Saturday, August 25, 2012

Courage is the price we pay for our principles (#1303)

Life is better when we live in courage and not in fear. Think about it, do you want to fight to have what is right or do you want to cower in fear of losing your life if defending what is right is that risk. Either way, life is gambled. I prefer to fight since it does offer me the best chance to survive. Funny how that works. Running and hiding as a strategy is somewhat logical when the ideal is to regroup and fight another day, but not as a philosophy. Standing on firm ground and staring back with uncompromised conviction at our attackers is our best opportunity to put fear in them. if our antagonists see our resolve to fight the they will know that we will not be bullied into inaction. They then must gird their loins with the same courage we reflect and that is not easy to do when we are the ones defending what is right. Not all of us have the will and mindset to do battle, but having that mindset is not a genetic disposition. It is a learned behavior based upon conflicting viewpoints, some backed by noble principle and some backed by ulterior motives of a lesser nature. It is incumbent upon us to decipher which is the true and good and which is the illusion of greedy happenstance. Information and knowledge has never been more critical to our journey and the destiny we create for ourselves. I find that when I know what is right and fight for that right I am often the victor since the wrong has no moral consistency nor foundational strength. If a price is demanded to be paid for being right, then that price is worthy of being paid. In lieu of us all finding common ground to define our actions within honorable principles, we must continue to engage those who are not willing to put others before themselves.

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