Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "hard" in life (#1300)

I do believe that it is the hard in life that makes us who we are. We need to overcome those things which are difficult in order for us to understand what it is to persevere. A character builder if you will. Yet I am not a firm believer in creating hardships in order to bring this positive perseverance ideal to the fore in our lives. There are enough hurdles and obstacles for us to overcome without artificially making them out of nothing. Reality is it's own creator of obstacles and we should be focused on overcoming real challenges, not human-made ones. We may be individual humans but we are inexorably linked together. Our greatest dynamic is the strength of bond with each other. As such, we need to focus on the things that are real impediments in life and quit the petty nuisances of selfish behavior. We have a time factor within this existence and any time wasted on ego-filled fantasies is time that can never be regained. Power, money and the control they bring are real hindrances to our human abilities. We are processors, not Gods! We are instinctually and physically adept at reason, analysis and conclusion, while gifted with the sensors that feed that paradigm. All of this nonsense we spend time on not using our invaluable skills is that much less time we have of moving our species up the chain of possibilities. I hope we all can agree that our species needs improvement and that improvement should be reflected in how we behave. It takes some vision of what our civilization can be and how we are able to adapt, in order to confront whatever the future holds. In the immediate, we are close to jumping off the Earth rock and inhabiting other orbs in the big mix we call our Universe. The further out and with quickness we can make this leap, the better off our species will be in preserving it's identity. Wasting our time here now on separating ourselves from each other, the further behind we get to actually coming together for our push into both time and space.

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