Sunday, November 19, 2017

A day of rest from the political nightmare (#3215)

     Today is Sunday so there isn't much news out there today that is groundbreaking. So maybe it is time after so many months of railing against republicans to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of being a good democratic person. Over the last few days some good things have happened and I would like to think of them instead of the dispiriting agenda of the trump republican party. I got some things done around the house that had been sticking in my craw because of their complexity. Yet through perseverance and a willingness to think outside the box I found that I have solved them. There was even a longstanding issue with my truck that found resolution and for me a relief since I worry about things that will have an effect on me well before they come due.
     Also some family matters have found some enlightenment as well. It is good to be someone who is looked upon as a good example and then sought out for advice when appropriate. I don't know what the future will bring, but at least the path toward it is defined and clear. The major obstacles in my life as it is today all have avenues of pursuit and that is all I can ask of life is to have an opportunity or two to make my life better. It is on me whatever life throws at me so I had better be catty on my feet to avoid being hit smack dab where it hurts. I am also finding that the things I enjoy are actually still enjoyable and that helps me along in life when the things I don't enjoy come flooding in. Yet I am still on top of things in my life and that is worth acknowledging.
     So although today's post is of little significance to anyone else very much it is to me and I am the one I began writing this blog post for. I wanted to speak out about what was right and wrong with the world and although this last year has been inexorably intolerable I can take solace in the fact that I am fighting with all that I have against the trumps and their sycophant accomplices. But again today is a day to remember that I have still the goodness of heart I began my life with and that is a constant in my life despite my railing and ranting at those who don't, especially here at home in America. I am rooting for us today on the sidelines but tomorrow I will be back on the front lines calling it like I see it without a fear of reprisal or admonition. I am not afraid of the bad in the world because I am much more overjoyed by the good that destroys it.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The decency factor is at play in Alabama (#3214)

     When we hear from the woman Alabama governor that she believes the women who allege sexual assault from the republican senate candidate, but will still vote for the cad,, we have to question not only her objectivity but heart. It seems to me she is somehow able to compartmentalize the fact of the trauma these women experienced at the hands of this lech. If perhaps this happened to her daughter or her granddaughter would she still feel the same loyalty to her party for allowing this horrible human being to become a leader and example? Maybe so but if anything this right here tells us all we need to know about some of the people who support the republican party.
     The policies they advocate for are policies that enrich the wealthy while destroying the American working middle poor class. And this Alabama governor sees fit to support another cog in the grinding wheel out to destroy our society despite the fact that a pervert of this nature is the one helping with the grinding. It is a shameful day in America when we find such ignorance and disrespect for women in general by another woman but disrespect aimed at the American people, especially Alabamians. So it is with hope that a man who is running against the pervert is a democrat with a history of standing up to criminals, thieves and murderers. A profound choice is available to Alabamians on December 12th when they cast their ballots for their next senator.
     Will the decency factor help snuff out the pervert from holding office or will the pervert gain more votes from the decent and brave democrat who is heads and shoulders above the pervert as a human being. My guess is that this is a bellwether moment and a harbinger for the future. I predict the decency factor will be enough to turn the tide on the republican disabuse of trust and fidelity of the people of Alabama. The more Alabamians learn of the nature of the pervert the more they are inclined to vote against him or to not bother voting at all. The stench of voting for such a cad will not wash off lightly and the idea of a criminal in waiting having the chance to steal the innocence of the young and be rewarded, will be too much to bear for the decent folks of Alabama!

Friday, November 17, 2017

The rot beneath trump (#3213)

     There is no doubt that what ails America is being revealed through trump. Not the way trump had expected though. He thought we would be looking at democrats as the rot but what we see is the republican party as the rot. For those who supported trump are the ones who are decaying right before our eyes. There is no democrat in control of our government so all eyes are on the republicans and it is obvious that the republican party is the one that is degenerate. From the republican congress working to punish the working middle poor class in America to the judiciary being filled with hellishly unqualified pretenders of legal objectivity to trump himself festered with the character of a diseased demigod. Throughout all of the republican political and religious landscape there are those who would never be held up as an example of honor nor nobility.
     As the daily lowlight reel of bad behavior and greedy legislation continues to roll out from republicans there is nowhere to hide for them. They are beholden to their wealthy corporate masters and all the pretense of blaming others for their offerings is gone. They are now brazenly forwarding legislation that takes from what little the working middle poor class has in order to give to the wealthy who are filthy rich already. If that isn't rot of soul nothing is. Making life miserable for the many to lick the boot of the few is as low as it gets and for republicans that is how they roll. What is even more offensive is the so called "Christian" community standing by the worst natures men could display. As long as those men are republicans there is no admonishment for their repulsive behavior by so called "Christians".
     When the honorable among us who are democrats are being blindsided with disinformation and strategic false evidence further shows the rot of the republican party. They attack those of us who are trying mightily to keep America the melting pot of the world while upholding the principles of democracy. Because the republican party has no plan to grow America to an even stronger ideal. Instead they are preparing to rot America of democratic ideals through their purge of equality of opportunity and one person one vote attacks. The vile nature of the republican agenda is a disease and it continues to disintegrate all that is well and good about America.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Building the blue wave... (#3212)

     I am not concerned so much with how republicans will respond to the growing blue wave come this next general election in November 2018, but I am focused on getting out our base to vote. Not only our base but the Independents who are struggling to find any commonality with this current republican party. As far as the republicans being concerned I don't think many of them actually think a wave will come. They live in their bubbles and don't allow so much as objective news to reach their eyes and ears let alone their mental processes. They are assuredly worried about attacks from their right but not so much from the center or left.
     They believe they have the heart and soul of America on their side and nothing seems to dissuade them even the harbinger victories by democrats in red states. Despite the democratic failure to pick up US House and Senate red state seats as of today the margins that democrats are competing at are historic in that the past overwhelming victories by republicans are now squeakers. When democrats secure their own blue state seat victories they are now by overwhelming margins. So the worm is turning and even telling republicans the facts of it are not enough to register in their already locked down brains.
     So we democrats continue to advance quality candidates and upgrade our political processes to a more democratic nature so that we attract more and more to our inclusive policies and overall vision for them. On the other hand though republicans are intent on destroying the fabric of our society as to social and economic issues all the while ignoring the protocol for patriotism as a duty to our nation. The advancing wave is built upon the equality and fairness of our democracy, not some whistle call to segregate and demean. But it's okay to tell the republicans this because they do not hear the warning. They are smug in their bubble and are secure in that they are right no matter what reality and logic has to say about it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The never ending conniving republican party (#3211)

     From lying under oath and obstructing justice whenever they can the republican party is showing itself as the party of the incorrigible. They do not want truth or fact to be the normal since it destroys their narrative based upon ignorance and hatred. And that cannot happen or they will be exposed as the cruel brutish souls that they are. So we live in times where the media is actually struggling with whether to tell the facts instead of just mimicking the falsehoods. Where republican politicians will lie to our faces and double down when they are caught up in the lies. Where the facts and truths of things are far less important than republicans maintaining control and power over our government.
     Even when the tide is beginning to turn against the deplorable republican party they are conniving ways to change the reality. Where the Mueller investigation and the Alabama senatorial campaign can be arranged for a republican advantage is the latest finagle that republicans are considering. If the current AG resigns from the AG job and returns back as a write in candidate in Alabama it may well work out for republicans since he held the senate seat before his elevation to AG a year ago. Meanwhile whoever the new AG becomes trump will no doubt instruct him to fire Mueller and disband the investigation. It cannot be done now since the current AG recused himself and therefore cannot fire Mueller.
     The broken wheels in the minds of the republican party are spinning nonetheless to solve these two immediate problems since the Mueller investigation is getting closer to trumps and the Alabama senate seat is in jeopardy of being won by a democrat. I don't know if the republicans can pull this off since first the current AG doesn't want to resign nor does the current republican candidate for senate in Alabama. But given the track record of the republican party and it's uses of manipulation instead of democracy we may well see another dastardly act normalized by the republican party to further their grip on our lives and the further decline of honorable governance.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

trump the criminal has met his match with Mueller the crusader (#3210)

     If I had a bazillion dollars I would bet it all on Mueller. First off I rarely bet so this is how much I believe in Mueller and even more so in the incompetence of trumps. I say trumps because that includes his family and his many collaborators. That this level of treason has been going on under our noses is shameful and we democrats should be cognizant that we were asleep at the wheel while all this collusive behavior was playing out behind the scenes of our democratic process. There have to be better safeguards if only to protect our democracy at all costs. The hijacking of our voting process, by at least the restrictions placed mainly on democrats from voting, should have been our wake up call. That a foreign power has been given the keys, by republicans, to our freedoms is the worst of what we should have been aware of.
     However I won't blame us democrats for not having suspicious minds about an American political party, republicans, that over the centuries had been less about treason and more about patriotism, regardless of their misguided and hurtful national policies. Yet that has changed and we the American people had to find out about it in the form of a "coup" by republicans to gain power throughout our national government. Well thankfully we are a republic and not an authoritarian nor monarchal government so we are somewhat secure that our democracy will survive thanks to the separation of powers between the states and the federal government. Our constitution also demands that we the people self rule through elections that are decided by we the people.
     There are some archaic devices in our election process however that keep self rule at less than democratic and those are the electoral college and the superdelegate inventions. They must go as well as the inevitable departure of trumps through the Mueller investigation and prosecution. However if trump decides to resign that will gladly be received as well. Yet the rest of his confederates, in more ways than one, must also go out with the trash. So however the departure it must come from the exposure of facts that lead us to the criminality of not only trumps but the colluding republican party members who sold their country out for the power and prestige they so thoroughly tarnished.

