Friday, July 27, 2012

Learning with a passion (#1274)

One of the three premises of mine concerning what I see as the natural instincts of our human nature is curiosity. I cannot ever stress this enough on this blog and in my conversations outside of this platform. I know that we as humans often get sidetracked from our goals and ambitious curiosities by our other two formidable natural instincts of caring about each other/ourselves, and about our own/others' personal survival. The intertwining of our caring and survival is normal and necessary for our lives to have the depth of emotion we all crave for ourselves and hope for others. Yet we cannot lose sight of our curiosity when we are engulfed in our emotional and protective pursuits to the neglect of our curiosity. As I have found for my own life, when I am into my learning, passionately pursuing answers to new questions, my life makes sense and my caring and survival heighten to new insights. In other words, when I am learning I am more able to care and protect those, including myself, that are around me. Of all of our 3 natural instincts, curiosity is the most important to me. Now that may be my perspective on how I live but it is true for me. When I am in the mode of opening my mind to what possibilities there are around me I am increasing options to which I can imagine. Enlightenment is a good thing, despite what some would see as detrimental. I want to know what can be so that I can offer myself new avenues for my caring and survival to operate within. My curiosity grows my ability to care with a greater panorama of vision toward how best to share my caring with the world and my survival is enhanced because I can better control my own destiny when I know how and why things happen. We, as a society of humans, need to place the greatest priority in our lives upon the ideal that learning is the key to our species' survival and it also is the key to finding our true happiness within our existence.

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