Saturday, May 24, 2014

Making life easier inch by inch (#1940)

I often think of what Dr. King said "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." This one simple concept is what helps me to continue on a path of goodness that is both struggle and frustration. It seems that whatever I do nothing much gets done, yet the little tiny bit that does get done is what Dr. King's statement justifies. Sisyphus and his never ending of rolling the boulder uphill only to have it come back down again is my default position. lol. Yet like the Greek myth, I continue despite the well known outcome. For it is the act of trying that is the key to me, not the end result. I am doing what is right by not only my nature but by my enlightened mind. I know I am not as bad off as Sisyphus since I do make some progress but the idea of it is mostly fitting. What else occurs by my commission on behalf of my curiosity and my caring is that I am not doing nothing or even worse doing harm. So by doing what I know to be right and good for our enlightenment, I am not doing something that forestalls our advancement into modernity. What does it take to find the courage to slip out of the cave like with Plato's character in the Republic? It takes an inner resolve to spend the seconds of my life on my terms and not just settling for a lack of me being true to my nature. I feel a kinship with my species and the other species we cohabitate with on this planet, but I also feel a kinship with the Universe and all it's yet unknowns. I am not just a child of our planet, I am also a child of all that is, or will be, or has ever been. My link to everything is real and for me not to participate in the discovery of all that is, will not be borne! So despite my hunger for more of all there is I am also charged, by my own convictions, to reinforce the idea that we all deserve the right and respect to be the most human any of us can be.

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