Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chasing illusions while giving away the farm (#1936)

If you want to vote as a Republican, this is your reality. You are hoping for something that will never exist while paying to let your future diminish. Now I am all for following my dream but not at the cost of abdicating all my other dreams. I want a safe world that is working to end hunger, disease and unnecessary suffering and death. While also discovering new lands whether here on Earth or beyond. I may yearn for a simpler time that I have within my head but the truth is there never was a more simpler time that right now. Everything in our past has been a mighty struggle to achieve and at no time in the past has life been the illusion of perfect. The greatest awareness all of us have to share is that both time and space are constantly changing so any idea that we can turn back the hands of time are just not going to happen. Reality is here and we are in it, no amount of denial or indifference will change that! Modernity is our future and innovation through technology is our vehicle. We achieve none of this unless we accept that learning knowledge is our path. We have no other path if we are to move our species from being static and more vulnerable, into a more enlightened adaptive being. We are not what we were 5,000 years ago nor will we be the same 5,000 years into the future if we can survive our own demise. The time is now for us as a species to accept the challenge existence has placed before us. Are we to remain like all other previous species who could do nothing to harness the powers of the Universe to affect their futures or are we now going to master the elements around us in ways that give us options to not only survive but to dominate this realm we are currently trapped within?

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