Monday, November 13, 2017

If you care about people's lives you will never vote republican (#3209)

     I find that if you vote for republicans your greatest argument is about being against things that would actually improve people's lives. It is as if you hold others to a higher standard than you hold yourself. Notwithstanding the hypocrisy in republican politics like right now with the Roy Moore pedophilia allegations where he, Moore, is not lambasted for his immoral illegalities, like the few democrats who have the same addictive behavior. But putting that aside, it is the overall concept of republican voters who have put a head hunters price on the head of those they deem unworthy of living in the nation of their birth. These republican voters see those who are not wealthy or of the right (white) skin color as lesser human beings than themselves.
     I see life as a gift for all of us to experience without exception. Yet the republican party holds to the survival of the fittest mode as long as they, republicans, are granted advantage and privilege. They sit back in their prejudices and biases and proclaim that the unwashed masses are the problem, not the system that makes them unwashed masses. It is a hatred that has been borne deep within their souls as a metastasizing cancer with little hope for a cure. The genesis of their hatred is individual to them despite the fact that others have the same right to hatred but instead choose to change the system that created it instead of embracing that system to feed their hatred. This is the republican way, use whatever cognitive dissonance is available to deny the facts of things so that their opinions of things can overrule.
     Destroying life in order to make it better is abhorrent and murderous. There have been figures in our human history who have tried such practices and each time their cause to rid the world of "undesirables" was based upon their own criteria, not some rational internationally agreed upon decision. The Hitlers and Pol Pots of the world are the worst of who we were and now the republican party is following in their footsteps. Republicans may not be openly calling for direct extinction practices but their policies are indirectly advancing to the same conclusion. Starving children, forcing slave wages and denying political, human and individual rights to the rest of us are all meant to make their ideal of the world more sterile and compact without respect to freedom, liberty and most of all the sanctity of life.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Race and religion wars are crap! (#3208)

     It is not easy living in this time of human evolvement where race and religion are used as weapons to divide us. First of all we are all human beings so race delineating race within our species as divisive is petty and mentally deficient. As to religion I must remind all persons that all religions are belief systems, not fact systems so grow up and quit being so afraid to being alive. If you boil all the wars down to their intent it is for power and money. I have heard stories of wars being fought over love but cannot confirm that with any reasonable search. So back to wars being about power and money. Only a few benefit from armed conflict and certainly not those who fight those wars. But let me be clear about intent as to who starts wars.
     There are some greedy power hungry souls who create controversy in order to foster wars among people. They are the ones who are in the wrong since killing innocents for an ulterior motive is ghastly and demented. We who are attacked in the wake of war have every right to defend ourselves but we are not the ones who provoked the war to begin with. Whether defending our mutually agreed upon forms of government or to break away the chains keeping us from the liberty of freedom, fighting wars to win back civilized behavior is acceptable. This is not what I am referring to here. What I am referring to are the wars fought over whose religion is the right one when there is no way of knowing which is or whether religion itself is factual. The same goes with race wars, fought over who is the greater shade of color is not only ridiculous but it is psychopathic.
     As for me I choose to accept the reality of common sense, logic and factual truth that we are all the same regardless the "look" each of us has. Our differences are amazing and should be heralded not abused. As to religion I have one position that being that I don't accept fairy tales, superstitions or folklore as my foundation for living. I accept my own sense of morality, ethics and principles for living based upon one simple phrase, "do no harm". John Stewart Mill is well known for this "philosophy" and it is one I have found is the most profound "religion" I can actually call real. Anything else about religion is for me no more than an Aesop's Fable. If we humans can ever get past our race and religion wars we will be a mighty species to behold and admire.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Electing Doug Jones, the Democrat, to the US Senate from Alabama is now critical (#3207)

     For several reasons, the first and worst being the pedophilia allegations against Roy Moore the Republican. The Democrat in the race, Doug Jones, must be elected despite the heavy Republican presence in the Alabama voting electorate. The many pedophilia allegations against Moore are the worst of why but another very important reason not to vote for him is that he would solidify the 52 voting advantage republicans now have in the senate. To lower the Republican majority to 51, by electing Democrat Jones, would be close to a death knell to the bills Republicans are trying to pass that are aimed at destroying the American working middle poor class. With a bare majority Republicans could not withstand losing 2 Republican senators who do not vote for their brutal legislation.
     As Republicans and trump have alienated several retiring Republicans it is almost certain that not allowing another yes vote to enter the senate would be enormous for our nation. Moore has more than just disgusting sex habits with children as an Albatross to bear he also has problems with racism and aligning himself with white supremacists, That Moore has also openly defied our national constitution is yet another reason not to let him into our political system. Twice he was removed from the office as the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme court, So not only are there many allegations of his pedophilia emerging but his disdain for our national constitution increases the stench of his defiance of the rule of law.
     Doug Jones on the other hand is a man of honorable character who has given bold work in service of our nation. He upholds the rule of law and fights for those who are beaten down by the bullies of the world. His prosecution of KKK members for church bombing speaks to his personal principles and courage to stand up for those who are wronged by the very same forces Roy Moore would align himself with, The contrast between these two candidates is crystal clear and for the first time in a long time Alabaman's will get a chance to improve the perception of their state by electing someone who will make the world notice that they are not the like the stereotyped backward ilk of Roy Moore.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The republican new normal, mean, nasty and brutish (#3206)

     With trump as president after learning all his nasty and mean behavior it is no wonder that a man like roy moore can feel comfortable running for senate with a cloud of child sex allegations hanging over him. It is like it is just a minor distraction in his overall considerations and the considerations of republican voters. The new normal folks where indecency, adultery and even hints of incest are not enough to sway a republican voter, unless of course it is a democrat who is doing it. Protect their own is the republican priority even if their own is the most vile of who we humans are. I had never considered that lowering the bar below a snake's ass would still be acceptable and actually happily acceptable to any political party. But it seems I have been schooled otherwise by the republican party.
     Over the last few years I have unfriended and disassociated myself from all persons who defend the republican party. Many have criticised me for this and even now I will not attend any family function that has a practicing republican involved in it. I look at it this way, I am the only thing I can control somewhat so my presence anywhere I can voluntarily go must always be tempered with do I let those who would destroy our democracy the privilege of being around me. It may sound presumptuous of me to think I am special but in light of them being republican voters I am heads and shoulders above their morality, intellect and human kindness. So I stay away since that is what I can do to punish them for punishing everyone else with their votes.
     I am saddened that many that I know are still republicans even though the facts of the republican party's agenda are crystal clear. The family and friends who cannot nor will not disassociate themselves from their previous allegiance to republicanism are now persona non grata with me. I refuse to live and accept a world where racism, misogyny and hatred are the new normals. The primitiveness of mindless actions are not the way forward. We are an enlightened species regardless of the singular role republicans are playing to change that. The death of the mean, nasty and brutish is coming and the sooner the better. The era of republican domination over our politics is on the horizon and those who will not accept that will be crushed by the heel of history as we march forward into our enlightened future.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

In the House and Senate republicans are not running for reelection. (#3205)

