Sunday, August 26, 2012

A world where we heal, not discard (#1304)

I am in the transition of knowing that I will be losing my little dog sometime in the near future because I cannot afford to help keep her alive. She has some chronic problems that will culminate in her demise but there are known methods available if one can afford them. That is the problem. I use my dog as an example but we humans face the same dilemma as well. Known methods for prolonging and curing our health, but they are priced out of our range for utility. Our system that allows for only a few who can afford such things as maintaining a healthy program does the rest of us a huge disservice. Priorities are most always followed as protocol, however, the loss of my dog is personal to me just as much as the loss of a family member. I feel the loss in a personal way that takes a little bit of my humanity with it. The cynical continuation of an economic system that does not put the life of any species above a bartering system is frustrating and beneath true human contempt. Life on Earth, this finite orb, has been previously calculated to be in a vacuum. We, in our historical past, could not imagine living beyond this planet. Well, times change and so do the possibilities. Life can exist elsewhere, and as such our economic model for sustaining our civilization here on Earth can also change with the times. We just need to prioritize what is truly important about our civilization and then go about the necessary changes to make it so. Competitive greed was a past paradigm of action, however it is no longer viable in an ever increasing world where awareness of reality has over taken the need to manipulate for personal gain. We need each other to get on the same page in order to alleviate more of the suffering and pain that exists today.

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