Friday, August 24, 2012

Why we should have fun (#1302)

For those who know me on the Internet, this would seem like a frivolous post. I am in constant attack mode when it comes to politics and the absolute ineptitude surrounding it by some, so me wanting to talk about having fun seems antithetical to the seriousness I attach to my usual posts. Yet, the pursuit of happiness is at the heart of our founding Independence's declaration. The benefit for all our hard work of crafting a society that includes all of us in it's opportunities for nurture and success is happiness. At least the pursuit of it. So what makes you and I happy? For me it is having fun, for the most part, within life regardless of the whirligig of activity surrounding me. I don't need the great imaginings my mind can conjure up in order to be happy. I can just enjoy the moments of my life that don't have critical danger or tragic consequences attached to them.  In creating a society that allows for fun to be a priority, the society we create assumes that we have resolved our petty differences and elevated logically attained practical solutions as a constant default position. Like a motor, when our society is clicking, in time, on all the cylinders, it is running smoothly and that allows us to move our focus to enjoying life more and struggling with ulterior motives of division less. Finding the fun in life and searching for our happiness is not just an optimism that cannot be achieved, it is a reality that all of us should be living. We have the ability to make our world different than it is today, it has always been whether or not we are willing to be the change that we wish for ourselves, our children and their children. I find that attaining fun and happiness is worth fighting for, for our civilization and it's need to reflect the intent of our country's creation.

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