Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting older and wiser isn't half bad (#1307)

Beats the alternative of not getting older and wiser :). Anyway, accepting reality and then going about accentuating all the positives attached to it is not half bad. Sure, I cannot move like a Gazelle anymore, well at least in my mind I thought I did, but I can still move with some alacrity. The aches and pains that come with a life, long on daredevil antics and short on common sense, that has left me less physically capable than a more cautious man, is not without it's advantages. I have tasted of my physical abilities' boundaries and had often left nothing to doubt. I pushed myself to the extremes of my limitations and thus have a satisfaction that remorse cannot touch. The benefit for these extreme physical pushes is the reward for my effort. I chose to have a perspective about how I feel at this age based upon what I have achieved in the past. A life well lived sort of thing. As to wisdom being enhanced in my life I can attest that the complexities I perceived when I was younger were just the beginning of the puzzle to life. The twists and turns that are afforded to us through hopes and dreams often and more than not require greater contemplation. The foundation to my thoughts about life have little altered, it is in the processing of those very same foundational principles that has changed. There are no just right or wrongs, good or bad, simple solutions to every problem. We humans are the greatest known entity of complexity that can reason, analyze and conclude. As such the idea that getting wiser as a virtue is common and necessary for all of us.

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