     So far to date 11 House republicans, many of them leaders in the House are not running for reelection. 2 republican Senators are retiring. With Democrats only 3 House members are not running for reelection. There are more from both parties who are not running for reelection in the House but only because they are running for other offices, Besides the large lopsided number of republicans not running compared to the small amount of Democrats retiring, republicans in the House who are retiring are from leadership positions. Which tells me that there is a conflict within the republican party that has fractured the leadership with the obnoxious far right wing.
     The two republicans in the Senate are also well respected leaders within the establishment republican party but it seems they are facing a right wing in the Senate that has forced their hands to leave. Even one, Flake from Arizona got on the Senate floor and ripped trump and his followers a new one. I can only say that on November 8, 2016 it looked for all the world that the republicans would undo all the advances made by liberal progressives over the many decades of modern growth here in America and around the world. But instead a year later what we are seeing is a republican party, that despite having majorities in all the branches of government, implode in on itself and as of yet have not been able to pass one law or repeal any policy they campaigned against.
     The one big change that the trumps and republicans achieved was to remove us from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and as it stands today, we Americans are the only ones not a signatory to the Pact as every other country in world has signed on. So even their victory at removing us from a necessary agreement has made them look childish and incoherent. There is nothing about this last year of republican domination of our politics that has any honor to it. We Americans are currently a laughingstock and quite possibly these retiring republicans cannot bear that fact anymore. Well they can retire all they want but they are still part of what brought it about. Duck and run may give them some initial relief but it will be short lived if what we saw in Virginia and the rest of the nation during the elections last Tuesday night.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The blue wave cometh! (#3204)

     Yeehaw! Well Whoopee anyway. Last night is the first time in exactly a year that I have felt my American roots with such conviction. I knew deep down in my soul that we Americans are not as bad as we have been showing over the last year with the election of trump and his demoralizing working middle poor class destroying agenda. I knew we were made of stuff greater than our worst behaviors. That is really a no brainer of a statement but in our reality here in America it was in question. Just look at the response from trump about the election last night and you see the hateful childish mind of his at work. He is a liar and a thief who would rather do anything to make himself into a demigod.
     Well the opposition to him struck back much like the force in Star Wars. We hit him and his agenda hard and fast with a relentless pounding. He will feel the effects of this political drubbing all across America right up until the midterms when an even larger blue wave will be able to extract some justice by flooding his ilk out the doors of Congress and the state houses. What trump refuses to understand either because he cannot or because he willfully won't is that we the American people control our destiny. We are not in his tiny little hands like he thinks. We are the other foot that has been waiting to drop on top of his clownish pampered head of hair. He has shown who he is over the last year so there is no doubt left to appeal to. His day is coming but in the meantime we the blue wave have some more momentum to build.
     In two days less than one year we will be back at the voting booth in every state in our union voting for Democrats who will take over the majorities in both the Senate and the House. If we Democrats hold our fire until then we can explode on Republicans and deal their party a real damaging blow. All we have to do is be patient and vigilant while stopping the trump and republican agenda every time it sticks it's head up to lie, cheat and steal from us the American working middle poor class. If trump doesn't survive the charges of collusion and treason that are rightly aimed at his corrupt administration than all the better but regardless, November 6th 2018 will see another broadside on the stalled republican ship and 2020 will be the barrage that takes that ship down so far beneath the water that there will be little left that it even existed in the first place.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Today is the day in Virginia and New Jersey etc... that we vote! (#3203)

     Today is the beginning of the end for trumps and like minded republicans. If my sense of things is correct we will see a large turnout everywhere an election is held today. The biggest and most telling election comes from Virginia. The nature of that governorship and the two lower offices of state government have closed to an even status if you believe the polling. I however don't think the polling is truly reflective of how the voters will respond today. I fully expect an overwhelming turnout from voters who voted in 2016 and from voters who didn't. Why you may ask? Simply put it was the election of 2016 that woke America up!
     As the unfavorables for the republicans elected in 2016 show us that they are not appreciated, a backlash is commonly experienced in the next election. Historically that is one precedent. Yet there is more. The Mueller investigation is showing a deceptive if not treasonous side to the republican "winners" that has never been experienced before in American politics. It is my perception that we will not reward the party tied to the criminal activity like republicans are by electing more of them. I know they have their base who will let them get away with murder if that were the case but for the most part the rest of us are not so zealous in our loyalty to party to allow criminals to run our government. I expect a large turnout and a heavy vote for democrats.
     Every election going forward is going to be a referendum on the republican government majorities strategy of destroying the American working middle poor class. I say this with confidence this time because there is no way that democrats have been involved in these policies of taking away health care, diminishing social security in all its forms and reapportioning tax breaks toward the wealthy at the expense of the American working middle poor class. Those almost 50% of the electorate that sat our the 2016 debacle will be less inclined to do that this time since their liberties and freedoms are being attacked by republicans as well. So as I say here, when we democrats vote we win and today is the first reflection of that ideal across the US in the states that have elections.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Republicans want the poor to just disappear (#3202)

     Republicans won't say it out loud or in other ways unless among themselves but they want the poor class to just die. For some immoral reason they think that the poor are worthless and just a drag on their lifestyle. They see the world as a big playground without the troubles of poverty or disease. They are furious at we Democrats for wanting to help all of life have a better one instead of thinking like them that only a few deserved ones should have a better life. We Democrats are for all the people while Republicans are just for the wealthy people. It is as simple as that so it makes me wonder why and how Republicans can garner enough support to be in charge?
     We the poor and not wealthy are by far the largest voting majority in our nation. Yet somehow the wealthy through Republicans have been able to manipulate our political process in ways that have given them the majorities in every branch of our government. Their ability to finagle our Democracy to the point of ruining our Democracy is anti American and treasonous. Yet they care not a wit about that because the ends justify the means with them. They would have us all gone who are not them no matter the means. You get that don't you? They have no allegiance to the principles and nobility of our democratic institutions. They only want their selfish desires and those desires are their highest priority.
     You cannot count on Republicans to have a worthy soul to do the right thing for America since doing the right thing is whatever satisfies their own agenda of greed, power and wealth. If somehow they do something for all Americans it is of a secondary concern since getting what they want will always be their first priority. If we the poor were not so abundant because of their greed they would not need to end us as an strategy for them. Yet that is the byproduct of their greed, more poor than necessary. So they will keep and grow their wealth while trying to find ways to end the rest of us in some fashion. What has always been their answer in the past was war but that is less likely now since the rest of the world for the most part has come to embrace peace. Republicans will try though and if decreasing Social Security and Medical coverage opportunities for us poor helps them kill off the poor among us then that will have to do for now!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

People who sell out humanity are a scourge (#3201)

     The consequences of greed and power are the lessening of the human experience for all others. We see this play our with republican politics enormously but we democrats have a few bad apples ourselves. Yet the few bad apples we have are in no way the rule it is the exception whereas with republicans it is a hard and fast rule. So any kind of equating of both parties being the same is like saying one penny and a 100 dollar bill are money. Sure they are money but one is in absolute excess of the other. So comparing a penny to a 100 dollar bill and saying they are the same is a con job! Regardless though anyone who puts themselves in a public position above the duty they have to all the rest of us who are represented by them is an act of treason to their public oath.
     The same goes for those who are culpable in the Russian hacking and election interference from 2016. They went outside the bounds of American politics by becoming accomplices with an antagonistic foreign power just so that they could gain power, influence and wealth. These are also guilty of treason and if the word treason is going to mean anything to us as against all that we hold dear then the punishment for treason has to remain most severe. Our society and the society of our children depend upon us holding the line when it comes to attacks against our democracy. The republican party has crossed that line and soon enough we will know how many of them were culprits in the scheme.
     I always knew republicans were for the wealthy in our society but never would I have guessed that they would commit treason to prove it. The shame I feel for those who represent us in the public sphere and for those who voted for them and then still back them despite admitting that treason is not an offence they would call dishonorable, is immeasurable. The worst of it is that if democrats had committed treason they would have been screaming for the hangman and the guillotine yet since it was republicans it's okay because to them the ends justify the means. The stark reality that this displays is that republicans cannot win with their ideology of survival of the fittest and the best only for the wealthy so they have come to embrace a strategy were they sell their souls, a legacy of American patriotism, to become a prostitute for the worst that humanity can do it itself. The trade off is ignorant and disgraceful while the damage to the rest of us has yet to be fully suffered!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The proud ignorant racists are trying to win, will we let them? (#3200)

     I have to ask since several races in Virginia have come into doubt as to who will win. Again, will we let the proud ignorant racists win? I feel like I am in some surreal reality where questions like this are the normal. Yet this isn't some bizarre alternative reality it is the only one we have and it has become an outright nightmare! How in the name of all that is good can a political party like the republicans who despise women, hate those of color and love the embrace of treason even be considered viable as a political force? Are we Americans so out of tune with the honor and nobility of virtue? Do we even know what virtue means? I have to ask because right now republicans control the Senate, the House, the Presidency and the Supreme Court. How can it be that the republicans can win without having the morality or the ethics of a decent honorable person?
     Well they do win while not having these fine qualities and if that is what America represents then that is who we are. Lacking in conviction of purpose for being a better example to our children and the world at large. Our shame is there for all to see and yet we don't care. How long can I keep up a stiff upper lip and say that this isn't who we are contrary to all the evidence? We more honorable Americans have a chance to wake up the rest of us otherwise non voting Americans in a little under 72 hours in many local and state elections across our country and get them to vote for a better future. Time will shortly tell if we did and if so then the wave toward crushing the republican party in the 2018 midterm national elections will have begun. If not then the worst of who we are will be without a doubt.
     I try to stay optimistic that the ones who are voting will make more than just a symbolic vote for their traditional candidates from their traditional party's. I would hope that the electorate would ask themselves do these candidates reflect my inner core of democratic values? Do these candidates stand up for those who need protecting and for those who are denied fair respect? Do these candidates make me proud to be a soul who loves more than hates? Putting all political parties aside and voting for a candidate that has the best interests of all people at heart is what I think America is waiting for. We need to have politicians represent us as who we could aspire to be and not as who they demand we be by some other factor not in tune with democratic principles.

