Thursday, July 19, 2012

We make our own destiny (#1266)

I spend all my time working on the things I hope will come about for our society at large, and to a lesser extent myself. Whether these things I work for actually come about is not what defines me, what I strive for is what defines me. I am not fated to success or failure, I am fated to my human will to give my effort. I am very pleased at this time in my life with the effort I put out for being a positive force for the betterment and progress of humanity. I can admit that I have less concern about myself and more concern about the future generations that are coming forward. I have already lived the best of my hopes and dreams for myself and that is the truth. I am in the winding down process of my life but those who are just starting out are not. They need all the insights and understandings that I have learned to be conformed into a better situation for them than it was for me. I understand the best of me is giving the best of me. In that I get a corollary benefit of satisfaction for working to improve something that otherwise would have less effort into it's creation. Once we as a species discover that placing principles at the forefront of our lives that are founded in honor and noble intention, we find that giving the effort into things that exemplify this honor and noble intention is a reward unto us that cannot be measured by any degree of calculation. All of us humans live from our hearts, and finding what pleases our hearts the most is where we discover that the value of honor and noble intent is our true destiny. All of us are also heroes in our lives and none of us have ever felt that being heroic is a bad thing, on the contrary, we have found that it is a good thing. The only way we can be heroic is to give of ourselves in some way that transfers to others in a way that reflects what is best about us. My destiny is clear to me as anything else I might ever think. Rise up to challenges and never stop moving toward giving back to this existence what I know is better than what I had.

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