Sunday, July 15, 2012

The end of the kingdom of greed (#1262)

Greed has been the one human cruelty that has sustained it's existence through process by alluring those who would be king. An ego justifier that exemplifies the notion that some are better than others therefore deserve all the spoils life has to offer. To the natural extension of causing misery to those who are not considered worthy. The great unscientific/immoral pacifier is that the worthiness is a natural selection true illusion to them and therefore must be how things work. I cannot feel sorry for those who are not worthy since it is in their DNA not to have what greed allows. As if somehow other human beings have not the capacity nor the ability to to exist on the same level as the greed oriented. What the greed oriented don't realize is that they confuse our species' common attributes with a inaccurate inculcation of environmental controls. In other words, we are taught to be greed oriented through practices of existing inequalities. To protect the benefit of greed they have accumulated, from their inner struggles of care for others, they fall back on the premise that deserving more is their destiny based upon the illusion that their ego's have manufactured for them. A trap easily fallen into, who doesn't want to think they are somehow "some special divine gift" about their own life? I am sure every one of us at some time in our lives considered the prospect that we are great and worthy of the best this existence has to offer. I happen to agree with that kind of thinking but in the sense that we are all worthy of the best that this existence has to offer, not just for ourselves. What I believe is not greed for selfish reasons, but equally wonderful practical experiences for all of us.

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