Friday, August 17, 2012

It is never too late to educate yourself (#1295)

So things are currently confusing, especially in the arena of politics. I have no advice on matters of the heart :). But on politics and our economy, I do. Here is what you need to start, Read for yourself and stop listening to others for your opinions. I used to listen to others who I thought were smart to get my opinions because I wanted to sound informed. Yet sounding informed is not being informed. There are no geniuses living amongst us who know how everything works. There are just most of us who want good things for us and some of us who could care less about most of us. One thing is fairly easy to observe, that between Democrats and Republicans, there are stark differences. Republicans want to create a society that has little governmental influence in our lives except a strong military. Democrats also want a strong military, just not one that overshadows everything else in life. Democrats also want a bigger government in order to provide services to all of our citizens in ways that improve the quality of life and the quality of opportunity. Republicans see our economic future as a free range scenario where all are allowed to do as they please with only the free market to guide them. Democrats see our economic future as having controls on our enterprises in order to make them efficient, for them to be reasonably productive for profits as well as safe for our citizen's usage. Republicans want to restrict women's rights as they exist today, because they believe women are not capable of determining their own destiny according to Christian belief. Democrats believe women are capable of determining their own destiny based jupon each woman's own belief system. You can start with just some basic information and grow it out from there to give yourself the opportunity to think for yourself and move away from the talking heads who want to think for you. Always check the facts of anyone who promotes them, even mine here.

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