Monday, July 16, 2012

The beginning of the kingdom of humility (#1263)

With the death of greed needed to change how our individual outlooks must shape our society, we are then able to grow into a humble-based society that roots out egoism as a rule and replaces it with humility as the only viable alternative. We have crossed the line into an enlightenment about how all we living breathing human beings should share in the beauty of the world and how we do that is by recognizing our own absolute defense of it. When we start from the correct first premise of our inalienable natural rights, we then can dismiss anything that does not align with equality and fairness. The only thing that deviates us from continuing our human societal equation of humility in the logical manner is the greed that comes from those who would not let go of the greed that fills their obsessions. It is antithetical for greed to exist correspondingly within an individual if that individual is also living in humility. Power, fame nor wealth do not make a person a wise or respected human being, what makes someone worthy of exaltation is when that person does great things for others while not claiming the greatness. Our true wealth is in how we are perceived by others. Is happiness in our lives and all those who live more important than anything else? I say yes! Most say that only through competition can we create and develop innovation. I have a different view on that. When we all share in the ability to learn we then can all share in the capacities of innovation without the forces of stress influencing our minds. The thoughts are out there to be had, does it really matter who brings them to the fore? When we all get to appreciate the advancement? Humility in it's real form does not boast, nor does it weigh it's positive nature on the scale of inequality and unfairness, and ever come up short.

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