Monday, August 20, 2012

The truth will set you free! (#1298)

I have tried the dishonest approach, it is uneasy and depressing in that it allows me to escape who I am and to pretend who I am not. I guess I thought acting was my chosen gift. Life is about what we perceive and if we perceive a dog eat dog world we will attempt to fit into that paradigm. The cynic in me has been purged and a new fresh outlook on life has replaced it. I no longer quest after the unattainable but instead live within what I perceive with humility. I will forever be a proponent of humility as a prominent behavioral trait. I deserve nothing and expect nothing. I do wish for things and if they come about then my heart soars, if they do not then I continue my life with the hope that someday some of my wishes and dreams may come true. The old saying of "hope for the best but expect the worst" has a validity to it that somewhat reflects how we all should look at life. Most people look at those who have more and say why not me, which is normal but it must be tempered with how we look at those who have less and thank our fortunes that we are not so unlucky. Life is not a one-way street, it is a circle in which we all are in the center of the circle. Each of us must venture out in some direction of choice and if we settle upon the attitude that just being alive is a great start then the pitfalls of life really are in the overall, inconsequential. Perspective is the key when trying to think about what our truths represent. Being born into poverty in some backward land where the child death rate exceeds our able will to prevent it should clarify how lucky some of us are not to be those unfortunate little souls. We fail as a species to care and nurture each other in the basic ways so if I don't get the fancy car or the great personal relationship, I can rest assured that my ambitious hopes are a trifle bit beyond my real ability to do something of more important hopefulness.

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