Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clarity and conviction to do good (#1937)

Little on this planet is as satisfying as doing something good and knowing that whatever else may happen you are a decent, humble, validated human being. We are all human beings at a foundational level but not all choose to exemplify the qualities of being human that are most admired. Most choose to stay inward in themselves and make their considerations only about what directly effects them, not in some complex way of reasoning but in the simplest of ways. We do things for ourselves without regard to the effects that has on others. They can do for themselves and all will be fine. Yet that is a false equivalency. We are not all at the same place in time with our possibilities and we are not all given the same opportunities. So what some do, that they make no consideration for the outcome, is in many ways a harm to those who are effected by their decisions. Much like with the dirty energy crowd. They extract and pollute because we are currently dependent upon those resources for power, but what they don't work to alleviate, the pollution and it's overall effect, is left as a consequence for us to absorb into our beings. Now these dirty energy folks gain their profit and success but at what cost to all of us? We need dirty energy for the immediate time but the dirty energy crowd wants that time extended indefinitely so that their profits are left undisturbed. They choose not to transition to cleaner energy sources to mitigate the harm they are causing as long as the harm doesn't affect them. Overall though, what they don't see is that the harm is going to effect the next generations coming up in the form of cancerous health issues, through our water, ground and air, and cataclysmic climatic disturbances. But who cares when there is so much money to be made!

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