not only our party but our working middle poor class and give republicans more opportunities to destroy our democracy. So let's not fight on what must be done to get our party in the best position to win and remove republicans from the majority in Congress.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The republican party worries about democrats, democrats worry about our nation (#3373)

     You see this time and again where republicans politicians talk about losing power to democrats without ever saying why. They want a war against the democratic party and spend more time "inventing" problems within our democratic party instead of discussing why the majority of Americans are turning against them. The republican party is about what it wants as it's agenda and the democratic party wants what we the American people want for our agenda. We have seen what republicans want since the election in 2016 has given them the power to activate their agenda and it does well for the wealthy but not even fair for the working middle poor class.
     Generally, the republican party only respects power and wealth, it is no surprise since it is a party of the survival of the fittest. They don't care for the democratic ideal of equal opportunity for all since it would interfere with their system of advantage and privilege. We democrats on the other hand believe that there should be no advantage and privilege for the sake of it. We want a society that honors initiative and merit as the determining factors for our success but we also honor all our citizens with the right to exist and do as they are able without having to live in poverty and squalor. The difference between the republican and democratic parties is wide and obvious. If you are a greedy selfish taker then the republican party is for you. If you are a benevolent hard working giver then the democratic party is for you. Now you must decide!
     So as the republican party focuses on it's alternative news to try to tear down the democratic party, we democrats will focus on our nation and work to solve the problems that are not being addressed like growing education in all corners of our country while working with the local, regional, state and national governments to help create job opportunities that are befitting of our American innovative vision. We democrats believe in enlightenment and modernity. Progressing our nation in all areas of improvement and upgrade are essential to reclaiming the title of being the leader of the world into a prosperous and more intelligent future that certainly will happen regardless if we are part of it or not!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Arizona's congressional election yesterday (#3372)

     The republican won the district by about 5% points, well below the over 21% points trump won the district in 2016. Now that the republican has won and will be voting with the republican majority in the House for the rest of this cycle, we will have some more fuel to throw on the republican bonfire. Because this House seat is again to be voted upon in November. The same democrat who almost pulled off an upset with limited funds and little national attention will be running again. What the seniors in this district will become well aware of over the next 6 months is that this republican candidate will be going after their social security and their medicare/medicaid.
     The seniors in this district make up a large voting block in this district and it is logical to conclude that they won't be happy with their representative for trying to harm them. Enough so that the next time this district is in play in November it may well have a different result with the democrat coming out on top. The republicans may have won last night but the bigger picture is that they had a very safe district to maintain and instead of cruising to a victory they had to outspend and work their butts off just not to lose. What that says is that the momentum of the coming election is still holding fast as a democratic advantage.
     So although we democrats are a bit unsettled that the electorate of this district didn't see through the republicans enough to flip this district they did see through enough to make it close. That in itself is placating to us democrats because we know that the truth of things is starting to come to light and given that most people are reasonable enough to know when they are being harmed will change their habits and try to prevent further harm. We have a long 6 months to go until the midterms in November but these special elections practically every week keep us on our toes and allows us to maintain the fire we need to sustain if we are going to flip Congressional majorities in the House and Senate.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Do not resign yourself to trumpism, it is brutality! (#3371)

     The republican party has only one agenda and that agenda is to make the wealthy even more wealthy. They have no care for nor any respect for the working middle poor class that makes our nation what it is. They believe that kings should rule and serfs should obey and if they have to make concessions along the way that go against their agenda it is only because they see it as trick to fool us into believing they are not as bad as their agenda dictates. If they give us something once in awhile it will only be taken away along with other important life sustaining utilities. The survival of the fittest is their "democracy", not fair and just opportunity for all.
     In their world vision only takers, who can and may take at will are allowed the special privileges they mete out to their own. There is no dishonest way to financially or strongarm acquire wealth or power in their world. Peace is not on their altar of respect, unless it comes at the hand of unquestioned control. They will not relent in their quest to make life as hard as possible for the working middle poor class so that they can eventually break our will to be free of them and have the real democracy our nation was formed to reflect. This is a coup by the republican party that has shown itself to be an anti-democratic, pro-authoritarian one.
     So any normalization or acquiescence to trumpism and or the republican vision for our future is not to be allowed is if we want to keep our democracy. Do you hear me? There is nothing of value in following or being herded like mindless cattle to the will of those who would be gods. The generations that came before us fought like hell was at the door to protect their democracy and so we must as well because the hellish future republicans have planned for us in not far from the hell of our imaginations. I will never surrender to those who would take my freedom and force me to accept their thinking. I am a free man who will think and act on behalf of democracy and my liberty within it with every breath I have left in me!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tomorrow's elections (#3370)

