Monday, May 12, 2014

Liberalism has been the cause of progress (#1928)

There is no other ideology on the planet that has done more for the citizens of America then liberalism. Instead of embracing a survival of the fittest ideology that conservatives love, we liberals want to take a lot of the competition for living out of our society and otherwise establish a floor by which no citizen may struggle below to survive. We believe in an inherent dignity of our individual souls to not have to suffer the wretches of poverty and inhumanity at the expense of the wealthy souls who would have little to no care for those who lose at the gamed competition that conservatives protect. I am all for competing on an even playing field in all aspects of opportunity, but those who come up short in this competition should not have to live in squalor as their consolation prize. This all or nothing approach is kin to a simpler time when enlightenment was only an unknown future consideration. All the great advances in our society have come from the minds and hard work of liberals and progressives. Think of any major policy our country has ever undertaken and passed into law and behind it was the genesis and momentum of liberal ideology. Our political parties have changed from time to time from being Democrats to Republicans and vice versa so that is why I use the political philosophy of liberalism and conservatism to describe change as opposed to political party designation. Remember, conservatives want less government and less social safety net for all, whereas liberals want greater and efficient government with a sound and secure safety net that cherishes each soul regardless of gift or talent. The days of the wild west winner take all proved to be dangerous and chaotic, so living in the community of our society that removes the incentive to be uncaring and wanton is to all our benefit.

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