Saturday, May 31, 2014

I have lived life hard (#1947)

I chose a different path in my life. It was my path, just mine. Now I can't take any of it back so regretting not doing something different isn't even an option. What I have though are some wild and crazy memories. That is a good thing. What I don't have is wive(s) or children. The trade off for me was kind of easy since I wasn't one of those who would settle on a relationship of marriage that didn't have enough true love to it. I was and still am a romantic, but in lieu of actually finding and recognizing true love from a likely partner for life I just went out as a young man and lived in this world. I worked hard and partied hard. One of those who would burn the candle at both ends. What had probably been my saving grace is that I didn't do that 24/7. I did spend time quietly and healthily recovering from some of my wilder escapades. Early on in my youth I did set some standards by which I would not violate. I didn't accept any sexual relationship with a married woman. That was probably my smartest move. lol. As far as partying, I didn't go out beyond the usage of normal mind altering chemicals that I knew were far more harmful than groovy. And I didn't allow myself to do too many things that were dangerous and just for kicks. I was a bit of a self controlled wild and crazy guy. But I wasn't one who lived to make myself successful. I worked at the type of jobs only strong men need apply. I was a carpenter, house and building framer specifically, most of my life but I also worked as an underground miner in the great southwest desert, while later working as a logger in the great northwest woods. My free spirit was all I could ever find as a good constant companion and now that I have traded in all the wild and crazy times for a patterned lifestyle, maybe now I can find that one woman who will fill my life with herself and maybe even still children. I am more than I have shared here but that is for another nostalgic time...

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