Friday, August 31, 2012

The absurdity of elitism (#1309)

What we all share in common is that we care and we wonder. Two dynamic traits that the human being species displays in immeasurable amounts. We all are capable of expressing these two instincts at a moments notice based upon our inherent evolution over time. What we are also capable of is morphing our natures to fit self based concepts. We have learned over time how to manipulate our best intentions to reflect our worst thoughts and actions within strategies deployed to favor our personal agendas. Such is the magnificence of the human mind, a creative force for good as well as a destructive force for some form of short cut advantage. What supports the creative force for good is the ideal that equality exists in a real and functional way. What supports the destructive force for some form of short cut advantage is the concept that there are divisions within humanity that are not applicable to equality. Such is the classification of elitism. Elitism has generally been a term used to describe unnatural differences within our species. In this generic form of the definition, it would seem like a term used for a utility of separation based upon intangible components. Further, elitism has been subscribed to an old idea that some are greater than others in ways that are not supported by any true facts. Elitism has become a wedge used to divide our humanity into groupings based upon artificial allowances supported by ideas that have false equivalencies. For example, That one is born into a family of wealth is not a condition of value of one over another based upon inherent qualities, it is instead based upon the luck of the draw with regard to whom is born to whom. As I see it, we are all too similar in most every way for anyone to lay claim to being elite. To me, elitism is just another form of God worship, as applied to humans, demigod if you will, and as such should be confined to the absurd.

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