Friday, May 16, 2014

I have to matter! (#1932)

I have made it my life's mission to know why I am here in this existence. Surely I will be disappointed in my quest, but nevertheless, I am never going to stop. In the meantime I am also understanding what destiny I wish to leave as my legacy to my time here. I am confident that no one thing is writing the history of my life but if my history were being recorded, what would I want it to be? I had decided some time back in my life timeline that I would just suppose that there is some sovereign out there, whether real or fiction, and found all things from there. It serves me well in that I check myself over controversial things I think about and act upon. In don't expect that nothing will stop me from doing anything I want to do that already isn't covered by law. In other words I work within myself with my conscious and in that working I have established some principles for living that guide me in what I do and how I do it. Sound familiar? It is like having a God but without the dogma that goes with organized religion. I call time and space my spirituality and although time and space regularly exhibit chaos and force, I prefer to reflect the calm and possible that comes out of such eruptions. Since I am the product of a new beginning, I feel right at home living like one. Why is this important to me? Why shouldn't I just worry about the best I can do only for myself and leave others to fend for themselves under worse conditions? Because of a little thing called enlightenment. It is an overview of the world that is comprehensively panoramic and not like before when I just had tunnel vision. I am an enlightened being who sees possibility everywhere which kindles within me my voracious appetite to learn. So I have to find a way to matter since I am not just some cosmic particle that happened upon this existence with no ability to question and attempt to comprehend the very concept of existence.

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