     The special elections in Arizona and New York state tomorrow is another opportunity for the blue wave to show its strength. Especially the all important congressional race in Arizona. Another red district in a red state that went for trump by over 12% points. That lead has been all but erased and is actually a 1% point deficit for the republican candidate as of 2 days ago. The reversing nature of this particular Arizona race is indicative of the rising democratic hopes and the sinking republican arrogance. The republican party did this to themselves by alienating the largest voting block in America, the working middle poor class.
     So if things go according to the recent past democrats will win this congressional district by at least a few percentage points and the republican party will further fail to hold on to their tenuous grip of majorities in Congress. The races in New York are the backbone races of our country as they are the back bench races that fill our ever growing roster of competent and intelligent democratic candidates into the next level of leadership. We must continue to take back our state houses from an overwhelming republican dominance and it starts with every special election going forward until the next midterm election and beyond. America needs its working middle poor class as the majority representatives of our values and vision for the future.
     It is incumbent upon all of us voters to get out and vote wherever there is a special election so that the current crop of republican office holders learn to understand that they have made a grave error and as such will pay dearly in the voting booth. I always get a bit anxious the day before these crucial special elections but as has been shown in the recent past my anxiety is not well founded. We democrats have come out and voted and independents have crossed over to our side. With such a determined voting electorate on the liberal side recently showing up at the polls tomorrow may well be a day of upsets as democrats sweep into new public offices but also upsets in the sense that republicans will be upset to see that they are being crushed under the mighty power of the blue wave.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fighting hard for America's true spirit of hope for all (#3369)

     We here in America are the melting pot, not the entitled idiots who think deserves are only for them. They are represented by the republican party and lead by trump but they are a vast minority, how ironic, compared with we who hold democracy dearer to ourselves. So as the vile amongst us continue to bleat about their advantage and privilege the rest of us are continuing to fight against them to bring back the kind of leadership that celebrates diversity, equality and opportunity. For these are the traits that distinguish us from the dictators and the condescenders who would be kings.
     America has not become something else. We are in a battle to protect who we are so don't be fooled by the conmen of the republican party who are trying with all their limited intelligence to steal what is not theirs. They and their wealthy donors have swooped in and pulled of a great coup in our American politics through hook and crook. They are not the legitimate mindset nor heart of America. Although their political power is in force for now the time is swiftly running out on their nefarious ascension. The waking giant of the democratic party has been poked and we do not like a stick in our eye.
     There are few legislative victories for trump and his acolytes so the reversing of the trump executive orders will be immediate when he is replaced by a democrat. But we need our wave election this year and in 2020 to be so significant that we can reverse all the legislative damage done with veto proof power. The worst of who we are is currently showing itself and although many still support them the vast majority of us do not and we are preparing to wrest the power republicans manipulated away form us back. The rule of law within a civilization must be fair and just or otherwise we lose our democracy. We will not lose our democracy, so beware republicans who get in the way of the true spirit of America!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Our future may look back on us specifically (#3368)