Friday, November 3, 2017

The whirligig of calamity will not deter me (#3199)

     As we get close to another important midterm election the stakes have been raised by some who would distract us from our focus on building a wave election in 2018. The culprits have an agenda whether their own or of those who control their actions, regardless the mess they stir is not about to claim me from my mission of advocacy for the liberal/progressive agenda. I will as well continue to debunk the claims of the conservative republicans who think that they can continue to bamboozle the American electorate. We know now that Russia used a campaign of false information dressed up as legitimate and manipulated our media as its vehicle to cause dissent in our Democratic party. We are now even seeing some Democrats being selfish in their own agendas regardless of the harm they are causing.
     Still I will not stoop to their bait. I remain vigilant and convinced that the liberal/progressive ideal is the best for not only American citizens but for democracy itself. When we are all included in fair and opportune policies and programs then we all share in our nation's growth. We are the means by which democracy and equality exist in the first place as we have seen the conservative republicans wish nothing more than a two class system, the wealthy and the poor. This is not democracy nor is it democracy lite. It is class warfare to undermine democracy and instead promote a wealth backed autocratic system. Our forefathers and foremothers did not fight all these centuries to see a gang of thugs come into our government to destroy the values they gave their lives for and neither will I.
     So despite the onslaught of negative media, yellow journalism and corruptible jingoism I remain vigilant in fighting for equality, opportunity and fairness within our democracy and fight against all that would snip at democracy's heels. Nothing will stop what is left of my life from being a patriot to American democracy at it's core and what had made us the greatest nation on Earth up until the controversial election of trump last November. We can still reclaim our greatness but we must purge the vile poison of conservative republicanism from our political life blood. The time is coming in 4 days where we begin that purge and it starts in the great states of New Jersey and Virginia. Nothing will deter me and neither should nothing deter all the rest of us toward building that wave that will sweep republicans from office continuing on toward 2018.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Science, the building blocks of life and existence (#3198)

     When we all get to the point where we agree that knowledge is our friend and the lack thereof our enemy we will find that our commonalities will dominate over any of our differences. We will all be invested in the same core understandings and connectedness. Science is the future of our species and if we can find our way toward embracing it above the awkwardness of our fears and trepidations we will finally grasp the mantle of a superior species. Until then we are just struggling against the nature of antiquity and the failings that always inures. Yet we do have the fortune of having evolved into the enlightenment of thought and reason. Our minds are adept in their abilities to not only compute but to memorize and store comprehensively.
     Our bodies are of a design to allow for practical and useful movements. We can use our mobility to understand our current geographical unknowns here on Earth and with scientific applications can now advance off our planet toward other objects in our near universe. We have used science to give us wings where only the birds knew of flight. We have also mastered propulsion so that the lack of oxygen in space is overcome with ingenious methods of preservation. Science allows us to further the vast sum of knowledge we have already acquired. Our abilities are being expanded because we value the methodology of the scientific experiment. Even with the most basic of proofs of mathematics and physics we are now able to project our species out beyond the only home our species has ever been recorded existing.
     Science does this for us where no other form or paradigm has before. In our conscious state we are a species to behold. With our biological sensors of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell we can interpret objects and subjects with relative ease. I have been saying this since I started this blog many years ago, we are biological probes with onboard computers with memory, reason, analytics and the ability to conclude. We are already what we are trying to devise in mechanical form. The blueprint is there for us and science will help us to create these mechanical devices as forerunners to discover that which is still unknown. Much like the mechanical probes we have sent out into space to record the workings of our universe in ways we are not able to do for ourselves, yet.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I try to feel empathy for trump but as of yet cannot (#3197)

     It isn't easy for me railing against trump 24/7 as I am a human who thinks that all humans have some decency in them that translates into them having at least a specter of goodwill toward others. But in trump it is hard to recognize. I don't even see a warmth in him toward family that would have by now shown itself at least in a few examples. Yet nothing of humanity as far as I can tell. He is more the fractured drone who thinks he is a Queen Bee. A want-to-be in disguise. His whole demeanor is to attract attention to himself and the more adoring the attention is the more exultant he becomes. Again, I am a human who thinks everyone has at least a modicum of humanity in them but with trump I have yet to discover it.
     What he has shown me is his contempt for most everything not him. He condescends to all other life forms except those who praise him and quite possibly those who have dirt on him. The most boggling is his perfect record of not admonishing Russia and Putin. For me it is obvious to extrapolate out that Putin has some nasty dirt on him and not even the disgusting trump wants it to be known. As for us here in America who are not his donors we are subject to his despise of us through his tearing down of our social progress, our economic progress and our constitutional rights. His disdain is not shrouded behind any mask, he is upfront and bullying about it.
     Still though as a human being I am troubled that I cannot find it within me to feel any empathy for him as a human being. He is an existential part of our lives and such things created in nature must be given some deference. However I feel more for creatures that exist in the darkest part of nature than I do for trump. He has shown the world that he cannot nor will not respect life like a real human being who has curiosity and compassion underlying his personal code for living. He is a broken being who masquerades as majestically unique. He is not complete in the mind nor the heart and as far as his nature goes I cannot wish anyone to have to be in his presence and experience the disjunction of his pretense. I will keep trying to feel empathy for him as a service to myself but trump is giving me nothing to work with.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I feel some happiness creeping back into my life (#3196)

     Taking down the trump nightmare is having a positive effect on my overall mental health. I know I am talking about an American administration that is supposed to be representing we the American people but it just isn't so. Instead it is an American administration that is representing themselves over the American people. I have a duty to resist and revolt against them as if we were in a struggle for the soul of America for surely we are. That there is now hope with legal proceedings being implemented against this administration is encouraging and strengthening my resolve to fight as hard as ever for our country. The small smile that is growing on my face is the real evidence that progress toward removing the trump stain to democracy is probably inevitable. Now I am not going to say for sure that trump will be removed but that it is a real possibility is welcoming.
     Yesterday I tried to be objective about the initial indictments being served and as has been my modus operandi of late I chose to be skeptical. Well I am well satisfied to say that my skepticism was adequately destroyed by yesterday's action. A major development toward charging high crimes and misdemeanors was initiated with more to come. The sense of relief I and a majority of Americans feel is difficult to measure but surely it is enormous. We have had to endure the worst case scenarios in our heads for months now but it seems we are to be saved from much more. That the republican party and trump specifically are inept at destroying our democracy the damage has been limited although still painful.
     If we can somehow survive the horrendous tax cut bill that republicans are working hard to give to their donors at the expense once again of the working middle poor class then we may just find ourselves awakening from the damndest nightmare I have ever experienced. While the Mueller investigation guts the trumps from within we the American electorate need to obstruct republicans in Congress from turning our democracy into a pre civil war plantation. Where the new era slaves will come from those who are in jail for not being able to support their families or businesses. This nightmare may well be ending and the little crack of happiness I see is beginning to grow into an outright ear to ear smile.

