Thursday, May 29, 2014

When greed over takes humanity (#1945)

Nothing fosters the fertile grounds for greed greater than a disrespect for life. We see it all around us where everything under our capitalistic system is for sale for the right price, even our souls. Many do not care about such things as souls or honor or a proper code of conduct. They just care about the bottom line of their bank accounts. It is the age old story of humanity being sold for, let's use a well known analogy, "30 pieces of silver". Greed can be a powerful emotional experience. It has within it some disturbing sensations like lust and ego-driven narcissism. Powerful emotions that must be fed to maintain their addiction upon our soul. Yet many of us who have felt these urges and weighed them against our better instincts, have found greed to come up short in the overall experience of our lives. We have discharged greed to the waste bin of tried but failed paradigms that do more harm than any good they could ever do. Yet there are still those souls out there that are so addicted to greed that despite the harm and tortuous outcomes their greed inflicts they falsely justify to themselves that it is a value of greater worth than not allowing their greed to come to fruition. The aftermath is akin to what happened at Hiroshima, though not as punishing, nonetheless, it is as mentally and morally crushing to those who pay the price for others to practice their greed. What greed also does is eliminate the good that could happen if greed were not employed. By the commission of greed, the omission of something better is never realized. that old saying of everything has an inverse proportionality is true and where greed exists goodness is lost.

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