     If we think we can live our lives without an accounting we may be once again fooling ourselves. The technology that may be realized may allow us to look back into time specifically at we individual humans through some time warp protocol. So if we think we can escape from prying eyes it may be more by luck than design. I live my life so that no matter who or what looks at it it will be reflective of my values of compassion and curiosity. It is what makes me so rock solid in my evaluations of good and bad that surrounds me. I live the life of a good man, not just reflect it as an illusion. I know, I don't get all the whistles, buzzers and bells out of life but I get honesty which is the most valuable "trinket" of all to me.
     I do not discount anything that the future may bring given how we humans have the ability to comprehend and conclude. It is an amazing life that we humans are able to live and the knowledge that comes with it can also be amazing. So a "sovereign" outside the concept of god may exist to me and it is our future human race. So living like someone is watching is how I live. I try to live the best I can but sometimes temptations get so heavy but knowing that I can never count on a shortcut or that if I would deliberately lie or cheat it would be caught out no matter how clever I am is just the deterrent I need in times of weakness, which we all have.
     I am strong in my convictions but I am also fallible so in order to keep my vigilance I must think outside the box sometimes and when I consider all possibilities is when I see the simple truth that not being me in a noble way is to be a lesser me and not someone I would be proud of. I want to be the honorable man who lives to make life better for all and not just for some so when you see me railing against the injustice and inequities of life it is because I am giving of myself, not for reward but for the greater purpose of care. I have only this life and it is the one I am able to exemplify. Evaluate my life against what may be and see if I am worthy of being a humble man who cares more for the human race than he wants for himself.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Never normalize the republican agenda of brutality (#3367)

     When you have been hit so many times it seems like being hit is normal. Well it isn't, just like the cruelty of the republicans and their carnival barker leader isn't normal. After so much time having gone by and we are not yet dead through the recklessness of trump we still must not accept that as a gift and let him get away with the brutality he and his party inflict. It isn't enough that we are not dead, there is more to life than accepting the cruel dictates from an imbecile. He isn't an imbecile in the general definition of the word but in his vision it is one where little to no thought is given to anything that doesn't benefit him.
     I guess calling him a pejorative is uncalled for on my part but I have mostly given up trying to be civil with his uncivilized behavior. He lost the popular vote by millions and still was handed the presidency through an unholy paternal system of condescension. So for him to think he has some mandate when more voted against him than voted for him and also 46.9% of the voting electorate didn't vote is an absurd calculation on his part. But his narcissistic tendencies preclude him being objective. That the republican party has gone along with trump's own self importance over the good of the vast majority of our citizenry is the republican party's crime to share with trump. A reckoning is coming and for what shape it will appear is left to all who would imagine Karma.
     Being beaten down by the republican agenda to destroy the working middle poor class is not to be allowed in mind and action. I don't care how many times we are crushed under the jackboot of trumps and his republican accomplices we must never lose the spirit of our foreparents that is inherited by us into our very genes. We must continue to use every utility we have to waylay and obstruct the republican agenda while they still have power before the next election. No doubt republicans know the blue wave is coming and they have 200 days to do as they please to make our lives much more miserable until then. Normalizing anything trump and republican will only fuel their insatiable desire to harm and profit off the backs of the very people they are supposed to be serving.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nothing will change the coming blue tide! (#3366)

     The damage that has already been done to us the working middle poor class cannot be undone by anything trump and republicans may do going forward. They may give us some crumbs to make us feel a little less worse off but it won't be enough to change the coming onslaught against republican politicians. In 201 days we will again be voting nationally and the outcome this time, as opposed to 2016 will be much different. No longer will trump and republicans be able to say what they will or won't do. We have their record of what they actually did in front of us. They will try to lie, cheat and steal their way around their record but it is a fact, not some opinion or alternative concept.
    My anger against them is still burning brightly and if anything it can get hotter. So no escape for those republicans who enabled trump to do some of the worst to our nation's soul. The deceitful treasonous acts are coming out and the coverup of them is being exposed as well. We don't need politicians who are against us, we need politicians who will work for us! We democrats will get our chance soon enough as the less clueless of the republican politicians are already jumping the trump ship. It won't be long as the 201 days are whittling down to election day and no amount of little handouts from republicans will be enough to change our determination to oust them everywhere in America.
     As the special elections continue to show, we democrats are still raging good fights in red districts where we were never able to even begin to fight before. The Arizona 8th congressional district special election this next coming Tuesday is now a toss up with trump having won it in 2016 by more than 12% points. This district is a tough one for us democrats but with the democrat polling with a sleight lead with 5 days to go should make clear that no district in America is safe for republicans. The blue wave is still rising and the power behind it is an insatiable desire to punish republicans for failing and harming the working middle poor class.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The condescending arrogance of republican politicians (#3365)