Monday, October 30, 2017

And so it begins... (#3195)

     For all the nightmare that has been the alleged victory for trump on election night November 8, 2016 I have been waiting for the nightmare to end. As improbable as it was that he defied most every poll that had Hillary Clinton winning our presidency that night, he pulled it off "somehow". Well finally, almost a year later we are finally finding out the process of that "somehow". Maybe not so much all the pathways manipulated to secure him the electoral college advantage but the behavior of his underlings is now being revealed. As indictments are served and trump colleagues taken into custody the heavy wheel of justice is turning now and much like the miller's wheel turns grain into flour, the indicted are about to be squeezed into revealing the downfall of trump.
     Now I may be getting ahead of myself by including trump but if we have seen anything from his behavior as our leader it is that he is arrogant and a bully. Which tells me that he was motivator of all decisions relating to the Mueller collusion with Russia investigation. Certainly my conjecture is based upon trump's behavior and not much else at this moment but that is why indicting these underlings is so important. They will spill the beans on trump because they are less than honorable men and saving their own skin will be their priority as opposed to telling the truth of things. Several factors have been discussed in the media which leads me to believe that there is plenty of evidence still around that will make trump vulnerable to being charged for crimes.
     What those crimes are is still in question but trump's base is about to get a lesson in reality if anything. They will see much more clearly that their hero trump is not their hero but instead a manipulator and con man who has stolen their future. His lies concerning Hillary and Barack will be shown to be just that, lies. How they process that will be interesting but surely they will not allow an initial barrage of truth to upset their cognitive dissonance but as the Mueller process continues they will eventually have to come to grips with their leader trump deceiving them. It is still early in this investigation but I am starting to get the sense that our democracy may survive the hoodwink that trump and Russia perpetrated on a now acknowledged ignorant and biased American society that was to my utter dismay, ripe for the picking.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

If you refuse to acknowledge reality you too can be a republican! (#3194)

     Well, it is a bit more than that. You have to harden your heart or just throw it out altogether to be a more secure republican. The problem with the tough love to no love republican party is that they are the ones deciding what your troubles are and then not caring to help alleviate them. Instead they want to increase your troubles because they think that more chaos and suffering is the answer to solving chaos and suffering. Another distinction about being a republican is that logic and common sense are subservient to personal beliefs. This one is the most frustrating to me. How the magic of belief is somehow greater than the real life truths of life. Sort of like children who never grew up from their fantasies.
     The concept of using a carrot and stick to motivate both animal and human into choosing behavior roles is well established. Yet how republicans employ the concept is to forego the carrot and instead apply the stick in differing measures. Well that won't work with animals and you can visualize a republican beating an animal to death as his plan to get the animal to change. In most cases it won't work and the animal will likely die. With humans it is even worse. Humans take to be whipped, like the African Americans who were brought over as slaves, with a building animosity that we non African Americans can never truly understand. Generally though we humans hate being whipped by the stick and yet republicans seem to not care.
     We democrats also apply the carrot and the stick concept to behavior change but we, unlike republicans, know that the carrot is most always the first option and the stick most always the last option. Hence the bleeding heart liberal mantra from the brutishly cruel republican party. Given the choice and knowing that all humans deserve to have a living experience free from the savagery republicans seem to enjoy, I actually am proud of being called a bleeding heart liberal/progressive. First because it demonstrate that I have a heart and second that it bleeds for justice and equality. Something republicans would not know about since their own selfish behaviors would not allow them to consider the hardships of others outside their own prejudices.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The beginning of the endgame for trumps (#3193)

     The biggest mistake trump made was letting Mueller keep his investigation going. Of course the investigation going forward is the proper thing to do but trumps are not about proper or even fair and just. They are about doing harm and not getting caught so letting the Mueller investigation go forward was a shock to me anyway. Well the time for ending it is long past now and the end results are starting to come about. I suppose the trumps thought that they could sidestep any charges if they just controlled the outcome as they expected. Well the world kept turning and the trumps got caught not being prepared so here we are at the beginning of the end game.
     The arrogance of an inept con man is now on full display. He will likely use his propaganda machine over at fox cable news to lie and distort all facts concerning the coming indictments but even that firewall will prove to be ineffective since the rest of the respectable media has been alienated by trump through his "fake news" attacks. That trump has no friends in most of the country he has little sympathy from the majority of us who have been ill treated by his demands and harmful policies. His expectation that the republican party would be with him through thick and thin is coming to be an illusion he fell for as well. One thing we know about republicans is that they will eventually circle the wagons against one of their own if it causes them irreparable damage.
     Soon the trail of indictments and confessions will lead back to the con man in chief and he will be faced with a decision to make. Not unlike nixon, trump will have to decide to either let his arrogance keep him in office and try to defeat reality or accept his defeat and leave the public political scene. Knowing what I know about the creature I doubt he will let himself admit that he could be caught by such as us in the web of deceit he created. His arrogance and narcissism won't allow it. So the show will go on and trump will likely still be out front of it barking his lies while the rest of us calmly connect the dots toward his guilt.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Do not ever normalize the trumps (#3192)

     I am seeing a normalization of the trump agenda creep into the liberal narrative a bit. A sense of being constantly overwhelmed by the audacity of their vision is taking a toll on some of our less hard fighting liberal/progressive members. An acceptance of sorts to an inevitability given the relentless attack to our common decency. Well I am here to say that no such backing me down will be acceptable. I hate what the trumps are doing to us. After the election I was afflicted with a "gut punch" sensation not unlike the time a woman I loved left me for a different life. This gut punch feeling deflated me for about a week and then I got my resolve back with an anger that has not subsided.
     No matter how much crap the trumps shovel at us I will stand against them with all that I have. I am not about to lose my anger toward them and the motivation that it instills in me to call them the liars and thieves that they are. No matter how much they try to propagandize their untruthful vision. They will get nothing from me as long as they are in power. I refuse to accept anything they do as legitimate and rational. Their bullying of the rest of our society is beyond my control but until I have no breath left they will have to crush my life out to get past me. I am done playing nice and being civil with brutes who have no moderation to their cruelty.
     So in sum, join me and do not allow any normalization of trumps while you have breath. If there is one thing in life to fight for it is the truth of things. I will not abide the steady disintegration of fact and logic so that some con men/women can steal our heritage and destiny. My anger is at their agenda to harm and hurt Americans in the name of their greed. I will not tolerate them and neither should any of us who hold honor and dignity as virtues. This is a battle that affects all of us and if we don't get our heads on straight and fight it with the best of who we are we will find one day that fighting them is impossible. So do this for your future self and your children, do not normalize anything trumps and instead disgrace them with facts, truths and logic even if they care not a bit about what you think or do. Stay strong!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The republican party has too much hate (#3191)

     The republican party doesn't care so much about others as they do about themselves. When you find that a majority of republican white people think they are discriminated against as a race,, you begin to see the fact that republican voting white people cannot nor will not acknowledge that other races have been institutionally harmed for centuries, The pattern is settled as to why these white people vote for republicans. The republican party has aligned itself more closely with a race based ideology that non whites are harmful to the American way of life. Whatever the hell that means since our nation is a melting pot nation!
     Lest anyone forget we are a nation populated from every, if not most every, country on the planet. We were only newly populated and formed a few centuries ago so we are not inherently a white race nation. In fact we confiscated this nation from dark skinned Indians who lived here for millenniums. So the argument that our nation is to be preserved as a white one is absurd and egoistically racist. Now how do we get the white republican voters to change their attitudes and behavior toward their god given right to be right about an all white society? Well I sure as hell don't know other than better education but that is a long term solution at best, but letting them gain power in our government sounds like a nightmare idea, yet here we are in that nightmare.
     Again I will say it here, there were 46.9% of eligible American voters who did not vote in the 2016 election, So to try to change the way racists think is truly a challenge so far beyond our ability. The better short term solution is for us democrats to get out our vote and make sure that those 46.9% of voters understand how important it is to have a say in how our government represents us. Otherwise we will end up with more trumps in the future if we survive this one. I have no doubt there are republicans and many independents who are now ashamed of there vote and would not do it again however there are still too many who have hatred in their hearts and no matter what the trumps do they will never accept anyone who isn't white and proud to keep it that way!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Confounding the republican threat (#3190)

     I don't worry about foreigners coming to our land here in America to destroy us. I worry about the right wing racists here in America destroying our nation. They are here now and are doing their best to dismantle all that we have struggled to attain over the last century toward perfecting our union. For the life of me I cannot fathom how they accomplished the power grab in our nation's capitol but it has happened and the window for us to reverse that power grab is still another year away. So in the meantime we must use every ounce of energy we have to obstruct and stall the republican attempts to cause suffering and inequality to working middle poor class citizens.
     There are many more of us than them so all we need to do is engage in the voting process. I know that republicans have made it hard for us to vote and win but we have to find the path to registration and then actually voting if we are to make this current nightmare end! There should be no other greater priority than for us to get our right to vote established and then be prepared at all costs to use it. Nothing should be as vital to our health and welfare as our vote. So stop being cavalier about not caring to vote. It is vital to our continuing democracy and the continuing modernization of our society. Remember, America has always been the great melting pot of the world where all can come and be part of creating the greatest society human history has ever developed.
     We are not racists here as a rule. We have some that have hijacked our politics for now but if we would just focus on getting them out we can then focus on other important issues that don't require us having to beg and plead for our lives. The republican party has become the monster that we thought only existed outside our shores. So the battlefield is here now and if we don't prepare ourselves by arming all of us with a right to vote we will find that that right to vote will also not be available given the republican history of disenfranchising voters. Nothing is more important if you are of age to vote. Nothing! Work, partying, sports and games are all irrelevant if we become servants of masters who despise us when we weren't paying attention.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Society has a duty to all it's citizens otherwise what's the point? (#3189)

