Thursday, May 15, 2014

The superhero in all of us (#1931)

This is the main reason we should all care about how our society operates. We get to have a say. So who is it within us that dominates? Our uncaring self or the caring one. My story for the first part of my life was mostly filled with the uncaring one. I thought only of myself and those who were around me who thought like I did. I was the epitome of a miserable person seeking pleasure and gratification in many forms. I look back on myself from those times and hang my head low for the memories that are with me. Not all was gloom and doom from back then but too much of it was. Somewhere along the line of my life, before it was too late, something clicked within me that brought me back to my childhood when all dreams were still possible and I realized that my dreams were still possible despite the vast evidence I had accumulated over time to the otherwise. It all boils down to me when it is me choosing what to do next. I am the final arbiter of my life ans for that I am now humbled. I survived my reckless and unsettled past and now I have set my sights on releasing the superhero that resides in me. I can't fly or do miraculous feats, however I can spend all my time doing good things and advocating for even better things. This is the superhero I am trying to live as. Doing what good and better I can within what parameters I have. I don't think of me as the reason for living anymore. I am just a vessel, a host that precariously secures my life in this existence for the purpose of making this existence a little easier for all of us. It is harsh and cruel enough without me being part of that mess. I can't control anything anyone else is doing but I can try to influence others by showing my behavior and explaining why it is so.

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