     With the republicans acting like the majority of us are beholden to them, the coming blue wave will be one for the ages. Instead of realizing that we are going to vote republicans out in droves, these very republicans are doubling down on their own self importance. We are mostly a civilized nation and our recourse for rebutting against these republican politicians is to legally vote them out. They know that and are willing to risk it despite the anger they instill in many of us. We must eat our anger or transfer it to other more productive activities otherwise republicans would be setting themselves up for a far worse outcome. Again though we are civilized and taking matters further is unbecoming an enlightened party such as we democrats.
     There are other less violent ways of taking down the greedy bullies of the republican party because we are smarter than them. Oh sure, they are good at manipulating and conniving, but those are not really complex strategies. On the other hand being methodical and determined with an eye toward justice we democrats can bide our time a bit with a strategy that ensnares republicans in their own lies and greed. If anything the audacity of republicans has hardened some of our core beliefs to include a less forgiving attitude. We are not mamby pamby democrats as republicans imagine. We are steeled and resolved fighters who have less compassion for the brutal nature republicans have embraced.
    So as republicans continue to abuse and neglect the real concerns of democracy, they are furthering themselves away from any hope for redemption. A sacrifice is under way with many of them as they know that their actions will make them outcasts but they yet don't know how that outcast effect will come down on their heads. They believe they can weather the storm of their crimes with little retribution. Let them keep thinking that if they are that reckless because when the time comes to pay for their arrogant condescension there will be no one left to shield them from their due.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Becoming educated is the key to our enlightened future (#3364)

     All of us take different roads to get out of life what we hope is a the best of what life can be. Many times we settle for things at the time that later we find was not nearly enough for our overall wants and needs. Yet we keep that which we choose in our early adolescence despite knowing better. I suppose the familiar becomes better than the best to too many of us. I think about myself back when I was just mature enough to be an adult and the difference between me now and me then is the difference in my own enlightenment. Back then I was brash and cocksure about so many things given my limited knowledge. But now that I have gone on and received higher education and earned my degree I find that my not knowing was all too much not enough.
     Before becoming more learned I dismissed possibilities as mostly irrelevant. But now that I understand the significance of possibilities I am captured by their utility. What is possible is now as vast and panoramic as my little view of reality was stunted. There are very few rock hard truths in the world and the sooner all of us become aware of them the sooner we all can continue to expand the base of knowledge we humans have founded. We move past the myths, mores and mindless traditions of our past by accepting that knowledge is the key to understanding that which had us baffled in recent ancient times. We are a new breed of human who does not need pacification to shuttle us through life. We need challenge and possibility instead.
     None of us is a cookie cutter prototype of some past definition. We are each new and provocative in our approach to life. We understand that the ways of the past can be helpful but they are not the guide to our future. Our era of being is based in logic, research and discovery. We are now at the threshold of an era of science, math and biologics that has changed the dynamic of the human experience. Our innovations and creations from the elemental table to more complex reasonings has us near a future that is beyond our atmosphere and the space outside of it. What will come of us in the next centuries will not only have amazed our foreparents but even now me as I can see our species adapting to any and all challenges we face.

Monday, April 16, 2018

White privilege is the product of cowardly white fear (#3363)

     The fact that we whites have privilege like no other human of color is telling. Instead of welcoming all comers on merit we choose to cheat, lie and steal to get an advantage. How utterly contemptible of us. If the system we live in is such that fear is the basis for it's functioning then the system needs to be adjusted. The injustices of the past in the racial differences department have not been corrected so that we all can move forward and until they are corrected the underlying seed of discontent will continue with hatred and brutality as the normal. It is a mindset for many of us that there is no color line if we are truly a democracy. What we as a nation have done in the past needs to be addressed and corrected so that human behavior for all can have the same starting point.
     There is a way to put the past in the past and that is to examine the present and eliminate that which continues to offer privilege and advantage based upon factors other than merit. A system to allow for a "catching up" for those who are disadvantaged needs to continue until the "catching up" has been achieved. We must also not lose progress on those who would be affected by programs like Affirmative Action. Increasing opportunities is the solution so that none are left behind. This is the least we owe to generations of non whites who have not been allowed to move forward based upon merit, and a way not to adversely affect this generation of whites who should not have to suffer for the hatred and brutality of their parents.
     The fear we whites cling to is unfounded. We as this generation have not been the oppressors of the past like our ancestors. We are the product of enlightenment and know our history is not our present or our future. Yet if we don't correct the lingering racial and social disadvantages inherent within our society we make ourselves culpable through omission as opposed to commission like our forebears. Either way, commission or omission, guilt is still founded until the problem has it's solution. I find it despicable that there are still elements within our white society that work hard to keep a color line drawn. If the rest of us whites do not end the practice of advantage and privilege we will be letting that small group of haters defeat the vast majority of the rest of us who know that democracy demands us to stand up for all of us not just some of us!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The evolution of our species (#3362)

