Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Independent voters are moving toward the Democrats (#1943)

When the Republicans opened up their true agenda of dismantling social programs while showing they would rather segregate us than integrate us they effectively have discouraged independent voters from joining them. Something very positive about independent voters is that they are competent and logical in that they actually weigh the effects of the political party's policies. Because of that most independents, who are in the middle and lower classes, see the actual devastation Republicans are inflicting on most all who are not wealthy. This makes it easier for we progressive/liberals to tailor our message of improving the fortunes of the middle and lower class with real authentic arguments. The logic of the differences are not lost on independents and the polls have been showing just that. We still have 3 months of summer to while through before everyone who is interested in our democracy will actually take the time to coalesce around the vision of each party but nothing much will change between then except that we Democrats will get to continue to expose the Republican party for being anti-middle/poor class. The tide is coming for a Democratic take over of Republicans in key political positions and nothing more important than regaining the House of Representatives and holding onto the majority in the Senate. The House looks doable despite the wildly advantageous redistricting Republicans did during the last census in 2010. 17 seats are needed to regain control of the House and at least 25 Republican seats are vulnerable to Democratic takeover this November. As the weeks while down to election day more and more Independents are coming to see that Republicans don't offer help to the working/middle/poor class, instead they offer harm, in the form of cutbacks and denials of social programming meant to lift our citizenry up out of poverty. Democrats on the other hand are offering actual help to those of us who need help the most, first and foremost is creating jobs through jobs programs and strengthening our social safety nets.

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