Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clarity diminishes fear (#1269)

When we can see beyond our own reality into the bigger reality we all share is when we begin to understand just how life really is. I do not live in a vacuum. I have relationships with so many people outside my little circle of everyday existence and if I choose to look at what is happening with those relationships, I begin to see that my opinions and conceptions are just one view among millions that exist. Like Aristotle, I use myself as a general reference point to help me understand human nature as well as natural existence. My thoughts and actions serve as a median example for any assumption I try to make in deciding an active response. Yet am I the true median example? Certainly it is possible but not so if I cannot distinguish how others are affected as well. I have my biases concerning likes and dislikes, so if I can remain objective, actually consider all sides to an equation, logically and without emotion, then I can be the median and at least start an assumption but not give the assumption any weight of truth, except that it may be my likely response. I do the best I can about making choices but I also know that I may be wrong in my choices at any given time, in fact if I am right in my choices I feel a sense humility, since my choices are not more right than wrong. I get that! However this post is about diminishing fear, which by the way has me in the greatest grip of doubt. By trying to see things from all sides and focusing on the problem at hand, I can reduce my fear of finding an answer and proceed as best I can by applying what I know about myself along with what I know about others. Moving forward with a process that helps me to define myself is ultimately my goal, whether or not it is the perfect process to start with.

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