Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fighting for the best of our natures (#1268)

It isn't just the realization that we get to choose how we act and react to reality, but that when we decide to take the high road of living and express our better natures to everyone else, we must recognize that there will be those who will obstruct those expressions as a mean spirited attempt to keep our outlook gloomy. They have an ulterior motive, whether it is power over us, control over resources or even a philosophical bent that has their own system whose interests are tied up in our observance of their belief. I say the hell with all of that and my sleeves get rolled up and I start to focus my eyes in a hard and determined way, ready to fight for my right to be happy. I know that defending my right to a happy expression in action is actually a fight I put up for all of us. Everything I do to protect the best of my nature is a corollary defense of your right to express the best of your nature. I know what it is like to be told to be obedient to that which is less than honorable. I don't need a reminder again of how humiliating and depressing it can be to be told to be less than what I am and can be. So to combat that in my life I don't tolerate the situations that deny me my best nature and the freedom to express it. There is no "deserves" or "due" that is given without condition, so in order to find a life that has within it the basic liberty of knowing who I am and actually being able to express it, is incumbent upon me to establish and procure through the wisdom of argument, and if that fails, the necessary force of might. Unfortunately, there will always be those who think they are the "boss of all of us" and we must decide to protect our inherent right to make our own decisions based upon what we deem to be logical, common-sensical and virtuous. We will spend our lifetime fighting for our best natures to prevail and that is the truth of the matter.

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