Friday, July 20, 2012

Our better natures or cruel brutish cynicism (#1267)

It is not like we don't have a choice! Everything we do has a choice of options attached to it before we act. We get to establish what our thoughts, actions and reactions are to any and every little thing that happens in our lives. We get to choose all of that if we so desire to be the master of ourself. I may be tied to conventions that restrict me in ways that are necessary for me to have things in life I want, but I choose to have those restrictions as a trade-off for something else. The point is I choose, just like the clothes I wear and how I think about my own priorities. I do not subjugate my thoughts for the convenience of blissful ignorance nor do I agree with others as a way to abrogate my own thought process. My life will be mine and I will in no way ever willingly give it over to someone else who can never be me. Saying that, I want to pivot to how I see the world and how others see the world. I see the world through the eyes of a child who can only marvel at what we are able to do given our resources here in existence. It is amazing to me that being born into a wilderness like this planet offers and taking what is here to better our lives is remarkably cool! Yet others see our society as a winner take all competition where the value of being alive is subordinate to the ability we have to barter with each other. For the life of me, I am so stunned that we humans cannot distinguish between the gift of being alive and how we have come to interact with each other. Our reality has been thrust upon us from conventions that are ancient and out-of-date. Yet we continue to live our lives like we are preordained to follow along the same decaying institutions without having the ability to change and upgrade those institutions. Our visions of the future boil down to either hope or cynicism. I prefer and even demand of myself to enjoy the mindset of hope since it is my better nature and my better nature is my choice for living my life.

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