Monday, July 30, 2012

Our human species (#1277)

As we gather into our groups and subgroups, we must always remember that we are first and foremost a human species. There is no denying that we are all related to each other by the fact of our almost identical physical biology and mental acuity. There are degrees of differences that make some of us unique to each other but overall, the differences are minute. Yet we seem to desire to magnify our small differences into large wedges as ways to alienate ourselves from ourselves. Over time, these miniscule distortions have allowed our society to create classes of people that, in a discriminating way, affect the quality of life for each individual pigeonholed in whatever class they may fall. How this has come about is a direct effect of how we allow our differences to dominate our society as opposed to how our similarities should be allowed to integrate us instead. I am in a constant argument with those who can only see the history of our society and the current status quo as the only avenue for our society to follow upon. For some reason they have lost the innocence of vision that requires us to think of what could be but of instead only of what is allowed to remain. It is as if a resignation to the status quo has taken the life out of what our species is actually capable of. I am no genius here in advocating that given what our brilliant forefathers gave us here in America, a chance to actually change our society to reflect what is the absolute best of who we are as humans, that we should take advantage of starting a way of thinking that does not harm ourselves but instead elevates our connections to each other in ways that bring out what each of us brings to existence. I have no doubt that we are all capable of great things, yet at this time in our current society, we do not honor what could be, in lieu of settling for what is and nothing more.

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