     We must all be able to see the larger picture. Life is not about constant struggle and suffering at the expense of a few who would be kings and queens. Life is about community and partnership in all ways that make for more opportunity and involvement. We are not born into this world to become the servants of others as a rule. We are born into this world to be part of it's existence in purposeful ways otherwise why be part of a system that will not recognize or help us move beyond being conveniently ignored and expendable? Democracy is the framework for bringing all into our better purpose yet there are those now who control our democracy that are abusing it. They are not selfless leaders bent on improving the human condition for all but instead they are selfish leaders bent on improving the human condition for some and making life harder for everyone else.
     So as we all look at the bigger picture of what society should be like, we must remember that we have other options. We can get involved in our politics and vote like it is the most sacred gift we possess and elect those who see society as a framework for improving all life or we can take our society and change it by any means possible if we are denied our rights under the current political leadership. It is our responsibility as American citizens to honor the intent of our national constitution and it's amendments. We are not done perfecting our union and until we stop the current charade of leadership in our nation's capitol we won't get that chance.
     What I mean by the last part of the title of this particular blog, "otherwise what is the point?" is that the point of society is to bring us together and bond us to each other. If that bonding is not a factor in this current society then this current society ceases to provide it's core responsibility. I won't be washed up in the illusion of a democracy because of habit or what I may lose, because I will lose much more if I don't fight to keep our society open to all of it's citizens, not just some privileged ones. When one of us is bullied by those in power we all are bullied and if we don't all stand up for the one who is it won't be long before the cowardly slippery slope of the allowed bullying finds it's way to each of us. Democracy demands that we protect each other from attack and if we don't then we have failed to uphold the genesis of democracy.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Unity and vote! (#3188)

     The republican brand has been exposed for its sniveling despicable cowering to the wealthy and the radical right in our nation. That is the base of the republican party, the wealthy and the racists! So we Democrats have an opportunity to change the political majorities in the House and even the Senate. We cannot do anything through this 2018 election to remove trump from the presidency and if somehow he survives the Mueller investigation and prosecutions we can however change his ability to legislate without a buttress. By possibly securing majorities in both chambers of Congress we the Democratic party can put an end to trumps democracy destroying agenda the current Republican majorities are working feverishly to bring to fruition.
     There is only one path for us to accomplish this. We must unify our liberal voters into a common cause to end the Republican representation where we can and we must get our vote out and vote. I say it again here like a broken record, 46.9% of the voting electorate did not bother to vote in the 2016 election. That is almost criminal in my mind but it is what it is and the only way we can make this turnaround come about is to get those 46.9% back into their duty to vote. One silver lining about trump is that his and the Republican agenda is so egregious that many who voted for trump or didn't vote at all are appalled by what is currently happening. So they are prime for steering toward the Democratic alternative but we must give them a purpose.
     Unifying is the first step toward that purpose. Those of us who wish for greater liberal/progressive policies must learn to accept that change is often slow and methodical, much like it took 300 years to finally end slavery in America, another 100 years for us to crawl out of the segregated Jim Crow laws and another 50 years before we finally elected a half black/half white president. We must be vigilant in our march forward into the future often accepting the smaller steps while always preparing for the larger ones. We can do this Democratic party members with the help of the more swayable Independents and the now many disaffected moderate Republicans.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The republican budget must not pass with massive cuts to health services (#3187)

     The time is right now to hit your representatives up especially republican senators who previously voted against dismantling Obamacare. These senators will prove pivotal in keeping the 1.5 trillion in cuts to medicaid/medicare out of the republican wealthy tax break budget. The trumps tried to end Obamacare through outright repeal legislation and failed and now the trumps are trying to do it with their budget. We must force them to remove the health care cuts from their budget through constant and forceful protest. We must make this the number one priority for the good of our nation and for those who will surely suffer irreparably without the minimal health care we currently have,
     This tax cut for the wealthy is obscene in it's intent since the wealthy have never been doing as good as they are while the working middle poor class has not been doing well at all. The focus should be on bolstering working middle poor class through minimum wage increases as well as social security increases among other policy enhancements. Instead this republican budget slashes programs aimed at helping the vast majority of Americans in the working middle poor class. The only way we are going to get any relief from this budget passing through the republican controlled congress is for us to put such heavy pressure on what is left of the moderates in the republican party so that they follow their conscience instead of the cruel republican whip!
     The devastation that will occur if this budget is passed will include premature deaths and suffering of the worst sort. The inhumanity of this budget will be no less than an intentional republican knife in the back of the American majority. We must stop this from occurring since the aftershock of this bill, if passed, will linger for decades if it does pass into law. We must wake up and put aside all of our differences and unite against this despicable bill. I cannot say it enough, we must stop our bickering even if just for a moment in time to make sure this budget of the republican party goes down into the dustbin of history!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Work to unite Democrats, not to divide us! (#3186)

     It seems that every election cycle has some disaffected Democrats trying to start a third party to get more of what they want. Yet when that happens we always end up with less. Why? Because for the longest time there have been 2 major parties and although third parties in the past have made some significant differences they have not been able to break into national prominence. the reason being, much like in 1992 when Ross Perot ran as an Independent he siphoned off enough votes from the Republican Incumbent George Bush the older that the upstart Democrat, Bill Clinton was able to win the presidency,
     Or like when in 2000, the election of George Bush the Younger was aided by the third party Green candidate Ralph Nader, who siphoned off enough votes from Democrats for Republican Bush to win by a little over 500 votes, thus taking the winner take all state of Florida, In our more modern era, third parties have been nothing more than spoilers for deciding who wins the national election between Democrats and Republicans. So when an outreach is forming from the left to go third party the Republicans will ultimately benefit. Same goes from an outreach from the right, Democrats benefit.
     So it would behoove our Democratic party to work within the Democratic party to change our policies to reflect our more modern vision. Any other course of action to go third party is a direct slap in the face of us Democrats who are trying to change our party from within. The cost of such a third party attempt by Democrats brings about a benefit to Republicans like the current trump dilemma. We have to get our base voters out and turn Independents toward our message regardless if our message is perfect for us or not. Remember, we are building a consensus of a big tent strategy which means we must attract others who are not as pure liberal/progressives as we are but who at least share a general sense that we are working for not only ourselves but for them as well.

Friday, October 20, 2017

We must crush republicans in the midterms! (#3185)

     There is only one way back from the brink we are currently at and that is to stop the republican nightmare beginning in a less than twenty days in Virginia and then in a little more than a year at the midterm elections. There has to be only a single focus for all intelligent Independents and Democrats, vote for Democrats everywhere in every public position. The time has come to stop this self imposed demoralizing death scape in it's tracks. We are fortunate to still be alive as I see it because the psychopath trump could have already put us into a position of choosing between death and subservience to him. As well he could have easily by now started the last human war this planet would ever have known.
     So in less that 20 days in the great Commonwealth of Virginia we begin to reverse the abomination of republican politics. If not there will be no hope for us as a modern society. We will fall back into the despair of authoritative rule much like the dark ages before enlightenment. The crusades that existed then against the heretics of the rulers will be like child's play compared to what will happen to us when the psychopaths of today ply their advanced torturous pleasures upon us. Democracy as we know it will come to an end and those who wield power will maintain their new authoritarianism with a life long grip. This may sound a bit melodramatic but I assure you that the endgame of this is exactly the goal of the current republican party.
     There will only be privilege and advantage for one class of person and that is the obedient wealthy. The rest of us will be serfs who serve at the pleasure of our owners. Yes, owners since we will no longer be able to express our individuality through free will. Instead we will be marked to adhere to controls set forth by the most zealous of the republican hierarchy. There will be no middle class only the top and bottom of the poor class. This is the republican agenda and if we don't stop it it will come if you have the vision to extrapolate it out to it's endgame. In less than 20 days we can begin to end the nightmare in Virginia and then grow from that overwhelming victory right into the midterms where we can see the end of republican politics as an agenda to make us all subservient to them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

