Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prosperity, Democrats; Austerity, Republicans (#1922)

Here is your quiz for November. Do you want an economy that has many opportunities for growth that are realized from most of our citizenry? Or do you want a stagnant tight economy that only benefits the wealthy? I know I may be biased toward the Democrats here but I am not far off from the truth either way. Republicans would have us deregulate industries so that those industries become their own cops as to how they serve us with their products or services. We have seen the similar paradigms in not only our past, before regulations, but in our present with corporations subverting safety and health regulations where ever they can get away with it. Republicans would have us believe that cutting taxes for the wealthy will give us great economic growth but under the most recent Bush administration where taxes were cut for the wealthy the least job growth in the modern history of our country for an 8 year period followed. Republicans want to shrink our government down to one major function, fighting wars. If this is your vision also then the republicans are for you. If however you like that government is here to serve it's citizens in more ways than just giving them an opportunity to die, then Democrats are for you. Not only are Democrats into the government helping to spur the economy but Democrats are into keeping the social safety net strong and expanded. Americans should not have to worry about their retirement or their health care when they need it. Americans should also be free from inequality and injustice as these are the by product of the Republican austerity agenda. Prosperity or austerity, the choice is yours this coming November!

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