Monday, July 23, 2012

What is love? (#1270)

I know there are different kinds of love. There is the love of doing something that makes us feel really good. There is the love that is shared for family members and friends that secure us in the knowledge that we are truly connected in ways that bring us value and worth. Then there is the love that we share for someone in our lives that goes beyond all the other types of love. I am very familiar with the love of doing things, such as sports or creative thinking. those types of love are all around us and are not difficult to assimilate into our own lives. The love we share as family, like for our, children, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and other extended family members and friends. This is a bit more difficult as not all families have a smooth transition over time and conflicts occur where some family members drift from others and the love for each other is no longer as strong as for the love we have for those family members we remain close with. Although this is regrettable, it is still somewhat normal for this to happen. Then of course there is the love for the "soul mate" that we find or are looking for. Yes, we can already be in love with the idea of someone we hope to meet but have not yet met. What is better is when the soul mate that has been met and that idea of becoming one has come into fruition. That is the best of love when it is in the form of intimacy. I have always, and deep down I know this to be true, that there is only one soul mate for me in the ideal. I am a stubborn one on this issue and I have come to the place in life where finding the one true love for my life is a quest that never ends until either I have found her or I am no longer able to look. If the fortune of fate is kind enough to me to allow me the joy of finding my soul mate, then the greatest priority in my life shifts from being on a quest to find her to building my hopefully, new found most special relationship into a magnificently shared co-existence.

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