No human being left behind (#3184)

     There is no deliberation. There is no exception. There is only acceptance of every one of us. Now some of us have proven to be greater and lesser human beings but that is on the maturing individual. There can be no distinction made at the beginning as to the equal value we each possess when we first begin our lives. This is why it is an imperative for all of us to have an equal opportunity to begin growing into and through to our maturity. How can we do this is an unsolved puzzle that has been elusive to us in the past. Our societies revolved around privilege and advantage instead of nurturing all toward our common goals. Several societies in the past have tried to implement structure as to child rearing and growth behavior but the powers that be cannot seem to move past the privilege and advantage dynamic.
     Even here in America with examples from the native Indian cultures of the community raising the children as equal partners has been ignored by the more dysfunctional survival of the fittest crowd. The idea of all children being innocent at birth and worthy of a proud and decent life is not able to infiltrate the minds of those who think themselves more worthy than others. Which is why we need to keep proving to them that gender, race, creed nor cultural difference is a factor when applying the same opportunities to all. Our species is varied slightly overall in appearance but not in the more important attributes like the molecular structures of DNA. We all have the same biological abilities and mental accessabilities necessary for us to function as equals yet we don't seem to care about the reality of facts as much as we care about the irrationality of our own biases.
     This is why we fight for social justice as a rule. We are still living as barbarians in too many of our paradigms within our evolving modernized societies. As we move further from the antiquity of inequality and prejudice we see the stragglers of these inadequacies fighting harder not to let go. We must force them to loosen their grip on our advancement through time and space because the future holds no place for the bigotry of intolerance. The innocence of every child born needs to be preserved at the beginning of their growth in order for a proper maturation process to take hold. We cannot treat our children any less than all children and we shouldn't treat our children as more than any other child. They, due to their own merit, will prove themselves out when they begin to comprehend what they want as individuals.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The little idiot emperor! (#3183)

     We have seen little enough from trump to explain his purpose for wanting to be president of the United States except maybe a personal economic one. He ran as a republican yet he is doing nothing for them that will advance the nefarious republican agenda. It is a silver lining for this democrat because he is not accomplishing the worst that he intends. He instead is alienating his party so much now that the fracture has made new bedfellows of democrats and enough republicans to stalemate the republican agenda. I had thought by now that I would be dead from all the upheaval he could have caused in my life and my anger back at him surely would have instigated me to lash out in some form that was squashed under his militant boot.
     But so far he has only shown his inept ability. Nothing so far he has done is undoable when he is finally removed from office. His executive orders will be reversed and with his lack of legislative accomplishment will be to our advantage. The unity we previously quarreling democrats are now finding is the tonic we need to not only end the era of trump but to take back Congress and again change the party majority on the Supreme Court. In less than a few weeks we will get the first indication of the depth of the destruction trump has caused to the republican party when Virginia holds it's state vote for elective office. Democrats there are doing well so far and republicans are not.
     Then we will see in a little over 1 year just how much damage to the republican party trump has done and will continue to do before then. The little idiot emperor has no idea how to manage the tremendous advantage he has had since January 21st. He has squandered his opportunities so far and made more enemies than friends. His little oversized ego is guiding his path and if we just sit back and let him destroy himself and the republican party without him destroying us then so be it. We democrats have got to stay vigilant in moving forward giving nothing even after fighting to the end. I doubt trump can defeat the enmity he has callously nurtured with his republican colleagues to accomplish anything significant and that is good for all of us, not just in America but in the world at large.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Income inequality and voter suppression, the staples of the republican party (#3182)

     If you are a republican you believe that income inequality is NOT a problem. If you are a republican you believe that voter suppression is NO big deal. I only mention two agendas of the republican party here but they are ominous. As the republicans continue to try to lower taxes on the wealthy and reduce social programs aimed at curbing income inequality there can be no doubt as to my claim on income inequality. Everywhere you look you see republicans calling out to their base that lowering taxes on the wealthy will lead to increased jobs and production. Well their base believes them despite all evidence to the contrary.
     What has happened in the past is that when these wealthy get their huge tax breaks they put the extra money into banks or other creative enterprises that do not help to create new jobs. The only way to make the wealthy create more jobs is to tax them at a higher rate so that their profit margin shrinks which forces them to create new opportunities to make the money they were used to making. They want more wealth and to make them chase it you have to tax them at a higher rate not a lower one. But republicans don't want you to know that since the wealthy are the majority of their donors and like good little soldiers republicans follow the orders of their donors to the point beyond lying to their constituents.
     As well is the voter suppression tactics. They attack minorities as others and then blatantly say that many undocumented are voting illegally. This makes it easy for them to illogically justify the strict identification laws they roll out and the closing of voting stations where the majority of the "others" vote. They atack education and then make it difficult for these smarty pants young adults to vote at their schools. All the tactics the republicans employ are thought out through their right wing think tanks for the purpose of keeping as many democrats from voting as possible. Have you noticed that it is a rare occurrence to see a democrat make it hard for republicans to vote? Because despite our differences in policy we democrats believe in democracy and knowing that republicans are subversive in voting calculations we still believe that Americans stand above party when it comes to our national heritage. We may be foolish but we will not stoop to the republican strategy of undermining the wealth of our nation nor the constitutional right of our citizens to vote.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Rape, racism are about demented power of one over another! (#3181)

     Let this be very clear, the actions of rape and racism are about exercising power over another. Denying persons of a different skin color and/or a different gender the respect and dignity of freedom. For anyone to accept the ideology of a perverted sense of sexual domination and/or an erroneous entitlement over another human being does suggest a mentality of inadequacy. The person perpetrating demented power will display tendencies that rationalize their own vision without the confidence of logic. They will think and behave as if no other person has their obviously self proclaimed privilege in an equal amount. Theirs is the beginning and end of all rationalizations despite all evidence to the contrary.
     They are this way because they don't allow themselves to accept their own humanness. They will not admit that they are fallible in their thinking because they have no other way of obtaining their desired position. They use force without control to acquire their needs. Since they had given up the idea of using logic and common sense as their foundation. So no reasoning of argument or debate will pierce their minds or their purpose. I have seen glimpses of people like this my whole life. Some were outright takers and put down characters who alienated "others" and forced themselves upon women who were vulnerable. I knew who they were since most are long dead but their behavior is still fresh in my mind.
     Had I been older and stronger I could have confronted them but they were much more likely to snatch my life away at the hint of disapproval. Power can do that to us. It can make us quiver in the dark as we hide from their intent. I am older and stronger now and will not let any of those who exemplify that way of thinking and doing in my presence or in my sphere of living. I rebuke their lifestyle of force and belittling however the manifestation occurs. To have lived through the shame and remorse of a bygone era of rape and racism as an acceptable part culture I can say this now with emphasis. I will not accept that which I know is wrong as an excuse for anything. Power to deny will be met with power to stop the denier. Power to control will be met with the force to stop the controller. We live in America where freedom and equality are more than just slogans, they are real and it is all of our duty to keep it so.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I want to pay taxes that modernize our society (#3180)

     I have am not wealthy nor even middle class economically, yet my taxes take a chunk out of me that has me scrambling to make sure they get paid. I have to sacrifice many things in order to make sure I have enough when they are due. Yet, I am happy to do so especially here in California where they are put to some real good usage. Nationally I am unhappy about our military budget being out of control and the only way the military budget can be reduced is by us moderating our own ridiculous military spending. Now I know military spending is a post all it's own but for today generally it is an area where we can reduce it significantly in order to provide a better social life for all Americans.
     So let me set this straight, I believe in taxation with representation as long as that representation is the will of the people and not the will of greedy selfish special interests who don't give back to society but instead pillage society. Taxation is for the betterment of society not the fear mongering influence of masked fanatics. I like it when our roads and bridges are modern and our transportation systems are sleek and efficient. I like it when our social programs that are in existence because we have not yet been able to control capitalism to the point where capitalism is a fair and just system. Unlike today where it is still mostly the dog eat dog paradigm of few rules and dishonest actors.
     I want our taxes to enrich the research and development fields of scientific and logical discovery while expanding our educational system so that not one citizen has to give up their right to be educated. No doubt I want health care for all and fair and equitable distribution of wealth between labor and management/ownership. No more discrimination based upon anyone's choice, gender or race. So that whoever we are we can participate in advancing our society toward being an example for the rest of the world instead of currently being the painful laughingstock of the world. I want to pay my taxes in order that smart and creative ideals are our legacy to pass along. Remember we will not be long in our existence as individuals but as a collective group we can build systems and protocols that make the lives of our children and their children much more inclusive and opportune. I want to pay my taxes so that we can keep building a better life.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

