Monday, May 19, 2014

I am more than the sum of my actions (#1935)

Over the time of this blog I have "mentioned" that I, and all of us, matter. We have so much within us that it seems to be wasted because there is no all encompassing outlet to express all who we are. This blog gives me in a small way a chance to "3d print myself" on eternity. Now after I am gone and this forum has been replaced by some new more modern form of communication, the ether will still have my sense within this blog, albeit raw, but nonetheless there for the discovery. We don't hear this as often as we should but some folks like the thought of leaving an imprint of their lives on humanity in some tangible or otherwise way of recording their existence. This blog post is that vehicle for me. I have spent over 5 years almost every day to a tee, writing daily of some concept or idea I was forming on a particular day. This genre is the legacy of my life. Granted it is coming from my perspective, however I can fairly say that I don't sugar coat my failures nor do I denigrate my successes. Generally speaking this blog is about my life in a way that highlights the intent of my motivations while leaving me vulnerable to scrutiny. We all need a release or outlet to express ourselves however possible and none of us should be denied the opportunity to record who we are so others may know our true intentions. I am more that the sum of my actions, and as such, I need to be able to show that somehow or someway. Life is an unexplained journey. We know how we got here, birthed by our parents, but we don't know why life even exists or if it will continue to exist in the future. We have good scientific evidence of the creation of our Universe but what contained the space before our Universe erupted into being? The bigger questions will continue to remain for now, but who and what I was during my life will have a few clues left out there whether discovered or not. That is good enough for this simple man.

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