     We are from the dirt and the mixes of biologics and chemicals within it. Yes, we are the very same dirt we despise. A self loathing if you will. Despite our constant battle with dirt and all the other creatures that live on and within it we like with our fear are hard pressed to accommodate it with logic and comprehensive acknowledgement. We seem to be so involved in washing the dirt off of us that we lose sight of the fact that without dirt we don't exist. We even make up illusions to keep from having to admit how we came about and where we may go because of it. Our destiny starts from dirt and as a species will move beyond it eventually but not without first keeping our perspective objective about it.
     I know this much about life. It is an incredible dynamic. Not so much how we live within chaos and brutality, but the intelligent part where we learn and create new paradigms that in our reality did not previously exist. We humans are a magnificent species and our evolvement over millions of years from the very dirt we keep washing off us is beyond commendable. Yet instead of heralding the truth of our evolvement we instead work tirelessly to hide it. Like we are ashamed that our beginning isn't more noble than climbing out of the slime and muck.                                                                                   Well here it is for all of us to know we are not some cookie cutter creation from someone's imagination. We are varied and different much like we would be had we all come from different struggles to exist. I have no problem with dirt. I am fond of telling anyone that I am who I am physically because of all the dirt I ingested as a child. Playing in the dirt and absorbing it's particles is natural to a point. I do not condone living in a dirty environment but I don't scrub every particle of dirt off of everything I have either. I coexist with my naturalness as much as I coexist with my cleanliness. There is a balance because I accept my evolution from this very planet that gave me life. The dirt that makes it up is the same dirt that spawned my ability to exist. That is a fact with me as no other exception is valid or plausible.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The due diligence of research because my word is my bond (#3361)

     Too many of us think we are smart enough to run the world. Too often I hear some say this and that about complex issues like they are masters and cannot understand why others are screwing things up so badly. It is remarkable that these souls who are barely high school graduates can be so confident without the backing of years of higher study. They think that information is mostly noise and their perspective about life overrules logic and common sense. So free to give their opinion on subjects that take decades of comprehensive building like it is 1+1=2. I am a learned man who appreciates the FACT that I am still just a journeyman in many areas of policy and process. Yet I do have a grip on enough of it to know that nothing is simple and nothing can have a short cut.
     When I do have a question about anything I think about what I know and then research that to see if it is correct. Only then do I go on and learn what I don't know so that my understanding of a subject is objectively increased. The old adage about measuring twice before cutting, can aptly be applied to what we allow to come out of our mouths as fact. I prefer to give those who have earned my trust some benefit of the doubt and then still check on the veracity of their claim. Why wouldn't I? If what they say is true they should appreciate that I am verifying their opinion or principle. I know when I claim something I am all for anyone double checking me so that they also can arrive at the same conclusion that I do and if at all I am wrong or not quite fully right I care to know so that I can correct any error on my part.
     But always due diligence is required especially with the resources we have at our fingertips. I spent many hours in the library growing up and became very familiar with the Dewey Decimal System. Now, I just type in the google box and off I go finding evidence one way or the other about most any subject. My word is my bond, is also an old saying that has meaning to me. I had lied before as a strategy in my younger life and learned from that that lying is a shortcut to a wrong. So I try with all my might not to lie and the only way I can do that is to be informed because my word is my bond and I cherish that as much as I cherish my rights under our American democracy to know what is right and wrong, as an example, within our political system.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Do we believe in religion to assuage our fears? (#3360)