We liberals see a bright future whereas republicans can only see a brutal now (#3179)

     It is as if republicans don't dream at night or have any imagination. I know as a liberal/progressive I see the world through the lens of what the future could be and work to make it so. I don't want to live in the present as my only option. The present is not bad for sure but it doesn't hold out hope for all. It is still in the midst of being of antiquated thinking. We have too many souls who are content to keep things in the status quo and for me that is unacceptable. The status quo leaves too many more other souls without the same hopes and possibilities. I don't need to accept that great and grand possibilities are impossible. I look at the current present and see all the evidence I need.
     Generally, where once we lived in caves and fought for our individual survival, we now mostly live in homes and use economic forces to allow us to survive. From the ancient past to our current one we have evolved and that evolution is ongoing. We have not arrived at any form of Nirvana yet so onward and in this case upward we go into the stars. Not only are our cultures assimilating but we are becoming a more comprehensive species in knowledge and in the expansion of our curiosity. We are an amazing species whose data inputs with long and short memory abilities make us a most unusual biological data processor with sensory capabilities. We can individually and collectively analyze, reason and conclude on a panoramic scope of paradigms. Our future is boundless and we are the masters of it.
     We are just beginning the great adventure of the human experiment and nothing will stop our advancement through both time and space but ourselves. So when I hear republicans talk about going back to whatever ideal they rationalize in their minds it makes me cringe at the thought that they would rather settle for a dubious bygone era that could not have rationally existed instead of embracing what could be right out in front of their noses. If it be fear that they shrink into to avoid the future then they need a lesson in courage. If it be ignorance of what the future can be then they need a lesson in imagination. Either way, going backwards into an illusion with republicans may seem a safe harbor but it is just not so. Going forward with all of us is the safest harbor of all because we are all going toward something better that aligns with our evolving advanced natures together.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Death by a thousand cuts (#3178)

     The trump administration is well on it's way to destroying our nation one small step at a time. With his 50th signed executive order trump has just taken another backward step otherwise doing what his majority Congress was not brutal enough to accomplish although just barely, break Obamacare. Yet as we see now the intent of what a deathtrumpcare health system looks like, the courts will have the final say on this latest travesty. The trump is trying to circumnavigate the legal status of a law ultimately without the consent of Congress and by that process has practically doomed his executive order to stop subsidy payments for the poorer among us to finally have health care. The courts will rule against him in the face of legal logic and once again the courts will come to America's rescue.
     I don't know specifically how we can stop the many future cuts to our American character but eventually our nation will crumble under the many harms trump is doing to our national identity. Either our democracy will implode or our citizenry will become nothing more than cannon fodder in the battle to save it. What trump is trying to do is to take our protocols for governing and defy them with an imperious attitude of swagger and incoherence. He would lie as easily as tell the truth depending upon the outcome he is seeking. None of us will escape the sting he is wreaking upon us and if we don't accomplish some kind of legal removal he will continue his bull in a china shop act.
     Even now some republicans are starting to get that although trump plays in their republican sandbox he is no friend. He is outside the bounds of normalcy when it comes to precedence and honor. His only goal is to make himself more of what he desires and the rest of us are not his concern. Yet he is in the president's chair and his actions directly affect our survival. What must be done is his removal and in our democracy there has to be protocols that protect us from the horror that is trump. Whether our other political leaders in the republican party have the courage to stand up to him and declare him unfit is yet to be seen but it is one sure way to make sure trump is no longer in a position to destroy our democracy and continue to cause great bodily harm to our society.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

When we hide knowledge from each other we harm all of us (#3177)

     Growing up I had to learn all I could from my own impetus because those around me weren't able to share what they knew with me, for whatever reason. Most likely because they didn't know themselves. Our society is terrible at passing along fundamentals and more complex formulas for all to know. We are expected to know most all out in the real world otherwise we get chewed up and spit out. Now the wealthy children have no such problem since their parents can spend their money to make sure their children have the knowledge they need to have a better life out in the real world. Non wealthy parents are not so fortunate in getting their children taught necessary knowledge and understanding.
     So like many of us who were not blessed with wealthy parents we struggled to learn on our own. Yet not having a guiding hand in many cases our self taught awareness often came up short. This is something I hate about capitalism, it encourages us to hide information and knowledgeable utility form ourselves so that a few can prosper at our inability to compete. It has been this way since time immemorial and it is one thing that must change if we are ever going to fully embrace our modern future. I know it is good to have market based economies that encourage the ideal of merit and innovation as incentives to achieve but if we are not able to allow all to know how to fully understand the process then we are harming ourselves by creating a class of citizen who has no future.
     This class of citizenry has already grown to about half our population since that many are now working around the range of poverty wages just to stay alive. We are better than this but unless we can see the problem for what it is and then find the strength to apply a workable solution then nothing will stop this poverty laden class of citizen that even I am part of from continuing to increase. The fault lies with making learning a scheme for profit. If we do not help our fellow human beings along in the knowledge attaining process we are ultimately joining in the advancement of our own species extinction. Yet the greedy powerful political ones will not care as long as they can make theirs and the hell with all the rest of us.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Honesty is always the best policy (#3176)

     I have come to this conclusion after many years of struggling with it. Because there were some times where the truth appeared to do much more damage than an omission. Yet, that damage was not mine to decide. I cannot understand every future implication that comes from lying or omitting the truth of something. I have to trust that the truth is what we all need to be able to decide how we next act or think. It is on us each individually to decide how the truth is received as opposed to not knowing the truth and acting and thinking without the fact of the truth. I am not a god nor a wise enough man to ever be able to distinguish the best for all. I have to trust in the truth to help us through life.
     Yes, even when the truth is incredibly difficult and harsh on us. We must take it for what it is and then choose to do what we must. Our society is a jumble of mixed up scenarios and no one, and I mean no one, is immune. We all have our harsh realities that we wish were not true but nonetheless they are. So how we next move forward should help us change the dynamics of what caused our awful truths to be real. We cannot change that which we are shielded from knowing. We are sensitive creatures all of us in our own ways but despite our sensitivities we need to gird up our defenses and accept reality as it is and then move forward into a better world if we should so choose.
     We may all be sensitive in our own ways but we are also strong as well so the truth should if anything make us more purposeful about what we do with our lives and give us the necessary knowledge to grow from it. We are better off living in our reality with all the truth and not just most or some of it. The truth of things reveal all our scabs and warts and that is real, not some fantasy that has no defects. How much better would all of our lives be if others would just quit trying to shield us from what is real. We need to know how to begin our lives and if our lives are built upon lies or omissions then we will never reach our true potential. I accept facts and truths on face value no matter how embarrassing or shameful they may be. It is then that I can go about not repeating the embarrassing and shameful realities. If it is honest then it is real.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Courage is selfless, lack of courage is selfish (#3175)

     Let there be no doubt, there are two outcomes to our actions. If we are courageous we are putting ourselves out there with strength and conviction. If we are not courageous we are giving in to our fears and feeling the cowardice that goes hand and hand with it. When I was younger I felt that giving up my life before I had even lived it was foolish. But not all acts of courage require me to forfeit my life. I may have felt that then but it was not true. I could have been more forceful in my stance for righting wrongs if I would have realized that being courageous is actually the pinnacle of living. Yet I wasn't and I am here to say so that others may have an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I don't mind being an example of how not to do things as long as I stopped the wrong behavior and thinking and changed it to right behavior and thinking.
     I often use my own experiences to describe human nature, acts and thoughts because for one thing I know what I have thought and done without any doubt. For another we all seem to respond closely enough to similar circumstances one way or another for me to extrapolate out what I could have done as opposed to what I actually did. Live and learn and then get better. When I shied away from a fight I was being a coward in that my fear overtook my resolve to stand for principle. I remember those moments far more than the ones where I did take a stand and felt the thrill of triumph over harm. Those cowardly moments are hard on me as I see myself as better than that but it was was it was and no one is harder on me than me.
     But those moments of cowardice are behind me and the selfishness I experienced letting myself be a coward didn't help anyone. Today I am much more confident in the selfless actions I take because in the end I am greater than lesser and the only way to prove that is by showing it. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a force for good and living in my courage allows me that opportunity. I know I will pay a price someday sooner or not that will require my life but that is not as fearful now since I am older and have lived my life. But I wish with all my being that I had been open to learning how much more life is worth living when courage is the first and only option. I always think of my personal hero Nathan Hale and his defiant and courageous death statement made when he was only 21 years old,