     The stark reality of living on this planet without knowing the why of it makes many of us fools. We want to have some sort of order to hold onto so that the chaos of life is not so overwhelming. Our logical minds are willing to ease our logic in order to allow for different concepts of explanation to capture us so that we can interpret life and death more comfortably. It is not uncommon for many of us to seek a safe harbor when the storms come but at what price do we pay for allowing illogic to fold into our logic as acceptable? Are we just so afraid of life and death that we have to "imagine" an illusion in order to survive life?
     I bring this up because in the making the illusion real, we are also making our real reality less logical. There are those out there who would have us go to a nuclear world war to hasten on the rapture dogma of religion. The idea that an afterlife is equivalent or even greater than real life is for me " tin foil hat out there". I have been trying to think of why some hold onto the idea of a deity when in reality no deity has been shown to exist. All I keep coming back to is that reality is too scary for too many. They do not have the bold nature of courage to confront any problem with a solution that is real and provable. We are compromising the honesty of our real life in order to bring a disjunctive and contradictory order out of falsehood.
     The human experiment would go so much more efficient and logical if we weren't so afraid of living and dying. Fear, the arch enemy of our human history is still in control of our society's and it is such a waste to be afraid of something that came about through no effort on our part. Why are we so afraid of enjoying life with an intellect instead of fearing it with an illusion? I guess besides being afraid we are lazy. We don't want to put in the time to understand the physical and biological nature around us. I know that the rat race of life here and elsewhere consumes so much of our time but is it time well spent if we are only living a fantasy of sorts without ever confronting the reality of our own fears?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The crazy coming to a head (#3359)

     With Mueller closing in on trump the noise from trump is getting more desperate. It is finally hitting home that although Mueller may have led trump on about not investigating him specifically, that is exactly what Mueller is doing. But in defense of Mueller, it is where the evidence is leading him. So trump knows he is guilty of somethings but does not and will not admit to anything while he continues to claim his innocence in everything. With this in mind trump is now sabre rattling war talk. How honest he is with this latest attempt to change the current investigative narrative is a toss up. It could be that trump and putin are just playing at threatening each other so that trump can have some cover or it could be more serious than that.
     This is where I get the crazy coming to a head headline. With republicans in Congress leaving in droves not defending their incumbent seats it is as if the rats are leaving a sinking ship. With that and the Mueller investigation delving into trump's legal adviser it is clear that many of the republicans leaving, whom many are in leadership positions, are in many ways implicated by emerging evidence. Occam's razor, the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Again though this could all just be some weird cosmic coincidence, lol. Regardless the ship of state that is trump's is leaking like a sieve.
     I see trump as a coward who like all bullies has more talk in him than action. So we will see how this next few weeks and months play out. I do know one thing for absolute surety, and that is that a blue democratic wave of voting is coming and it will swallow up so many republicans that the majority in Congress will change and with that trump will become even more irrelevant. If after the election Mueller finds enough evidence to charge trump/pence with criminality then that would be more so right and good and set the stage for trump to be gone before the next presidential election come 2020. The republican party has shined this light on themselves and by doing so exposed their corrupt and condescending nature as it correlates with leading our nation without most of us in mind.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Partied hard, worked hard, now hurt hard (#3358)

     My generation was a unique one. From the end of the second world war to the landing on the Moon, we were a generation that changed the culture of America and the world. the greatest generation set it all up for us with the sacrifice and bravery of winning a world war that, if wasn't won, could well have put us back in the dark ages. But they did win and we their children not only enjoyed the benefit of it but we went on and reshaped how people acted and thought for most within our society. There has been a falling away from our cultural advances and for that I am disturbed. But regardless the effect we had on life after the war was monumental.
     We found that stereotypes were not a good thing, we found that expressing one's individuality was. We discovered that the mundane was unacceptable and forged new exciting lifestyles that fed our hubris. Which leads me to how I grew up. I played sports, studied and partied with the best of them. I was a bit of a renaissance man of my own time. I could fit in with the jocks, the stoners, the nerds and not miss a beat. I broadened my horizons to encapture many disciplines and chaoses as it were. So although I lost out on being great at a few things I was good at many. For me I was a young man full of life who traveled to harsh regions and worked/partied hard in physical occupations. Just like me to gravitate to work that not only required great strength but daring since much of it was as dangerous as work can get.
     But now that I am older the hubris has waned and the physical abilities have subsided while the partying has stopped. What I have left is my meager belongings and the aches and pains of a rugged life lived at times, with a breakneck speed. Yet now I am more sedate and contemplative as a rule and limit my hard work to necessary goals. It is amusing to me that although I am nowhere near the man I used to be I still work like I am 20 years old, hard and fast but only in short intervals. My body tells me what I can do now and it barks at me loudly in short order. My mind is still sharp and for that I am most grateful. I can spend more time learning new things and understanding older things with the advent of the Internet. My early life was unique to me in that I rarely followed convention, yet it was for me the perfect path for my inner soul to mature and guide me to the peace and contentment I enjoy today despite the pain of the enduring of it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The awakening against trump (#3357)

     For all his defiant denials trump is beginning to slip in his previous support. Not in a significant way that would be all too deserving but in the middle where he had been given the benefit of the doubt. That middle was the key to him gaining enough votes in key states for him to be appointed president by the electoral college despite him losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Well trump has taken that "gift" and spit on the ones who gave it to them. But to his credit he knew most of them would accept his spitting on them with a shrug. Well that time has come to pass. The middle no longer accepts his disdain and dishonesty as they are being confronted with the incontrovertible evidence of too many legitimate allegations.
     In my experience it would take trump being caught in an act of treason to pry him from his core base but then again with mounting evidence he was a traitor his base is still behind him so I would be dead wrong on my experience as providing an accurate logical deduction based upon previous history. Either way though, trump is left with too few and too radical of a base for him to parlay it into anything further going forward. We are only nearly 2 years into his 4 year term so we may have to weather his democracy destroying ambitions for a bit longer. However, given the midterms and the democratic blue coming he won't have a bunch of cowardly republicans as a majority to serve him as a colluder does.
     It is heartening that with each special election we are seeing a changing of the guard in the state houses away from republican ideology especially coming from the deepest of red republican states. The end is coming for trump despite if he survives Mueller because he won't have any majority in Congress to fall back on. I am so proud of the effort by our democratic party in not succumbing to the mind numbing, gut punch that was November 8th, 2016. Instead we caught our breath and reinvigorated our minds and hearts to fight with all we have using truth and logic to expose the trump and republican agenda to kill our democracy and steal the legacy of our massive majority working middle poor class. Our awakening together will be the tsunami that is the blue wave come November 6th 2018 and beyond and there is absolutely nothing trump can do to take that from us!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Protecting our democracy (#3356)

     What we have learned from trump is that our democracy is at risk for overthrow from within. The republican party in collusion with trumps has exposed a weakness within our governmental controls to keep our democracy safe. When the leaders of the other 2 branches of our government are subservient to the executive branch and not an equal branch of government then we the people become vulnerable to an inside hostile takeover. It isn't just that occurring but it is decades of lack of interest by too many of our voting public. When only about half of our eligible voters bother to vote it is easier for the more nefarious within our politics to manipulate conditions to allow for swaying outcomes to their liking.
     It is on we the people to actually exercise our franchise to vote otherwise like what is happening right now laws are being enacted to further restrict voting for eligible voters. We are now doing something about gerrymandering but for the last few decades gerrymandering has taken the power of our vote and dwindled it down to less than equal under republican map drawing strategies. The rise of dark money in our politics by the worst of our wealthy has also taken many of us away from even considering joining in the political process as candidates. When we get to public funding of elections we will have made our way to the candidates having to offer their ideas for leadership instead of their personal attacks and disinformation campaigns protected by the dark money advertising.
     Our democracy is ours and if anyone is going to protect it it is us. So getting registered and then actually voting every time the vote is available then that is exactly how we protect our democracy. We vote in those who are honest about helping our nation grow for all of us and throw out those who are only there to protect the best interests of the worst of our wealthy. The time is now for us to come together as a democratic party and all of us participate when the voting time comes. It will be then when we see how democracy works and the need to protect it will lessen with each republican defeat. There is only one party that is working against the best interests of democracy and that is the republican party so join with us democrats and be a democracy defending patriot by casting your precious vote for all democrats on the ballot!